Four guys with a unique sound of diverse Caribbean Jazz. This repertoire sets them apart from other Caribbean jazz bands, as their large musical palette reflects their varied interests and unique personalities. www.myspace.com/c4jazz


C4 is a dynamic quartet that explores jazz from a uniquely Caribbean perspective. The ensemble features virtuoso pan player and Barbados Jazz Festival 2008 headliner - Andre Forde; keyboard player and fellow Barbados Jazz Festival 2008 headliner - Stefan Walcott; producer and drummer - Lowrey Leon Worrell; and Richard ‘Bill’ Evans on bass.

The C4 concept was conceived in 2005 by these four amazing artistes, and mentor - Pernell Farley, with the intent of providing an environment where their creativity - which can sometimes be non-conventional; could be expressed. C4’s work reflects a wide range of rhythms from the Caribbean Basin as they mix improvisation with the various types of indigenous music from Barbadian spouge to Cuban son.

In addition to the wide ranging musical repertoire, the members of C4 bring their unique personalities and energy to each performance; be it the 2008 Barbados Jazz Festival stage or the now defunct Jazz Café, a small club where they were the resident band. No matter the venue, once you have heard them, you will never forget C4!
C4 released their debut album “Take 5” in May 2008, and you can preview the tracks at www.myspace.com/c4jazz. C4’s vision is to take this unique blend of Caribbean instrumental performance globally, promoting the proud culture which they represent.


Tracks from Album "Take 5"
-4 Dollar Bill
-One Man Biscoe
-Cecil's Point
-Bridgetown Market
-Dat Boy Does Tell Some Lies
-With All My Heart
-Take 5
These tracks have gotten radio airplay in Barbados on Starcom and CBC radio stations:

One Man Biscoe
Four Dollar Bill
Cecils Point

Set List

We have a one hour set and a two hour set worked out. Our covers are of Jazz standards - Take 5, Night in Tunisia, Donna Lee, Morning Dance. The rest of the set is made up of originals from the album Take 5 and from the album to come (scheduled release in December 2009).