South Portland, Maine, USA

Led by the multi-faceted Will Bradford, SeepeopleS is an East Coast alternative pop-rock outfit with a strong psychedelic influence. Their live show is unstoppable, and features intelligent lighting, videos, video screens, and some of the most eclectic and bombastic pop rock songs on the planet. Lyrically, there be no band as important as SeepeopleS.


"It's not often that we see a band with an artistic vision as ambitious and developed as that of this quartet from Asheville, N.C." - The Telegraph, May 2006

SeepeopleS is a four piece electronic indie rock band hailing from Asheville, NC, that brings an intense, driving, yet melodic rock show featuring an eclectic video feed made by the band and the occasional on-stage antics--think Modest Mouse meets the Flaming Lips with a dash of Wilco. SeepeopleS have three albums under their belt and are working on a fourth that will be available in 2008; the group has recorded with Tim Reynolds, ex-Morphine sax player Dana Colley, Spearhead's Dave Shul and Parliament Funkadelic's late Ray Davis. SeepeopleS are a nationally touring emerging artist that has been lauded by music critics as "an ambitious band on the rise with an aggressive and edgier vision" ( The Big Takeover), and who were featured as the "Summer Star" in June in Relix Magazine's Festival Guide. Find out more about this revolutionary act at



Written By: Will Bradford

Here come the butchers to cut you into profit.
Innocent people turned into military targets.
Wage slaves, each of us and everyone
except for politicians and robber barons.
We're all being sold but never told whose buying
so my mind pulls the trigger at the thieves who keep lying.
Who patrols the thieves at the controls, gone missing?
Who tells the man when to shut up and listen?
Seems like we all must have forgot the mission.
Here's a solution, let Caesar meet Brutus.
Here come the assassins to put you on the market.
Ignorant people can't do anything to stop it.
Government property bombs they be dropping it.
Soccer moms they be double fist shopping it.
We're all being told but never told why they're telling it,
selling off the world while they make a damn mess of it.
Who feels the need to bring the thieves to their knees?
Who can we turn to while the whole world bleeds?
What do we seek to change our destiny?
Who can I be if I cant be me?
So when we're not looking the kids get polluted.
Don't ask why, the candy tastes good
The kids taste the poison, the lies become rooted.
Don't ask why, it still tastes good.
So watch out for the infidels, the bomb throwers?
Watch out for the money pushers, here come the butchers.


Apocalypse Cow Vol. II
September 5, 2009
Apocalypse Cow Vol. I - March 20, 2007
The Corn Syrup Conspiracy - October 2004
For The Good Of The Nation - August 2002

Apocalypse Cow Vol. II -September 1st 2009
Crash Landed (Will Bradford Solo ) -tentative Fall 2010
SeepeopleS (remixed) -tentative Fall 2010
Live SeepeepS -tentative Fall 2010

Set List

SeepeopleS can play anywhere between a 45 minute to two hour set of original music; for festival plays and late night slots, the band has performed up to 3 and a half hours, drawing on older songs and a few covers.

Original Songs:

View from Here
All Wrong
Here We Go
Oceans of the Abandonded
It's Not Your Fault
Out Here on Our Own
Corn Syrup Conspiracy
Turn Around
Way the World Will Fall
It's Not So Fun (Rocker)
Send Me A Line
Dog Days I
Dog Days II
Man Will Win
Don't Be So Long
End of the Days
Get on the Train
Think is Wrong
Root of Loot
Nothing Left to Pawn
Dead Soul Freak
Everything goes away
Sleeping Soul
For the Good of the Nation
Perfect Crime (Nice Luck)
Carry No Burden
Flying in a Dream
Don't Panic
Say Goodbye
Stranded on the Sidewalk (How it really is)
My Friends
Already Laughing
Someday Robots
Last Sane Man
Last Breath
Don't Be So Long