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Long Beach, California, United States | INDIE

Long Beach, California, United States | INDIE
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"Reviews from CDBaby Customers"

One of my favorite artists so far!
Reviewer: Mark
I had a chance to get a copy of 14 songs on c.d. about four years ago, and as
a fellow songwriter, he completely inspired me that songwriting could be this
good from such a young artist, if only I still had the c.d.,I wore it out
from use! just plain awesome!

Much love to Kev
Reviewer: Julianne
Haven't Had Enough is brilliant. The songs are fun, full of life and emotion.
Every song is beautiful but not sappy. In the midst of a crazy world, love,
independence, and self discovery prevail. Buy the CD b/c you are worth it and
you owe it to yourself. Thnx, Kev.

Oh my goodness!!!
Reviewer: Molls
I don't have the CD (yet), but my Mom is ordering it this weekend for me.
But I have heard it and all I can say is WOW. It's amazing and you NEED to buy
it ASAP. :) Not only does the CD rock, so does Kevin!! He's such a cool kid.
Rock on guys!!

Awesome! Total Talent!
Reviewer: Jo
This CD is incredible! The songs are all very well written and performed.
Maybe I'm Fire is the best song on the album!


"Berklee Groove"

Review of "Pop/Rock Live" show by Tara Johnson
"A not-so-new face for the audience was Kevin Wood. The song "Renaissance," written, arranged and directed by Wood, was one of the show's most beautiful pieces. With a set of live strings and Kevin playing the piano, singing, and directing, "Renaissance" was breathtaking."

- April 2, 2001

"Berklee Groove"

Review of gig at Chops Lounge by Simone Black
"Energy, talent, personality, and pose were all evident at Chops Lounge on Friday February 2, 2001. Surrounded by his talented band members David Kidd, Max Koteen, and Skye Lewin, Kevin performed upbeat tunes and ballads that drew the crowd into his world. I caught up with him on Friday to ask him some questions about his show.
SB: Why should people come and see you?
KW: Because people need a different type of music.
SB: What is your biggest motivation?
KW: I see myself making it big some day, if I keep working and doing everything I can to be heard.

The song of the night was "Overdue Leases." It took everyone by surprise, creating a silence that caused mixed emotions. It was about the people that have passed away and are very close to Kevin's heart.

Kevin is collaborating the sounds of Indigo Girls and Paula Cole to his work, creating an uplifting listening experience. I suggest for all those that were unable to make it to this past show to check him out at the Youth Hostel (Hemenway and Haviland alongside 1140 Boylston) on Feb. 18 at 8:15. This is a performance that all should check out."
- February 2001

"Haven't Had Enough, Neither Has the Rising Kevin Wood"

As he sits in front of the piano and the melodic sounds flow from his fingertips, you would not expect such rich and soulful vocals to come from behind his gleaming smile. Kevin Wood is a queer musician that has crossed many bridges in life and in his songs reflected on his first album Haven't Had Enough. He began to lay tracks for his sophomore album in April and Wood is eagerly anticipating success. "This album is going to be a lot more professional that my first one," Wood explained. He says that since his first release, he has grown so much as a singer and songwriter, as well as in life.
Originally from Wyoming, Wood realized that he had talent and made his way to Berklee School of Music in Boston, Mass., where he honed his skills and established himself as a confident, natural performer. "I feel most at home while performing my own songs on stage and I hear the audience response to my work," he said. In 2000, Wood was recognized nationally when he received honorable mention in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for his song, "Drive." After graduation he began touring with the Broadway hit RENT, where he realized that people were listening to his work. "It is the neatest thing to have fans come up and sing your songs to you, then hand you the CD and ask for your autograph," he said.
Since moving to Long Beach in 2004 with only $100 in his pocket, Wood has made a name for himself locally, and the future is looking even brighter for this rising star. "I am happy where I am now in life, but my ultimate goal is to make a full-time living as a singer/songwriter." He said his dreams would come true when he hears his song on the radio.
As a member of Men Alive - The Orange County Gay Men's Chorus, he recently showcased his song "Stand Firm," with the men from the chorus backing him. "I was so honored to be up there with all the men as I shared the story of many of our lives with my song," he said, reflecting upon the performance, which like all his shows was very uplifting and charged with emotion.
Wood can currently be heard in Long Beach performing at the Paradise Piano Bar ever Sunday as well as various dates throughout the month at the Library and Phoenix Coffeehouses. - Dot Newsmagazine

"Wood Tickles Ivories in O.C., Long Beach"

