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Seeds N Trees

 San Antonio, Texas, USA
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The beginning of something amazing!!!!


Brandon Barnett, AKA Mac B, was born in Austin, TX in 1990. Brandon was able to spend some time on the East Coast in his middle school years. He moved to San Antonio at thirteen and attended Ronald Reagan High School, graduating in 2008. A basketball player most of his life, Brandon has had a passion for writing since he can remember. In 2008, Mac B teamed with Dexter Ony AKA Dexx Merc. Thus becoming, Seeds N Trees. At the age of 19, he began writing and recording his first songs. A few words to describe Mac's lyrical abilities would be… phenomenal, mind-blowing, and wondrous.

Dexter Ony, AKA Dexx Merc, was born in 1989 in Houston, TX. He began playing football at the age of twelve. Dex and his family moved to San Antonio in 2001. While in high school, he received many awards and gratification for his abilities as an athlete. He attended Ronald Reagan High School, graduating in 2008 as well. Graduating with a scholarship in football, he chose to follow his heart and pursue his music career. Still attending college, Dex has been blessed with the opportunity to become Seeds N Trees. He has created jaw-dropping verses, and made extraordinary beats. Yet, his journey has only begun.

Since joining together in 2008, Mac B & Dexx Merc have made close to 300 songs. 300+ songs… hundreds of beats… endless, AMAZING lyrics… these are just a part of Seeds N Trees' wide-ranging repertoire. Their talent far surpassing that of the average 21 & 22 year olds... there is nothing left to stop this dream!

Seeds N Trees is a group that is highly recommended by many. With such a large, but still growing, fan base, Seeds N Trees is on the rise!

Much of their work is available online already at Please, enjoy.


Sophisicated Swag

Written By: Seeds N Trees

Damn 11 30, It’s early for a Saturday
And pretty much a waste of pills I had to take
To get me there, first class is how they’ll sit me there
When I arrive, I’ll light up skies with sparks that flow like fireflies
try to hide, but ima shine like side view mirrors in the afternoon
I come in n not say a word but my swag takes up bout half the room

my mind never had a roof
so ima3 strive to be half of two
But niggas lie n tell half the truth
So im advised to just blast the booth

And let it loose, and try to bring it all back down again
s-o- phisticated swag, countdowns where we found again
I pull strings like violins n pop off early like vitamins
My business stays inside of friends, n my lenses stay behind a tint

That’s a fact, this a lie, hip hop is dead nah it’s alive
Me n merc chillin out with paul leave the door unlocked til tiff arrive
Dash said he picked up the sprite, that’s lemon lime in all cups with ice
The dro I blow is nothing nice but my flight attendants are so polite

Overnight shippings free, big ass box of kicks for me
N I swear my diamonds blue like big ass rocks of Listerine
Is this reality or is this a dream?
In the end I guess we’ll get to see
But I don’t know bout nothing else
Love n money hurt nothing helps

Except the music bro
Introducing no other than gentlemen
That’s servin up like wimbledon and cutting out the middlemen

Think again if you think im a blink again
N miss a chance im spending quite a bit of dough
But savin up my common sense

Yeah switchin lanes on a rainy day
Got my blinker on at the light…light
Handled business tho the skies are grey
So whats goin down tonight,
What’s goin down tonight
What’s goin whats goin down tonight

killer flow, dress to kill, the scotto chills around the ice
sophisticated swagga type tint keeps me outta sight


Anybody gotta light
Ima take a puff and come 'round this bitch like a satellite

Cold ass weather got me feelin like a I had a life cause I swear this is first degree, sorta like how I verse this beat
I ain't tryna hearse this beat, but it brings out the worst in me so the ones who think its a curse in me, this shit is that surgery

That shit there be nursin me, ash it there and serve to B, we practice that like turf and cleet, we don't know the word defeat
Damn it just occured to me, most of yall ain't heard of me well life is jus a murder scene, I'm the one murdering unworthy ass small frys, nigga I'm the burger king and I ain't never scared to bring the lion to the heard of meat
Ya lying and its 3rd degree, all over that pair of jeans, and mine are cooler than the early breeze

I mean I'm cooler than a flurry be, not in a hurry b, so I'ma keep it running like I'm in the early lead ya
I'm in a league of my own, every bitch diggin my shit like gold, never bitch about a bitch that don't, cause every bitch got another bitch that's on

And this shit is that song, it got you so laid back so get ya relax on
Kick ya feet up and holla when you see us, we'll prolly be in B's truck, cheifin our belief up, life up in the clouds…