See For Days

See For Days


Alternative Rock to chip away at the rumor "rock is dead." Layered guitars, epic choruses, vocals ranging from smoky to soaring. Songs range from Progressive Metal to Brit Rock and Power Pop. Influences: Tool, Pixies, U2, Coldplay, Darediablo, Damien Rice, Keane and Nirvana.


"Wearing a tie, can make man go wild"..and it is these words that pushed Les, who works on Wall Street by day from the confines of the shower, karaoke bar and open mics to the dimly lit stages of NY's lower east side. Les and his project See For Days has taken the stages places like CBGB's and Arlene Grocery, recorded his debut album (Retreat Records), a flurry of press and even enjoyed airplay on NY's 104.3. And now See for Days spends its nights in the studio crafting an album, a piece "designed" to be listened from start to end. The band is just one of the thousands of unsigned artists fighting to make rock relevant once again by being one of the precious few to rise above the corporate and computer based music business through songs that are unapolagetic and undeniable. See For Days has no particularly original story, just a guy waiting for the day where he can pick up a guitar instead of putting on a tie on his way to work.


The View From Here - Retreat Records

Set List

9 songs (40 minutes)

1) They Can
2) Formation
3) Love Fades at Night
4) Town
5) Forever
6) Crime Without a Name
7) Dont Even Know
8) How Could I
9) The One That I