It was a semi-chilly Tuesday afternoon. The Hot Java coffee shop in Long Beach was filled with patrons, typing furiously on their wireless computers and chatting idly with one another. Off to the side, Kevin Wood sat comfortably with a very composed but relaxed look on his face at a table for two near the door.
Wood is a singer, songwriter and performer - an all-around musician. Born and raised in Wyoming, this small-town native moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music. During college, Wood performed showcases and various club gigs in Boston and gained favorable recognition.
In 2000, Wood received an honorable mention in the John Lennon Songwriting Competion. Wood shares some of the main ingredients in his music: strength, passion, determination and emotion.
"I write a lot about what I'm feeling," he said. "I aspire to move people." So far, he has succeeded.
His first album, Haven't Had Enough, contained 12 of his original pieces. He has earned rave reviews for his unique blend of sounds and poetic lyrics.
"Every song is a bookmark of my life," he said. " I would fall in love with a popular song, but parts of a line would never seem to fit. That's why I write songs about my life. I write because I love doing it." In fact, a history course Wood was taking inspired his song "Renaissance."
Classified as a "contemporary piano man," Wood has incorporated sounds of his country roots, folk and pop. Undefined by any certain genre, Wood draws his inspiration from a large range of musicians: Elton John, Billy Joel, Indigo Girls, Paula Cole and Rascal Flatts, just to name a few.
After the release of Haven't Had Enough, Wood auditioned for the national cast of Rent. After nearly a year of callbacks and auditions, Wood earned an understudy part.
Upon leaving the national tour, Wood moved to Long Beach, Calif., and returned to his own music. He has contributed his talents to Indie by Design showcases and Pride festivals in Los Angeles and San Diego.
"I'm most at home [behind a piano] as I'll ever be," he said with a smile. "If I could do this for the rest of life, I'd be the happiest person ever."
Nearly four years later, Wood's sophomore album Finding Me will be released in spring of 2006.
Currently, Wood is in his second year with Men Alive, the gay ment's chorus of Orange County. At the upcoming April performances, Men Alive will feature usic inspired by gay artists, including Wood's piece "Stand Firm" from his sophomore album.
For live performances, Wood plays in piano bars and coffeehouses throughout Orange County. Long Beach residents can catch Wood at the Silver Fox every other Friday, the Paradise Cafe every Sunday night from 5 to 8, the Library Coffeehouse every second Friday of the month, and at a special performance at DiPiazza's on April 27. Orange County residents can keep an eye out at Hamburger Mary's, where Wood has entertained patrons several times.
At the end of the interview, Wood paused and looked up. "I'm here to sing and write music," he said. "This is my destiny."
For more information on this talented singer and songwriter, visit his official website at or listen to streaming files at - Blade of Orange County - Long Beach

"Kevin Wood Has Found His Way 'Out of the Closet' and Into SoCal Hearts"

"The minute that I got my first album in my hand I left town," Kevin Wood explained. The 28-year-old Long Beach resident originally from Cody, Wyoming was not running from anything. Instead, he was a man on a mission to make his way and share his talent with the nation. First, Wood landed on the national tour of the Broadway musical RENT. Wood was a "swing" in the cast, which means he was an understudy for six different roles including Roger and Mark. After a long and winding road, four long years later he is back singing his own tune with his sophomore album Finding Me.

The independent singer/songwriter and piano man who released Haven't Had Enough in 2002 experienced the ups and downs of being on tour, which sparked an amazing amount of growth. The knowledge he gained while on his journey allowed him to understand countless things about relationships he built and lost along the way. "I have found that most important things in life are our friendships and relationships - saying goodbye and hello to them," Wood said. The wisdom and appreciation he gained in the school of life for those valuable relationships is clear. The title track of the album "Finding Me" is a heartfelt tribute to his best friend, who helped him discover himself.

"This album picks up from where my last album left off," Wood explained. Having written all of the songs on the album, they each have a special meaning to him. "They're all my babies," he quipped. Wood noted that the most autobiographical is titled "Stand Firm," a song about his own "coming out" in small town Wyoming as a high school senior. "It was very hard to put that particular song on the album because essentially it is a song about my 'coming out," he said. Wood knows first-hand the struggles that many young queers face - especially those in Middle America. "Growing up being called names that I didn't even know the meanint of was not easy," he explained.

