Seeking Apollo

Seeking Apollo


Seeking Apollo is a powerful three piece melodic power rock band. Snagged has many styles of songwriting ranging through grunge, melodic rock, and hard rock.


Seeking Apollo is a powerful three piece melodic power-rock band that formed in mid 2006 out of the suburbs of NYC. Snagged has a very unique sound bringing the 90's grunge and 70's classic rock sound together w/ a new age melodic power rock. With the '08 release of "Ruined" in Early March, the band is being featured on a Bamboozle Fest '08 sampler and hitting the local scene with their raw, captivating, energy-filled shows.


Fallen Angel

Written By: Snagged

ride into dust
in the wind
six shots and rust
always sin
i have not seen
seen a ghost
fall into me
breathe the smoke

i am a fallen angel
light the road and find my way back
how can i find a sane truth
cradle me then leave me free to

the bid was lost
up a sleeve
legend and cost
make believe
i've won a duel
by quickness
broke all the rules
my sickness

another wrong turn takes you further through darkness
try to recover from loss
will is your harness
you keep on slipping but your strenth is now bending
don't stop the battle, maybe you'll see the ending


Written By: Snagged

he warned you
10 years past
don't push us
we'll push
ignored by
the whole class
we'll rebel
dressed in black

everybody we'd like to tell
we want to know that
your in our hell
rebels we are
by our own means
we want to feel you
your in our dreams

watch out now
in our sights
our revenge
will take flight
on this day
our delight
we'll take back
what's our right


Ethereal(5 song EP with radio airplay) Oct'05
Ruined(12 song LP with radio airplay) March'08
"Quest" on Bamboozle fest sampler'08

Set List

Set list includes about a 4:1 original to cover ratio. Sets usually are usually from 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours. Covers Vary but usually fall in the alternative new rock genre(i.e. Nirvana, Sublime, White Stripes).