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Austin, Texas, United States | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
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seela @ Strange Brew

Austin, Texas, USA

Austin, Texas, USA

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The best kept secret in music


SEELA: Something Happened to local singer-songwriter Seela. First she struck up a friendship with ex-Glass Eye bassist Brian Beattie, then she released her second LP on his New Improved Music indie. The results: an atmospheric landscape of everything Lilith. When the A&R crews start wondering what happened between that first album and Something Happened, tell 'em Seela happened. (Mercury, 11pm) -- Raoul Hernandez
- Raoul Hernandez

Three tracks deep into Something Happened, 'Peace of Mind' jolts to a start with a ricochet drum beat. Close behind, electric guitars bleat in accompaniment as Seela begins to sing: 'Peace of mind, peace of mind, I've been doing fine without you here.' Seemingly nothing special, a simple melody; but behind her, instruments mount a stealthy build, and seconds before the verse ends, the rhythm floor drops out as an inverted fill nails the start of a full band chorus. It's one of those perfect pop moments, one where everything falls into sync, one that delivers a hook you'll never get out of your head, and one that keeps you reaching for the disc. Something Happened is the second CD from this Canadian-born Austin resident. She and her band, particularly guitarist Darwin Smith and drummer Brannen Temple, treat her dramatic new material with flair. It's an ambitious yet uneven effort; quality varies between tracks, guitars step on vocals, and too much of the recording is dirge-slow. Yet the songs and the singer remain compelling and full of mystery. Play it again. - Jeff McCord

There are far too many sensitive singer/songwriters out there, delicate flowers with wispy voices, wispy souls and eyes fixed in an unwavering inward gaze.
Which is why the electric guitar skronk of 'Angel II,' the opening song of Seela's new CD, 'Something Happened,' is such a joyful, bracing blast. Because, wouldn't YOU have been suspicious with her just using the one name and wanting it all lower case at that? A bruised soul could've too easily lurked within the black covers of 'Something Happened.' It may be the case that Seela has been battered by love and life, but there's no whining here. Instead, it's as vigorous and inventive an album as I've heard this year, a mixture of memorable words and music; Seela's dark, expressive voice; and wonderfully eclectic arrangements that include answering machine tapes, industrial guitar thunder, synths, toy piano and lots of inventiveness.
'Peace of Mind' is a good example, a chiming, beautiful song bracketed by sludgy guitar on one side and a lilting arpeggio on the other. Great stuff, and producer Brian Beattie and a crew of Austin's finest can claim part of the credit, but it's Seela's songs, voice and calm strength that make this a fine album. Which is the long way to tell you the good news that Seela finishes a swing through the Northwest with three Portland shows.
- John Foyston


Valentine - 2013
Rock With Us (Live on 90.5KUTfm) - 2005
Hard Times Hit - 2003
Something Happened- newimprovedmusic 1999
Probably Lucy- self released 1993


Feeling a bit camera shy


Seela Misra was born in Cornwall, Ontario to already-exhausted Indian immigrants on a mild, summer eve. She had an average childhood battling the forces of evil with her superhuman strength. Singing was the strongest of these strengths, with slapstick and debate fighting for second place. Raised on quality meals of Supertramp, the soundtrack from Saturday Night Fever, Led Zeppelin, Heart, and Barbra Streisand – sprinkled with cumin and wrapped in roti – Seela flourished in nerdy-ness, topping off at roughly 5’3?.

Logical paths, winding roads, and a particularly tough semester at university caused Seela to flee to Austin, TX where she met a guitar and a cute boy. (The guitar now lives on a wall in her house, the boy is unaccounted for.) Unable to afford TV, a phone, or new glasses, songwriting became her only source of entertainment and open mics her only social outlet. Gigs followed; fame & fortune did not…but opportunity, adventure, and delight have yet to cease. Hallelujah!

Seela lives in Austin with her drummer/husband, Jon Greene, two cats, and a garden full of veggies and flowers.