Wood did not let any hurdles come in his way. "Living in Wyoming I felt like I knew it was never going to happen. I've learned that all you can do is make it happen for yourself," he said. To do just that Wood moved to Southern California with only $100 in his pocket. It is evident that htis Midwest boy was determined to, "Make It In L.A." - the second songon his new CD is appropriately titled just that. Now living within 25 miles of Hollywood he admits it can feel the same way. "Living here has made me realize tha tmaking it is much more personal than just money, it's being happy with yourself. Playing my music and performing makes me happiest."

Wood can be seen performing at various locations throughout Long Beach and Southern California. Both Finding Me and Haven't Had Enough along with upcoming performance schedule can be found on his Web site. He will be at the Library Coffeehouse (3814 E. Broadway, Long Beach) on Friday, Oct. 8 and celebrating the release of Finding Me, on Saturday, Oct. 14 at DiPiazza's Lounge and Niteclub (5205 E. Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach). - Dot Newsmagazine, by Randy Hope - October 2006

"Finding the Piano Man - Kevin Wood's road to self-discovery"

Like many people, Kevin Wood found his calling when he was a senior in high school. "I started writing songs when I was 18," he remembers. His fist song was "My Soul,""and it was kind of an accident. I was at an orchestra camp, and they said that anyone who writes their own song could perform it at the final concert. I was playing French Horn, and I wasn't going to write anything for that. I wrote 'My Soul' on the piano, performed it, and everyone really loved it. I thought it was really cheesy and stupid, but people really enjoyed it. The feedback I got made me realize that I wanted to keep doing it. Ever since, I've been writing songs."
That song at camp led Wood to become a working musician in 2002, releasing his first CD, Haven't Had Enough, and join a touring productioin of the musical RENT. "I literally got the CD in my hand the day I packed up to go on tour, so that was pretty intense. I moved out to L.A. after that and pursued making a living as a performing singer/songwriter," says Wood. " I moved out here with $100 - I just had to get out here. I knew that something good would happen, and I've been performing around the area for the last three years."
Wood says it's hard to categorize his music because he draws his influences from many genres. "I feel like I fit pop, adult contemporary, a little bit of country, a little bit of folk, there's some rock in there and some jazz sometimes. It's difficult, because when people want to hear what genre you're in, they want a very cut and dry answer. For me, I feel that I just write what comes out," he says. Inspiration for his songs mostly comes from his everyday life. "I may have a crush on someone, and I write something that night about the kiss I just had, or it can be about a friend who just helped me out an dI want to be thankful."
Wood has never found being gay an obstacle to his career, and feels that the rise of same sex love songs is a healthy sign. " I think radio's ready for boy loves boy, girl loves boy or girl loves girl songs - anything - I just thing it's time for that," he says. " With groups like Scissor Sisters, we're starting to see some bravery with some record labels. On my new CD, Finding Me, I have a song called 'Stand Firm,' which is about realizing who you are and that it's not the easiest of lives to be comfortable with yourself and be out. I'm proud of that song - it's real important to me."
Kevin Wood will be playing at the San Diego Indie Fest on March 3; The Library Coffeehouse on March 10, April 4 and May 18; and with Men Alive, the Orange County Gay Men's Chorus on March 24. For more information, go to - IN Los Angeles Magazine - Joseph S. Amster

"Kevin Wood's "Finding Me" is a revelation..."

“...Listening to Kevin Wood's Finding Me is a little like enjoying a dis-allowed splurge. I almost feel guilty how much I enjoy it. I guess I've become quite comfortable in my left-of-pop musical tastes. The fact that Wood can sweep me off my pridefully-unconventional feet into the swirls and swells of his melodies is not less than remarkable.
As I write this, "The Moon Says Something" is playing, whose chorus melody I find so beautiful, it hurts.
Close to this is another that, just reading the lyric, one would bet to be a ballad. But upon listening, what a surprise to find "Two Years of Lonely" is an uptempo - driving and sad and joyous and ...ya, See what I mean?! I just can't help but GO There with him...on several of the songs anyway...
...Kevin Wood is one hell of a songwriter. And I haven't even gotten to the Voice yet, yes, with a capital V, please. Rich, full, able...if Michaelangelo painted voices, he'd love this one....
...It's rare to find Contry/Pop music that is as skillfully crafted as the collection of songs on Kevin Wood's "Finding Me." Clearly a very well educated and trained musician, Kevin exploits and explores the depths of songwriting technique with remarkable finesse. An extaordinary vocal talent who possesses the power and control of some of contemporary R&B's best, Kevin never once makes the all too common mistake of oversinging or over "running." While displaying vocal acrobatics, Kevin always manages to keep our focus on each song's most precious core - the melody. The chorus hook on "The Moon Says Something," is one of the most beautiful melodic lines I've heard this year, that creates a perfect rub with the changes underneath it (tension 9 over the 1 chord). We hear tension 9 within the changes of pop music all the time - but to put it in the melody as the primary focal part of the hook, is truly brave within this genre. And Kevin is brave, both musically and lyrically. He speaks openly in "Stand Firm," about the struggles against the Bible belt, growing up as a gay man, and he bears a heart-wrenching regret, sadness, and truth in "2 Years of Lonely" that almost made me cry...
” - The Espresso Newspaper, San Diego

