See It Rising

See It Rising

 Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

See It Rising was made to show people what a real pop rock band should look like. SIR is full of catchy harmony soaked choruses and hooks along with an intense live show that blows people away everytime. No AUTOTUNE or club beats! Just good music that will get stuck in your head instantly.


Tired of hearing cliche lyrics and seeing "professional" bands who could barely sing their own songs live, See It Rising was born in hopes of creating a new sound and showing people what a live show should really look like. Alex Johnson and Derek Hester began writing their debut EP titled, "Hear These Words" which had already gotten alot of buzz around North Carolina before they had even played a show. Ryan Johnson became a part of SIR shortly after and helped to finish the EP and brought a second vocalist to the band. They've has been compared to artists like Mayday Parade, Hit The Lights and Boys Like Girls but still maintains their own style and creativity in the pop rock scene.

SIR has played with such great acts as:
* Cartel (Wind-Up)
* We The Kings (S-Curve)
* Yellowcard (Hopeless)
* Showbread (Tooth and Nail)
* Anberlin (Tooth and Nail)
* Burden Of A Day (Rise)
* Kids In The Way (Flicker)
* Nevertheless(Flicker)
* Fireflight (Flicker)
* Leeland (Provident)
* Hundred Year Storm (Floodgate)
* A Kiss For Jersey (Tragic Hero)
* Onward To Olympus
* Everyday Sunday (InPop/EMI)
* Yearling (Tragic Hero)

See It Rising will not go unheard and you will be blown away with their live shows which are high energy but also sound as good if not better than their album.


Out Of Control-single (Released December 2010)
Hear These Words EP (Releasing Feb. 2011)