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Pontiac Conspiracy (Melb. Australia):-
1985/6:- 2 singles + 1 EP Cassette (Independant releases)
1986:- 1 album,(Cycles & Cut) & 1 single (Rampant Records/Musicland)

Steffen Ehlers (solo)
1987:- 1 album (Speculation) - never released
Nancy Girls (Melb. Australia):-
1987:- 1 Single - never released
1988:- demos (solo)

Cosmic Force (Melb. Australia):-
1991:- 1 album tracks (Beats, Bleeps & Loops) - never released

Transbeat (New York):-
1991 to 1994:- 1 album tracks (Goofy Loops) - never released
- 1 ablum demo songs - never released

Steffen Ehlers/SEED (Solo)
2003:- 9 songs - write demos
2007:- 4 songs - live recordings/edits
2010:- 5 songs - in process



Steffen Ehlers, also known as S.E.E.D.
• Moved from Perth to Melbourne. (Australia)
• wrote and recorded first 15 songs (Melb)
• Shawnee Prophet – (Perth) - my songs
• Formed Solo Act & then band under title of the “Pontiac Conspiracy” (Melb.)

• Independently Released 1st Single (Charted at #6 on 3RRR – Melb.)
• Wrote and Recorded an EP Cassette (6 songs) and 2nd Single for Pontiacs

• Wrote and Recorded 1st Album and 3rd Single for Pontiacs - “Cycles & Cut”
o Introduced to brass sections, harmonica and violin/fiddle.
• Became involved in studio work – as assistant producer/engineer
• Secured independent Album (release) deal with Rampant Records (Melb)

• Developed an understanding of ‘songwriter’ verses band/genre writing.
• Demo-ed a set of new songs – using latin and more complicated ‘casio’ rhythms.
• Recorded an album of various styles (“Speculation”)
o Using (early) sample loops and triggered keyboard sounds.
o Introducing flute, trumpet & developing vocal harmonies.
• “Speculation” was never released (see Sometimes (Acoustic), Harry’s Head, and Cry)
? Considered my best work of the period.

• Form new ‘live’ band (Nancy Girls) – and demo another 4 songs. (Mythical Whim)
• Disappointed and fairly broke, swore I’d Quit the music industry!!!

• Became a ‘punter’ in the new emerging ‘Dance Culture’

• Worked with young DJ’s as a song and technical mentor.
o Teaching sampling and looping
o Including Steve Robbins of F.S.O.M. – winners of the 1st ever ARIA for Dance.

• Partnered with young Melbourne DJ (Danny O’Rourke) to form Cosmic Force.
o Recorded sequences of “beats, bleeps & loops” which were keyboard triggered to match the DJ’s rhythms. Played melodies on top.
? Learnt to ‘live’ arrange – and also to ‘live’ write.
? Album of demo Tracks – never released

1991 to 1994:- NYC
• Formed a partnership with American R&B Writer/Producer Bobby Khouzouri - (Stay = (#1 UK & #6 US Billboard R&B)
• Introduced to styles not yet getting airplay in Australia, and next level of sequencing, sampling and song arrangement.
• Fortunate period of learning.
o 2 demo albums (songs and trax.)

1992:- Melbourne
• Writing on Piano, but recording with samplers & sequence in Home Studio allowed me to play with song, instrumental and genre arrangements.
• 2 songs recorded in mixes of cabaret, jazz and house feels and “movie trak” arrangements. (see “Magic” – and “Glisten - Movie Mix”) – WIP’s

1994:- Moved to Sydney.
• Studied Graphic Design

1996:- Certificate in Multi-Media at SAE (Sydney). I reasoned that a visual connection would encourage the purpose of writing songs – aside from the ‘’performance’ side of things.
• Landed in a start up Internet company, and ironically built both WarnerMusic and EMI Australia’s websites.
• managing the formatting and organizing of new release content for both these sites, as well as the Telstra Entertainment website.
• After 7 years at the high end of this industry, I left to pursue a simpler, and more satisfying lifestyle and eventually a ‘song writing’ career.

2003:- Moved to Byron Bay
• Wrote and sketched a group of 9 new songs on Acoustic Guitar.
• Discovered the value of bridges. (see “Intuition” demo)

• Began performing these songs with a Classical Pianist.
• Experienced my own songs – once out of my hands. (See SomeONE demo included for your consideration)
• worked on greater Vocal participation in songs here also – learning and performing old movie scores songs, (Cole Porter) and traditional cabaret standards (ie: Frank Sinatra)

• Back to Piano playing myself – translating some of my older songs, and writing new songs.
• Competent in switching the instrumentation around now, & ready to re-set up a new sequence based ‘Home studio’.
• Excited, older, but definitely wiser, and ready to take on the next chapter, in the book of my life of songs. I’ve also realized now, that no matter what I feel, I’ll never be able to quit this musical thing!

Please do not hesitate to contact me to clarify, or discuss any of the above – or, the future.

Steffen Ehlers (S.E.E.D.)