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Seeking Seven

Tupelo, Virginia, United States

Tupelo, Virginia, United States
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"Hey it's not like they're Seeking Seven"

...the Steelers have unstable secondary, it's not like they're Seeking 7, which by the way if the Steelers win are going to have to immediately change their name to Looking for Eight. - Mark Madden 105.9 X

"Local Band Defines It's Own Sound"

A little more than a year's worth of playing small town festivals, hours of driving around the southeast and Pennsylvania performing to crowds and the trial ad error of churning out of demos from a makeshift bedroom studio, Seeking 7 Seven has released it's debut album,"Outside These Walls." - Monroe Journal

"Seeking 7 voted #2 in Hard Rock Cafe Winter Showcase"

Seeking 7 captured the number two seed in this year's fan voting for the Winter Rock Showcase to be held at the Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh @ Station Square Feb. 12 2011. - Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh


Still working on that hot first release.



A studio experience can make a band, or completely destroy them. This fact couldn't be more clear for Seeking Seven, as they prepare to promote and push their punishing new EP, The Surface. The dark twists and turns present in the EP, produced by Grammy-nominated Travis Wyrick (10 Years, Pillar, P.O.D.) did not come without some soul-searching and growth; in fact, one would be hard pressed to recognize the recharged rock band from their selves merely a year ago. Bringing a set of 5 demos with them to Lakeside Studios in Knoxville, TN, the band pushed forward on their instruments and challenged themselves creatively in ways they themselves never thought to before. Seeking Seven has rebirthed their sound with new fire and passion. Now, just two years after they came together, Seeking Seven has already made an impression in a scene where being different counts as a black mark. With their untamed energy, powerful riffs, nuanced layers, and a booming rhythm section, Seeking Seven grabs the audience by the throat and doesn't let go until the last note has rung out. With lyrics brimming over with passion and emotion, and frontman Robbie Ross's soaring vocals to deliver them, Seeking Seven absolutely refuses to back down from any doubters before they've proven the power in their music. Their lead single, A Long Way, is prepped to take on the radio waves and raise audience fists high into the air with its anthemic chorus. Indeed, 2012 is shaping up to be, without a doubt, Seeking Seven's year.