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Hartford, Connecticut, United States | MAJOR

Hartford, Connecticut, United States | MAJOR
Band Hip Hop R&B


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Latest EP:

SeeS: Control

Executive Producer: Fred “K-Tel” Hickson
Producers: The Diaz Brothers (Hugo Diaz), Mysto & Pizzi, The Bundy?s (formerly of the „Track Masters?), Carlos “Fantom of the Beat” Evans, Doctor Filter & Descemer Bueno
Featured Artists: Inspectah Deck (Wu Tang Clan), Cappadonna (Wu Tang Clan), Diana Fuentes, 3-D, Alina Kim, Senagy Music.
1. Feeling like a Champion – SeeS [Produced by: The Bundy’s]
2. Bang Bang! – SeeS [Produced by: Fantom of the Beat]
3. What 2 Do – SeeS Featuring: (Cappadonna & Inspectah Deck: of the Wu Tang Clan & Trajik) [Produced by: Mysto & Pizzi]
4. Mad at Me – SeeS & Introducing: (Diana Fuentes) [Produced by: Descemer Bueno]
5. Flexible – SeeS [Produced by: Doctor Filter]
6. I know What U Want – SeeS Featuring: (3-D, Alina Kim and Senagy Music) [Produced by: Hugo Diaz]



A new era in Hip-Hop is upon us! Words like VERSATILE, NIMBLE and AGILE can?t quite capture the lyrical skill level of this MASTER WORDSMITH!!! SeeS analyzes, absorbs and digests any track(s) put before him, regardless of genre, style or tempo and always crafts remarkably impressive songs that rival anyone?s in the music business.
A true prodigy, 24-yr-old SeeS has been writing and performing Hip-Hop songs since the age of 13. If you were to listen to any of his material from even 8 or 9 years ago, you would „shake your head? and wonder how you hadn?t heard of SeeS until now. SeeS was raised in the affluent suburbs of Hartford, CT, not exactly a „hotbed? for Hip-Hop music. But this ironic environment simply serves to underscore his phenomenal natural talent. In the mid-90s while Hip-Hop?s wave of popularity was exploding worldwide, SeeS, a young adopted teen living in privileged suburbia, “struggled mightily with identity, individuality and sense of purpose.” Hip-Hop culture captivated him. He loved it. It offered him an outlet and the freedom to express himself without limits. But that?s not all; Hip-Hop also simultaneously revealed his gift as a lyricist. Capitalizing on his newly discovered talent, SeeS began writing rhymes at a furious pace, penning literally hundreds of Hip-Hop songs in just a few years.
Maturing as an artist, SeeS became a member of a local “conscious rap trio” called “Unknown Souljah?s of Armageddon” aka “USA.” Together the group developed a unique body of work, which garnered critical acclaim for its political and social commentary. It is with “USA” that SeeS became more polished as a rapper/performer and dramatically improved his conceptual style of writing. The trio wrote, recorded, performed and lived together for over a year and, though eventually moving in different directions, remain close friends to this day
During his college years at the University of Hartford, SeeS remained determined to pursue a career in Hip-Hop. Successfully juggling academics with entertainment, in the summer of his junior year, he obtained an internship at Interscope Records in New York City. Finally, a first-hand glimpse into the inner workings of the music business! SeeS made the most of his experience by absorbing and learning from every drop of “industry” knowledge to which he was exposed. He asked questions, got answers and made valuable contacts.
Soon after, SeeS partnered with another team of Hartford, CT rap artists, forming a five member Hip-Hop group named “All Hail.” This group of very talented artists afforded SeeS the opportunity to expand his Hip-Hop repertoire. His lyrical concepts, freestyle skills and confidence conspicuously improved. SeeS was ready for a solo career!
In late 2009, SeeS released “SeeS The Moment: The Mix Tape,” an independently distributed promotional project available for a free download at: Notoriety and acclaim followed the release and set the stage for “big things” in 2010.

In April 2010, SeeS released “SeeS The Moment: Final Cut,” his first commercial CD. This ten track collection produced by and featuring ex-group mates „All Hail?, is a polished, highly regarded display of SeeS? lyrical prowess and is on sale at all major internet based stores including: iTunes,, Rhapsody, etc. In addition, this CD represents a prelude to the “power move” that has produced his best work so far!

? SeeS Control
Also in April 2010, SeeS obtained new management and assembled a first-class infrastructure which includes: Multi-Platinum Producers, Legendary Featured Artists, Dynamic Up-and-Coming Artists, Top-Tier Legal, Marketing and Publicity/Public Relations, Internet/Social Media/Search Engine Optimization and Radio Promotion firms. All this, plus Street Teams and a grass-root-fan-building effort has resulted in his best release ever: “SeeS Control.” This latest EP is nothing short of OUTSTANDING!!!
At present, SeeS is arguably the most buzz-worthy independent Hip-Hop artist in the state of Connecticut and is quickly increasing his fan-base worldwide. A single from the EP „FEELING LIKE A CHAMPION? is currently in rotation on Hot 93.7, the #1 radio station in Connecticut, representing an unprecedented demonstration of support by the CBS owned station.
SeeS has the skills, put in the work, mastered the craft, created a masterpiece, made the connections and is now ready to „SeeS Control? of his place in the Music Industry