"The Last Session Touches all the Emotional Chords"

May 30, 2008
The Spirit of Broadway Theater in Norwich is currently offering a theatrical experience that uplifts and proves that not only are new American musicals being written, but in the case of The Last Session, are outstanding.

Playing until June 1, we were fortunate enough to be part of a sold-out audience on May 16. It was also gay and lesbian night, a regular event to increase theater attendance.

Steve Schalchlin has written music and lyrics that successfully integrate with Jim Brochus well-structured libretto, especially for the character of Gideon, a successful pop-country artist, and former gospel singer. He is a gay man living with full-blown AIDS and contemplates ending his life.

The shows title refers to the final studio taping of songs that Gideon secretly plans to leave as a goodbye gift for his lover, Jack.

The opening is a great crescendo that Gideon (Kevin Wood) plays on the piano. It grabs the audience and sets the perfect pace for this bittersweet musical.

Kevin Wood is truly a piano man with a voice to match any star rival. The show seems to have been written for him alone. He is perfectly cast and uses his considerable acting, musical skills, and dynamic stage presence to great effect, and adds to these achievements by also giving a technically perfect performance. He stopped the show with each solo musical number.

Patricia Gibson and Shawn Rucker play backup-singers Tryshia and Vicki. Tryshia is a feisty, no-nonsense woman who understands Gideons struggles...herself being the mother of a gay son. Ms. Gibsons voice is strong and true, and her poignant singing equals that of many popular divas.

Vicki, a boozy, tough heart-of-gold character, spews sarcastic zingers at Tryshia and Gideon with expert timing, and is responsible for many of the musicals belly-laughs. She is a fine actor-singer.

Enter Buddy, a singer who has worshipped Gideon for years and wangles his way into a job at the studio. Matthew Dyer succeeds in creating the essence of this bible-thumping, right-wing bigot, consumed by his misguided faith. Dyers voice and performance is heavenly perfection.

When Buddy learns that his idol is both gay and has AIDS, he rails at Gideons sins, and storms out of the studio. He returns when he realizes that the dying Gideon will record one of the formers songs during this last session.

In a non-singing role, Jon Peterson as Jim...the unseen engineer in the booth with a booming voice-of-the-Lord echo - keeps reminding the singers they are supposed to be recording Gideons final legacy.

The songs Somebodys Friend, Going It Alone, When You Care, and Connected should achieve top pop status.

Director/Musical Director Brett Bernardini has masterfully guided this exceptional cast with passion and sensitively. The finale offers four mellifluous voices in a song about hope and the resilience of the human spirit.

The Last Session touches all the emotions - it certainly touched ours. ”

- THE LAST SESSION REVIEW - Critics on the Aisle: Tony Schillaci & Don Church - MetroLine, CT


Current Work:
"Out Among The Wolves" (SeeKevSing Music) Release Date TBD

Past EP's:
"Finding Me" (SeeKevSing Music) 10/14/2006
Streaming files available at

"Haven't Had Enough" (Champ Records) 2002
Streaming files available at

Recent Airplay
WICH 1310AM (Norwich, CT)
KLOS 95.5 Mark & Brian Show (Los Angeles, CA)
KPFK 90.7 FM (Los Angeles, CA)
KKSM 1320 AM (Southern California)
WBRS 100.1 FM (Boston, MA)
KTOO 104.3 (Juneau, AK)
KODI 1400 AM (Cody, WY)
KZMQ 1140 AM (Cody, WY)

