Seed is a melodic metal band based out of Haverhill, Massachusetts. Since 2003, they have played heavy, intelligent, and uncompromising music; combing elements of thrash, death, hardcore, progressive, and power metal to create a truely unique sound not heard in most of today's music. Their technical, unapologetic style has gained them an impressive fanbase around northeastern Massachusetts, while still gaining new fans in new places every day.

At the center of this are the 5 collective voices of Seed: Vocalist Jared Lee, whose vocal "characters" range from cute to disgustingly angry, aggressive, and truely gut wrenching death metal outbursts heard in every song. On lead and rhythm guitar we have Brandon Tandy, a guitar player who likes to combine the machine-gun rhythm stylings of Dimebag Darrell or Marten Hagstrom, with the virtuostic finesse of John Petrucci or Jeff Loomis. Bringing in the low end is bassist Kyle Paradis. Imagine Cliff Burton crossed with Jaco Pastorius, with a stong affection for brutal death metal; and you have a decent idea of Kyle's playing/writing style. Rhythm guitar player, and newest band member Peter Souza brings more of a melodic/power metal influence to the band. Peter usually brings in material with a strong sense of melody and harmony. Kyle referres to him as "the best guitar player in the world who really doesn't know how to play guitar." The backbone of all this is drummer John Marocco. Coming from a strong hardcore background, his style is very tight and precise. John is one to throw in the unexpected fill or the polyrhythmic accents, while in partnership with Kyle, still keeping a stong backbeat for Peter and Brandon to run their dual-harmony style guitar lines; all the while, with Jared spewing forth his emotion-filled words for all the world to ingest.

If you decide to come out to a Seed live show, you should expect no less than what has been described to you previously. Playing shows are definately Seed's specialty, with the crowd usually singing along to their favorite songs, causing violent mosh pits. Seed have no problem winning over new fans at every show they play, come out to one and see for yourself. The future looks like it holds only good things for the 5 young men in Seed, and they don't plan on slowing down any time soon.....


2003 Seed Demo, recorded at Exit 23 in Haverhill MA, 5 songs all of which we hardly play anymore because of our growth as a band. Unfortunately this recording did not come out so great so it is not sold anymore.
Track Listing:
#1.Blind Arbitration
#3.Embrace The Plague
#4.Into This World Dying
#5.The Interlude

'Beckon The Horror', recorded August 2005 with 4 new songs, clocking in at nearly 30 minutes.
Track Listing:
#1.The Flame Of Dismay...(6:20)

We have tracks from both releases found on

Set List

Typical set list is as follows:

4 to 5 songs based on how long of a set time we are given...(usually about 30 minutes).
Lately we have been playing all 4 songs off of our latest release 'Beckon The Horror' along with the brand new one 'Juggernaut Savior.'

However we can play for up to 45 minutes.

If we do covers, we would do something by In Flames(Episode 666), Meshuggah(New Millennium Cyanide Christ), Arch Enemy or Through The Eyes Of The Dead.