Seeking Tre

Seeking Tre

 Belleville, Illinois, USA

Seeking Tre


Seeking Tre started as a youth praise & worship band in Belleville, IL. However, once the band started writing original music the lyrics began to focus on social issues related to teenagers. The lyrics also looked at how those struggles affected their relationship with God. Influenced by bands like Barlow Girls, Superchick, Hawk Nelson, and Jeremy Camp. Seeking Tre is a God centered contemporary Christian band. Consisting of Ashley Underwood (Vocals), Nicolette Loesche (Vocals), Jenn Arms (Vocals), Lindsay Loesche (vocals), Matt Held (Lead Guitar), Josh Loesche (Drums, Guitar, Bass), and Jamie House (Bass). Seeking Tre has opened for bands like Shawn Smith, The Rose McCoy, The Thirty, and Justified.


As You Fall Away

Written By: House, J.

As You Fall Away

I hurt inside
As I see you start to cry
You hide your pain in pills,
Instead of Him who Reigns
I wish that I could comfort you
And take away your pain
Have you lost your faith in God?
I watch you as you fall away.

Verse 1
I know you love him
I’ve seen it all before
You’ve given him every part of you
And he hurts you like before
You say you’re over him
As I see you fade away
Please God, let her find her way back
Let her love herself I pray

Verse 2
I see how you’ve changed
You hardly smile any more
I loved the way you laughed
I hope the pain isn’t to the core
You use the chemicals
To stop feeling what is real
Please God, Let him find his way back
Let your love begin to heal


Verse 3
I see the scars you wear
I see you self-destroy
I see you labor for love
In any girl or any boy
I wish I could make you see
All the things I see in you
Please God, let them find their way back
Let them know your love is true.



Set List

List: Safely Shelter Me, Work Out Song, You Come to Me by Grace, Dear God, Train Wreck, God's Song, Today, Prayer, Lindsay's Song, and Cold Steel.
Set lenght is 30-45 minutes