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Seething Fuck Patties

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"As Herd on Howard Stern....."

Wed 26 Mar 2008
Seething. Fuck. Patties.
Posted by jrc under news

Yesterday I happen to be listening to The Howard Stern Show while I was running a few errands. At one point during the show, he wanted to play a cd someone sent in from a band who only has songs about “taking a shit.” He played a portion of three songs I believe, and afterwards announced the band as The Seething Fuck Patties. The gears started to turn, and I remembered seeing that name around, and them having a cd release party locally.

Turns out they are from here. Congratulations, Fuck Patties. Songs about dropping the deuce aren’t really my thing, but any time some good ol’ locals get that kind of coverage it’s always good. My criticism of the band, who I’ll admit I haven’t heard any audio from other than the three clips on the show, is the lyrical content. If I were going to write an entire album dedicated to bombing the oval office, I’d like to think that I would come up with some creative ways to reference it. Maybe not even my creations, but defecation euphemisms aren’t really that hard to come by, are they? Two of the three clips played on the show featured the lyrics “plop, plop, plop!” which was good for a chuckle the first time, but the second time around left me a bit unsatisfied. In fairness, this could’ve been all one big song from which the three clips were taken. You know how I am with the Metal music, it all kind of sounds the same to me.

Either way, I would be more than willing to check out a live show from these people. How bad could live “toilet rock” be?

Some people like to keep the thesaurus close by when writing, but you Fuck Patties.. I found you this. Put it to good use.



2002 "Double Flusher"10 wonderful songs
2008 "Greatest Shits" 24 Important songs
We Have all our songs on Touch Tunes digital internet jukeboxes around the world - Look it up>
right next to seether Ha Ha Ha



R U Ready for the shit to hit the FAN!?
Overflowing the bowl on to the bathroom floor of the music scene,
Cum Self proclaimed toilet rockers "The Seething Fuck Patties"
Fonted by lyriciast and singer Stool Poopins.
The Seething Fuck patties firt Movement " Double Flusher" Aims to take
the defacation Nation on a one way trip down the pipe to the sewer treatment plant of Ribald, Lacivious Hilarity!
The Music, Masterminded by multi instrumentalist MR. Wipes Forward, plops
out a steaming pile of riffs and beats that will make everyone from the casual
music fan, to the experienced musician say "that's some good shit"!
With a contribution from Kan Feltcher (guitar) and Pap Smear (Bass)
adding rythyms on the soon to be released (#2) Album.
S.F.P. is ready for total domination of raunchy rock Market!!.
Check em out on line @ for Cool Music downloads
and S.F.P brand Scat attire.
We would love to play your child's birthday party, Wedding or Barmitsvah!!
Now go Hug a piece of crap like a little puppy!
Happy Shitting.
Stool Poopins'
Lyricist and important song writer.


Started as a joke in the 1990’s and still very lighthearted, The Seething Fuck Patties have taken their sounds like shit sound to blips thus far on the global radar of the music scene. Howard Stern said of the self proclaimed toilet rockers latest movement, Greatest Shits: “It’s like the Who’s Tommy except it’s a rock opera about shit”.
Founding members Stool Poopins (Vocals) and Mr. Wipes Forward (Lead Guitar) having too much time on their hands, began crafting x-rated toilet themed songs as a joke to play for friends around the Detroit area. After some encouragement by a local urban mayor who will remain anonymous, Stool and Wipes put together a live act to play at that Mayors club. The show was Hilarious.
The line up now includes, in addition to Stool and Wipes: Kan Felcher on Guitar, Pap Smears on the bass and Craven Morehead on percussion.
The live show is a must see set that delivers great music, comedy and lots of laughs for all who witness The Seething Fuck Patties.