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"Seeking Through Silence relates life's ups and downs in its songs"

April 10, 2007

Seeking Through Silence relates life's ups and downs in its songs

Seeking Through Silence is typical of many emerging rock bands in New Jersey. Its story-oriented songs are based in personal experiences, and the group rehearses twice weekly to accommodate each band member's day job.

Founder and main songwriter/guitarist Will Lewis, 26, does technical computer work at Gucci. His wife, vocalist Kate, 28, works in marketing at Fragrance House. Bassist Nick Freitag, 26, and drummer Tito Vallejo, 25, do title searches for Action Title in South Jersey.

The group differs from many bands in its outlook and themes. While the band's songs don't deal directly with Christian themes, all its members are practicing Christians, and some of the band's lyrics deal with doubt and finding help with those matters by placing faith in God.

"We don't necessarily have Christian themes in our music. We don't consider ourselves a Christian band. But we all do have faith in God," said Will Lewis, from Wallington.

Seeking Through Silence will perform at the Crossroads in Garwood on Thursday.

"We like to have something different in each song," Will Lewis said. "We like to keep with the times, the music that is current, and to have a little bit of an edge of what, we believe, is ahead of its time. I like the music to carry along with a story."

Will Lewis writes the majority of the band's songs. He collaborates with his wife on the remaining songs.

"Each song just covers different aspects of life," he said. "Going through life and its ups and downs -- dealing with anything from death and trying to better yourself and trying to grow as a person."

His song "Promises" is an in-depth ballad that deals with a character unable to bring about change in his life.

"The character in this song is also trying to make a change in his life, but is consistently failing at the change. He's saying in the song that as many times as I am failing, just accept the promise that I'm doing everything to make this change in my life," he said.

"A OK" is a pop song about bringing about a positive change in one's life.

"You're not really sure if it's going to work out, not really sure how to deal with this change in your life. Then someone comes along and says that it's OK, that you can make this positive step in your life," he said.

Angry in tone, the couple's song "Only in the Evening,"concerns a bad romantic relationship.

"It's basically about someone being let down by someone," he said.

The band grew out of youth band activities at Bible Baptist Church in Hasbrouck Heights a few years ago. Early on, the band played at the church and other local venues in New Jersey.

A year ago, the band participated in the Emergenza Music competition in New York City. After several rounds of competition, the group emerged as one of the top 10 bands among 3,000 entries. The event gave the band an opportunity to perform at venues such as Arlene's Grocery, The Bitter End, The Knitting Factory and Webster Hall.

"We started making some headway there. During that whole time is when we really started to bite down and take it a lot more seriously," he said.

Seeking Through Silence will release its debut, full-length CD later in 2007.

Seeking Through Silence

Thursday, 9 p.m. The Crossroads 78 North Ave., Garwood Call (908) 232-5666

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1st Demo - 2006:

Promises - 2007:
Only Nine
Years Later
Portrait of a Perfect Day
First Love
Mourning Sparrow
New Birth
Only in the Evening



Seeking Through Silence was formed in 2004 with the intent to change the world around. They are ready to let their music speak to all those who are willing to listen.
They started off as a 5 piece band led by two lead female vocalists and hit the studio in the summer of 2006 to begin recording an album. While the project was still in its infancy, one of the two leading members decided to bow out, leaving Kate center stage. The project took a few other unsuspected turns but the remaining 4 members pushed through. With the help of engineer and producer Ryan Sellick at Northshore Recording, they completed their first ever full length album titled “Promises”.
Like many other local bands, they have played and continue to play live constantly in hopes to grab the attention of new fans. They have played persistently throughout New Jersey, parts of New York, and have toured all the way up to Massachusetts. They have played venues such as Starland Ballroom and Manhattan’s Knitting Factory and Webster Hall. They have also seen their fair share of competitions while battling up against some of the Tri-State’s top acts. They have always ranked high and walked away with new fans that followed.
STS is both a studio and a live band. They work their hardest to create a solid song full of emotive melodies, hard hitting guitars and driving beats. When it comes time to track down a song, they spend all the time needed to capture the mood they hear between their ears. On stage, they are energetic and captivating; cheering their audience on as they all sing along. Their songs are powerful and moody. They move through you and leaving you wanting more. They are a band of 4 currently taking over their home of NJ and ready to take on the world.