Austin, Texas, USA

True songs, big sounds, and million dollar vocals...all for love & fun.


Seela Misra was born in Cornwall, Ontario to already-exhausted Indian immigrants on a mild, summer eve. She had an average childhood battling the forces of evil with her superhuman strength. Singing was the strongest of these strengths, with slapstick and debate fighting for second place. Raised on quality meals of Supertramp, the soundtrack from Saturday Night Fever, Led Zeppelin, Heart, and Barbra Streisand – sprinkled with cumin and wrapped in roti – Seela flourished in nerdy-ness, topping off at roughly 5’3?.

Logical paths, winding roads, and a particularly tough semester at university caused Seela to flee to Austin, TX where she met a guitar and a cute boy. (The guitar now lives on a wall in her house, the boy is unaccounted for.) Unable to afford TV, a phone, or new glasses, songwriting became her only source of entertainment and open mics her only social outlet. Gigs followed; fame & fortune did not…but opportunity, adventure, and delight have yet to cease. Hallelujah!

Seela lives in Austin with her drummer/husband, Jon Greene, two cats, and a garden full of veggies and flowers.


Valentine - 2013
Rock With Us (Live on 90.5KUTfm) - 2005
Hard Times Hit - 2003
Something Happened- newimprovedmusic 1999
Probably Lucy- self released 1993