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SEEN is an MC/songwriter who creates timeless hip-hop/R&B music that is perfectly balanced with sharp lyricism, plush production, heavy bottom, and a positive vibe. Sounds unbelievable? Check him out for yourself.


Nas caused quite a stir with his last project by proclaiming the death of Hip-Hop. What most people don't realize is that the Queensbridge MC was actually sharing this Biblical truth: "Without a vision, the people perish." Hip-Hop has lost its vision sometime ago when it traded in originality and passion for gangsta tales and materialism. Sure, Hip-Hop artists still have a knack for making catchy tunes, but there are not many MCs who create timeless songs. Many don't even know where to start. They need a vision to keep this artform from perishing. That vision is SEEN.

SEEN is an MC/songwriter who refers to his music as "Soul-Hop" because it is intentionally positive, yet unpreachy; melodic, yet bottom heavy; family-friendly, yet uncorny. He has been recording exceptional music (that never made it to the marketplace) for almost two decades, so songwriting comes natural to him. Millennium Gentleman is full of great music like "You Did It", which is a tribute to teachers, and "Long Way 2 Go", which is a realistic introspective look about the grind of reaching your dreams. Songs like "Go For It" and "Don't Stop" are powerful enough to encourage any thug, and clean enough to get play around your most devout church mothers. Songs like "Do That" and "Medicine Music" are just plain fun for the dance floor, while tunes like "Secrets" and "We Can Make It" reveal the heart and emotions of a man who has experienced some real challenges in the paths that he's taken in life.

What sets SEEN apart is his honesty. He had a small taste of the street life as a youth, but he spent most of his adult years as a counselor, teacher, and a school administrator. Those years that he spent as a teacher showed him that if someone is going to learn something, there has to be an example to demonstrate the lesson. For Hip-Hop in this Millennium, if we want change, that example has got to be SEEN.



Written By: M. Davis/L. Summerville

Verse 1
Look ma, I'm here focused on my grind
Can u dig it?
And I don't have a lot of down time
Cause I'm livin' the life of a mogul
I write, do vocals
Run three companies, my life is a total
Gridlocked lane,
There's money to be made
This is not a game
My wish is to gain more time to spend
But I keep falling short like them tiny men
It's seems like everyone's ahead and I'm just tryin' to win
The industry seems ready for my kind again
So imma capitalize and get this capital, right...
I think I know what you want, cause I see that in your eyes,
You want SEEN, and SEEN wants you too
And though I've been away for bout a month, please do
Not stop how you carry that
Imma try to hurry back
And look in your eyes when u speak
So you can tell me that...

Let's get closer
I wanna be close to you
I wanna be seen with you
You're what I need
Closer and closer to me

Verse 2
It's the pursuit that keeps love fresh,
So I'm feelin' it
I love it when you open your heart,
You're revealing it
You let me in to show me the part
That is hidden if
I could I would just show you how far
That I'd get with this
But I don't have a time machine
That we could travel in
To fly past all the places that I will have you in
Relaxin' on the beach while listening to a mandolin
Laughin' while we reach climaxes like rabbits when...
We touch...we kiss
But that will always be between us
Next time we miss
The great times together
Getting closer in fact
Don't have to wait for Obama
To get your soldier back
Cause I wanna be closer too
What I'm supposed to do?
Sit around on a 9 to 5 and being broke with you?
I'd rather grind now and get it though with no rest seeming
And surprise you with soul like with Mos Def singing.

Go For It

Written By: M. Davis

Everybody in the world whoever thought you could make it
Yo you can make it
And you should go for it
Cause you can make it
Yeah you can make it
Cause you can go for it
Cause you can make it
Yeah you can make it
And you should go for it

Verse 1
From the bottom of the map to up top
I be droppin' classic hip-hop
I be giving it the passion it's not
Just a phase I've been raised on this, ock
Been every way with this stayed with thus
Through the bad stuff
Even though my people were last up
I was eatin' gettin' my cash up
Mashed up
Tried every hustle was modeling Russell
But failed at it
Real people mess up but then they still imagine
How would it be if I could make it happen
How would it be if I could make it rappin
Would I ever see a day when people say that
SEEN is nasty
Even though so many still doubt me
They say you're 34 and you're a teacher
Get out please
I'm like, Naww
I would never be too old for this
Open this door
Cause there's room for this boy


Closer gets streaming play on
You Did It gets played on Radio One stations on Teacher's Appreciation Week.

Set List

Long Way 2 Go
Don't Stop
Go For It
Part of Me
We Can Make It
Do For Love (cover)
You Did It

More or less songs could be included on the set. We have done sets as short as 15 minutes and as long as an hour.