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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2017
Solo Pop Synth




"mxdwn PREMIERE: Seersha Hosts a Gilded Dinner Party in New Video for “Changes”"

Change is an altogether familiar theme in the music world. From Black Sabbath to Fleetwood Mac, the propensity for things to never stay the same frequently comes up in famous songs. Today we’re premiering a song that’s thematically along those same lines, the tender chamber pop of “Changes” by singer and producer Seersha.

Seersha is the musical project of Kara Revnes, who hails from Atlanta, GA. The name Seersha is actually the phonetic spelling of the Irish name Saoirse, which means “freedom.” While many of her songs can be described as synth-pop or electronic dance music, “Changes” breaks from those genres significantly. Instead, this is a tender, acoustic-guitar led ballad with Seersha gently singing the lyrics in a vulnerable manner. The video features the singer at a dinner party with a large group of friends, with many of the attendees wearing masks to conceal their identity. Surprisingly, the video’s theme was inspired by, of all things, The Walking Dead (which fans of the show will remember is set in her hometown of Atlanta).

“I wrote and produced this song after watching The Walking Dead Season 6 and feeling impacted by Glenn and Maggie’s love story,” said Seersha. “For me, the song reflects on the fast pace of life and the interconnectedness of those around us. We all have choices to make in the face of inevitable change, and I wanted this song to reflect the pain and beauty, hope and hopelessness in that. ‘Changes’ is a personal reflection on our interconnectedness with those around us, and the team couldn’t envision the video without a fairly large cast. It’s the largest project I’ve ever taken on as a producer (with a cast and crew of over 30 people), but the organic camaraderie on set and incredible work of the team during the overnight shoot mirrored the crux of the song for me.” -


OCTOBER 29, 2019

Seersha’s “Changes” is a delicate jewel box of a song that celebrates the limits of human life. It’s got the gossamer feel of Kacey Musgraves, the affecting witchiness of Chan Marshall, and features stylistic nods to legacy artists like Skeeter Davis and Mama Cass. But what makes this song so poignant is its quiet confidence. Seersha’s poetic lyrics are nudged lightly forward with acoustic guitar, celeste, and minimal drums. “Feels like we’re spinning faster / I don’t need ever after / please just one more night,” she declares in whispered reverie. All in all, it’s a perfect track to accompany the wistful air of these just-chilly-enough fall nights.

Directed and edited by Weston Manders, the video tells the story of a midnight Bacchanalia. There’s a banquet table decked out with candelabras and figures dressed in neo-Roman finery with touches of stag horns and laurel wreaths. Throughout the clip, Seersha enigmatically poses and sings in a makeshift throne as she plays host to the evening’s revelry. In the end, change is inevitable—birth, love, death, loss—but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take time to slow dance with a mysterious stranger in a dark forest clearing. - Immersive Atlanta

"(Video Premiere) Seersha – Lecture Me"

With a name inspired by the phonetic spelling of Saoirse, meaning ‘freedom’, Atlanta has a rising star in singer, songwriter, and producer Seersha. Today, we have the premiere of the visual for her new single “Lecture Me”, out now. Speaking to the motivation behind Lecture Me, Seersha shares:The catalyst for this song came out of a painful situation where I felt pressured to change by someone who was close to me at the time. I’ve always been a bit of a rebel and at its core, that’s what this song is about. I am not the kind of person who responds well to being lectured… then again, who really is? - Discobelle

"Seersha - Lecture me"

Seersha - Lecture me
By JOHAN ALEXED June 13, 2019

(translated from Swedish)
Seersha is a singer from Atlanta called synth-pop crooner, which is a nice name I think. Then add that she was compared to artists like Susanne Sundför and Robyn . Maybe not so strange in itself. Nordic mourning also seems to have reached the United States.

With the single Lecture she releases her first single since 2017. Beautiful and melancholy in the feeling, yet popping in the melody. Good combination in other words.

About the song Seersha says:

“The catalyst for this song came out of a painful situation where I felt pressured to change by someone who was close to me at the time. I've always been a bit of a rebel and at its core, that's what this song is about. I am not the kind of person who responds well to being lectured… then again, who really is? ” -


AUGUST 3, 2017

When we first encountered Seersha earlier this year, the emerging artist/producer was regaling us with a kind of minimalist synthop that was dark and brooding. Eschewing rhythmic propulsion for stark atmospherics, her spectral compositions fluttered and floated across one’s speakers, leaving listeners far more inclined to sink into a pensive gloom than to jump up and dance.

With her latest single, however, Seersha flips the script, offering up a buoyant electropop jam replete with bustling grooves and contagious energy. Indeed, “Typical” reveals a whole other side to the local songstress’ repertoire, and while it may not imbue the same air of melancholy that first drew our attention, the track’s brisk pulse and undulating flow has a liberating quality that speaks to her core identity. “Seersha come from Saorise, which means freedom,” Seersha explains in a press release. “That’s what this whole project is about for me.”

Directed by Weston Manders, the accompanying video, which we’re excited to premiere today, matches the song’s ebullient vibes by washing the singer in vibrant hues of light as she dances and sings about her dining room while a mannequin-like figure (played by Seersha’s husband, for whom the song was written) watches on. Overall, it’s a simple concept, but the sharp editing, combined with the song’s dynamic flair, make it well worth the watch. - Immersive Atlanta


If you’re looking for a new artist to incorporate into your playlist, look no farther than this Atlanta girl, Seersha. Her name comes from the phonetic spelling of Saorise, which means “freedom.” Seersha describes her sound as “chill electropop,” which is a pretty spot on descriptor, but this wasn’t always the case. Not long ago, you would’ve found her in Nashville, writing country songs for other people.

Recently, she released a video for her second single. The track is called “Paper,” and her sound rings true to the chill electropop vibe. The video starts with labels and company logos flashing across the screen, flashing so fast that your mind can barely register what they are before they’re gone, and the next logo is on the screen. Seersha’s voice floats over the vibrating pulse in the background as she sings “little pieces of paper, you are all that I want, little pieces of paper, you are all I need.” The sound is laid back yet captivating, just like the music video, and we are such big fans. - Impose Magazine, Emily Chu


January 2020 - No Regrets with Frisky Monkey (single)
October 2019 - Planes (single)
August 2019 - Changes (single)
June 2019 - Lecture Me (single)
October 2017 - Seersha Remixed EP
July 2017 - Typical (single)
May 2017 - debut self-titled EP



Seersha is a songwriter, recording artist, and producer hailing from ATL. Her name comes from the phonetic spelling of Saoirse, an Irish or Scottish name meaning “freedom.” Writing alone and producing herself in Ableton for complete creative control, Seersha blends retro-future synths, textural vocals, electronic elements, and trap-influenced drums to create a lush bed for her earnest melodies.

Her 2017 self-produced debut EP earned her the name “synth-pop crooner” by her hometown’s Immersive Atlanta webzine and comparisons to Susanne Sundfør and Robyn by AnalogueTrash. Her music soon caught the attention of underground tastemakers such as yvynyl, Wonky Sensitive, Ultimate Music, Music & Other Drugs and more. Citing influences as broad as Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith to Phil Collins to Grimes, her distinct sound is uncompromising and rebellious.

2019 saw three new singles accompanied by visuals from Seersha off her Metaphors EP, slated for an April 2020 release.

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