Past Venues
Viper Room (Los Angeles, CA)
Velvet Lounge (Santa Ana, CA)
Spirit of Broadway Theatre (Norwich, CT)
The OC Pavillion (Santa Ana, Ca)
Mead St. Station (Denver, CO)
Carousel Theatre (Fort Collins, CO)
Carpenter Center (Long Beach, CA)
Long Beach Pride Acoustic Stage
AIDS Walk OC, Angels Stadium (Anaheim, CA)
STAGEStheatre (Fullerton, CA)
Caffe Calabria (San Diego, CA)
Madison Square & Garden Cafe (Laguna Beach, CA)
Waldens Coffeehouse (Reno, NV)
C&P Coffee Co (Seattle, WA)
The Leaf & Bean (Bozeman, MT)
Norwich Inn and Spa (Norwich, CT)
Crescent Lounge (Seattle, WA)
The Duplex (New York City, NY)
Mississippi Pizza and Pub (Portland, OR)
The Rainbow Bar (Hollywood, CA)
Club Good Hurt (Hollywood, CA)
Molly Malones (Los Angeles, CA)
Room 5 (Los Angeles, CA)
Genghis Cohens (Los Angeles, CA)
Gardenia (Los Angeles, CA)
Masquers Cabaret (West Hollywood, CA)
Di Piazza (Long Beach, CA)
Paradise Lounge (Long Beach, CA)
Library Coffeehouse (Long Beach, CA)
Silver Fox (Long Beach, CA)
Phoneix Coffeehouse (Long Beach, CA)
Long Beach Pride (Long Beach, CA)
Backstage Coffee Gallery (Altadena, CA)
The Ugly Mug (Orange, CA)
Charles Shultz Theatre, Knotts Berry Farm (Buena Park, CA)
Irvine Barclay Theatre (Irvine, CA)
The CenterOC GALA (Irvine, CA)
Laguna Beach HS Theatre (Laguna Beach, CA)
The Centre (San Diego, CA)
San Diego Indie Music Fest (San Diego, CA)
San Diego Pride (San Diego, CA)
San Diego Youth Pride, The Centre (San Diego, CA)
The Abbey (San Diego, CA)
Twiggs (San Diego, CA)
Martuni's (San Francisco, CA)
Lush Lounge (San Francisco, CA)
Club Passim (Boston, MA)
Hynes Convention Center (Boston, MA)
Berklee Performance Center (Boston, MA)
Emily's (Boston, MA)
Chops Lounge (Boston, MA)
Harvard Club (Boston, MA)
Kendall Cafe (Cambridge, MA)
Druid Pub (Cambridge, MA)
Collins Center (Andover, MA)
Backroom at the Silverbow (Juneau, AK)
Cooter Browns (Cody, WY)
Wynona Thompson Aud. (Cody, WY)
Cody Coffee Co. (Cody, WY)
Beta Coffeehouse (Cody, WY)
7th Street Grille (Powell, WY)

Press Articles:
GLT Magazine, IN Los Angeles Magazine, Espresso News, OC Blade, dotNews Magazine

Performed for crowds ranging:
Intimate settings, a.k.a. Coffeehouses, gigs: < 100, 100+
Larger settings, a.k.a. Stadiums, Festivals, Tours: 1000+

Shared the stage with Steely Dan, Trisha Yearwood, Shawn Colvin, Jonatha Brooke, Michelle Shocked, Fishbone, Julie Wolf, Adrianne, Kyler England, Danielle LoPresti and the Masses, Alicia Champion



Singer/songwriter Kevin Wood brings to us the sounds of such influential artists as Billy Joel and Elton John with a taste of contemporary country's Rascal Flatts and Keith Urban. Always accompanying himself on the piano, Kevin proves to make each performance a refreshing and uplifting experience.
His songwriting has been described as "emotionally profound and musically potent," and in 2000 this hallmark style of Kevin's was recognized nationally when he received honorable mention in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for his song, Drive. "What we really need right now is a road trip...," says Kevin with a genuine smile, and his words come from personal experience.

Kevin recently finished sailing the world on Holland America's ms Westerdam, where he entertained thousands of traveling vacationers. Before that he traveled with the national tour of RENT where he played his dream roles of Roger and Mark. While attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, he dazzled audiences in numerous showcases, received awards from both the vocal and songwriting departments, and by his graduation, had performed as a lead vocalist in an honorary concert for the present Walter Becker and Donald Fagen of Steely Dan. A small-town Wyoming native, Kevin has ventured far from his home and become a seasoned songwriter and a confident, natural performer.

Kevin is currently in the studio recording his third full-length album "Out Among The Wolves" with producer extraordinaire, Alicia Champion at Durga Sound Studios. His previous two albums "Finding Me" (2006) and "Haven't Had Enough" (2002) are a testament to Kevin's unfailing commitment to his love of songwriting and performing.

Be sure to check out Kevin's website for his upcoming performances!