Seeking Shelter

Seeking Shelter

 Mobile, Alabama, USA
BandChristianAdult Contemporary

refreshing ,new ,innovative ,motivated ,in your face ,ready for anything!!!!


They grew up in the land of sweet tea and fried okra (yes, the South, with a capital “S”) and the members of Seeking Shelter each have the stories to prove it. They all have their own unique stories of triumph, loss, success, addiction and healing. But despite their different upbringings and life experiences, there’s one story they all share–redemption–and this story is the one that “over shadows” all the others.

While the band’s been sharing their stories with audiences since 2008, lead singer Jeremy Clements and guitarist Jody Clements have been sharing their stories since birth. The brothers, along with Brandon Breland (bass), and recently added newest member from south Florida, Mike Berchtold (drums), have molded their wide-ranging musical influences into an edgy pop-rock (CCM) style that quickly engages audiences.

Whether it’s playing high-energy youth events, intimate worship settings, or offering live street ministry, Seeking Shelter’s passion can be heard loud and clear.

Fronting for groups like “Shane & Shane” and “Me in Motion,” Seeking Shelter is finally coming into their own “front act” caliber and they’re on a mission, ready to go wherever the mission field calls. They know they’ll keep playing as long as there are people who are still “seeking.” These guys are a relevant connection between a generation seeking shelter and the God who longs to provide it.

“Saturate,” Seeking Shelter’s first full-length album was released September 13th, 2011 and delivers the same sincere musicianship their live audiences have enjoyed for the last 3 years.

When they’re not on the road or playing locally, you can find them ministering in a passion they’ve all shared… “helping the homeless,” or gathered together in one of their backyards playing horseshoes, barbequing, or having the occasional craw-fish boil. Their interests include spending time with their families, fishing, motorcycles and hot rod cars. (Well, Jody anyway…)


Acceptable was Seeking Shelters first EP. The single was released to radio March 2010. It held 15 consecutive weeks at #1 on CHR and #3 on AC. Acceptable was picked Indie song of the week for CRW magazine. It was picked up on over 600 radio stations across Australia and the USA.