See Joe Smile

See Joe Smile


We play upbeat pop/rock music. Songs you can sing along to, hum along to, and move your feet to...we have 5 unique vocalists who can lead a song or provide beautiful harmonies and the song-writing is fresh, unique and catchy. A set of See Joe Smile songs is like a perfect mix CD for a road trip.


The origins of See Joe Smile are in the Ottawa Valley, west of Ottawa Centre, in a suburb named Kanata. It was in the land of telecommunication companies, strawberry farms, and Ottawa Senators hockey that the red-haired Joe Cousineau learned to drum, play piano, sing, and write songs.
After years of practice, prayer and performance, playing in basements, clubs, community centres and church halls with his high school pals, Joe created the moniker “See Joe Smile”.
The act debuted in the fall of 2006, and over the next two years, a variety of friends would be asked to join Joe on stage during his sets, playing original material and cover songs.

In early 2009, See Joe Smile became more than a solo moniker for a red-haired pop/rock pianist. It became the banner under which 5 talented musicians would present their upbeat rock tunes. Influences on the music range from: Paul McCartney to Stars, Rush to BNL, and everywhere in between.

With songs like “Mexican Furniture”, “Bent Out Of Shape”, and “Canadian History”, See Joe Smile entertains and delights crowds with sing-along choruses, tight harmonies, and toe-tapping beats. Their on-stage banter is witty and silly, revealing the friendly and unique personalities of each band member. The musicians smile, the music smiles, and an evening with See Joe Smile leaves the people smiling.

So, here’s the question: Have you seen Joe smile?


No music officially released to date.

A demo EP is being produced in the summer of 2010.

Live recordings of selected songs can be heard on our website:

Set List

Set lists can range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes at present time. The majority of the songs in a given set are originals, accompanied by a few covers.

Typical original songs include: Bent Out Of Shape, Lovetravels, Canadian History, Mexican Furniture, Sensible Jenkins, Sweet Feelings, Enough, Well I'd Like To and The Final Flight

Typical covers include songs by bands like: The Beatles, Barenaked Ladies, Tegan & Sara, The Zutons, Stars, and others