Seedy Soundsystem

Seedy Soundsystem


Seedy Soundsystem are full on energy combining Dj, Drums and Saxophone.
They sound unique, fresh and have you 'letting go' for the duration of their set of Electro, Dubstep & Drum n Bass.


Starting off with myself, my names Charlie Duthie, Iv been a full time Dj/Radio Presenter for over 10 years. I Dj at various festivals and Ibiza 3-4 times per year along with 6 nights per week at residancies around the east coast of Scotland.

I started an Electro, Dubstep & Drum n Bass night in Dundee at 'The Underground' nightclub on a Monday. It was a night they had never opened before, the night took off very well and after 6 months we had closed down two competion clubs on that night. This is where I met Scott Masterton.

Scott Masterton has drummed with various bands over the years and recently released a new album with his band 'Dave?' Scott is a very talented drummer who can turn his hand and musical expertise to whatever genre I throw at him during a Seedy Soundsystem set.
He is about 10" tall and covered in Disney tattoo's. (Im not making this up btw)...

Once I played a few Mondays alongside scott on the drums we seemed to have a good connection and thought this was just simply turning into a great jamming session in a nightclub basically.

This was the point I thought about asking Felix who was friend of a friend to come along and have a blast with his saxophone on one of our Monday nights. Little did we know what was away to happen...

We really hit it off and after 6 months of playing together with the three of us we had secured 3 nights per week residancies in 3 fantastic venues.
We play Mondays in The Underground Nightclub in Dundee,
Thursday's in The Vic nightclub in St.Andrews and the Social bar in Dundee every Friday.
These nights are at capacity 99% of the time.

Very recently we played main support for 'Jack Beats' to 2000 people and we are set to support 'the Saturdays' in a stadium show in Peterhead.