See-I is a roots reggae band based in Washington, DC with a distinctive style that blends dub, downtempo, latin, jazz, brazilian beats and funk. 4 of the 8 members are from Thievery Corporation and other groups represented included Fort Knox 5, All Good Senators, Nayas, Soul Brazil and more.


Over the past decade See-I has grown and developed from a mere vision into a highly creative collaboration of some of the city’s most talented musicians. Forged under the watchful eye of roots reggae vocalists Rootz and Zeebo, See-I is more than just a moniker, band or recording project. These Rasta bredren infuse their music with an uplifting spirit of positivity and social awareness. See-I plays music that moves your soul and your feet.

Rootz and Zeebo have been fixtures on the Washington, DC music scene for over 10 years now, from their home base at the Eighteenth Street Lounge. As the founding fathers of the See-I massive, these two brothers can be heard providing vocals on a variety of music. Reggae is their background, but they are equally skilled on top of drum’n’bass, house music, Brazilian flavors, dub, downtempo and more. They are also two of the vocalists in legendary DC outfit Thievery Corporation. They tour regularly worldwide with the band and have recorded several songs with “The Corporation”. This versatility combined with their conscious lyrics is what sets Rootz and Zeebo above the rest.

In addition to the strength of Rootz and Zeebo's vocals, the See-I band is a top notch assortment of talented artists. Rob Myers on guitar is also a member of Thievery Corporation, Fort Knox 5 and International Velvet. Names Thompson on drums also plays with latin reggae rockers Nayas and Soul Brazil. Steve Sachse on bass is an accomplished musician in his own right and currently plays with Sin Miedo and Cubano Groove. Javier Miranda on percussion has his own group The Empresarios and records regularly for ESL Music and Rhythm and Culture. Frank Mitchell on saxophone also plays sax for Thievery Corporation and The Allmighty Senators. The keyboardist Salem Steele has worked closely on the forthcoming See-I album and is another family member of Rootz and Zeebo Steele.

See-I has defined their sound playing each and every Wednesday night at the Eighteenth Street Lounge in Washington, DC. The Eighteenth Street Lounge is their home-base and they pack the house every week. But recent gigs have included the massive Virgin Festival, the Artscape Festival, Dubwise Sessions in Brooklyn, the 13th Floor and Mosaic in Baltimore, Rock and Roll Hotel and RNR Lounge in DC, Iota and Laughing Lizard Lounge in Virginia. The See-I Massive are ready to take their sound on the road far and wide!

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Why Not Tonight? (single) - ESL Music - 2003
Dinner of Herb (EP) - Exile Records - 2004
Special Operations (LP) - Exile Records - 2005
See-I meets Jah Love (EP) - Jah Love Recordings - 2006
The King (single) - Bastard Jazz Recordings - 2007

Set List

Over 3.5 hours of music available - usually divided into two full sets. About 60% original material and 40% cover songs. Dancefloor oriented, high energy sets that get people up and dancing.

Standard Set List:

'Nuff Things Gwaan
Ya Daddy
How You Livin'
Night Nurse
Party In Session
How Could You
Wicked Heart
The King

Ease Up
Johnny B Good
Tune In
Roof Over My Head
Murder She Wrote
Run Come
Thunder A Dawn