Austin, Texas, USA
BandPopAdult Contemporary

Power-Pop-Americana girl with a voice like smoke. Songs of Love, Loss, God, & Country.


Seela Misra was born in Cornwall, Ontario to already-exhausted Indian immigrants on a mild, summer eve. She had an average childhood battling the forces of evil with her superhuman strength. Singing was the strongest of these strengths, with slapstick and debate fighting for second place. Raised on quality meals of Supertramp, the soundtrack from Saturday Night Fever, Led Zeppelin, Heart, and Barbra Streisand – sprinkled with cumin and wrapped in roti – Seela flourished in nerdy-ness, topping off at roughly 5’3?.

Logical paths, winding roads, and a particularly tough semester at university caused Seela to flee to Austin, TX where she met a guitar and a cute boy. (The guitar now lives on a wall in her house, the boy is unaccounted for.) Unable to afford TV, a phone, or new glasses, songwriting became her only source of entertainment and open mics her only social outlet. Gigs followed; fame & fortune did not…but opportunity, adventure, and delight have yet to cease. Hallelujah!

Seela lives in Austin with her drummer/husband, Jon Greene, two cats, and a garden full of veggies and flowers.


Nothing on You

Written By: Seela

Come away with a smile
I've got nothing on you
come on back for a while
I can't promise to release you

the only time I spoke my mind
I begged you to stay
the only time I looked outside
you were running away

never asked for a touch
nor the tenderness I'm leaving
still I ask for too much
do your worried eyes adore me?

just in time to say goodbye
and I can't find a way
an oversight, so I decide
to send you running away

Come away with a smile
I've got something for you
I'll be gone for a while
I can't promise to release you.

Under the Influence

Written By: Seela

I wondered if you'd ever come back to see me
no I don't believe the reasons that they gave for why you left me
and I often thought about you being dead, cuz I remember when you said that only death could keep us apart
but here you are
you're looking fine and feeling good and I won't ask though maybe I should do my best to pretend that I'm built to make ammends
I've been under the influence of uncaring friends.

So many things have changed since you slipped through my hands
the way I understand I am the only one I have to blame for all of the hurtful names I wore as close as bone
I'm much too weak not to be alone
I have no courtesy to lend
I have no pride left to defend
I've been under the influence of uncaring friends

Protest Song

Written By: Seela

I don't know why you're so scared all the time
you've got reason to be bold
you don't even try for fear of failing
that fear is singing to your bones
and it goes
on and on like a protest song
saying, "I won't do it. I can't, I won't do it."

And then one day we're all gonna turn to clay
when this waking life is over
do you wanna die with a worried mind
misunderstanding on your shoulders
and before your eyes your whole life you'll say " I don't mean it. No I did not mean it."

I wanna see you standing up to me and not crying out for rescue
cuz I've been trying to get inside your mind, have a look around and know you.
And I'll say it forever like a broken record, "You're my favorite."


Valentine 2013

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