Seewall seeks the balance between frenetic drum'n'bass ubergrooves, delicate melodies, and lockjaw punch. This trio enjoys the interplay of allowing songs to evolve into new and different entities with each new playing by keeping it funky, spontaneous, and unpredictable.


Ryan Berg is a veteran of the Seattle music scene for twelve years and counting. Although beginning his musical training with drums and percussion, he finds his musical center with the electric fretted and fretless bass. He has played with and been a founding member of several different bands (Seewall, Iron Kim Style, HighRize, Jetlgr, Axolotl, King Size American, State, and the BJS), toured both domestically and internationally (most recently in Taiwan), participated in several music festivals, and performed in a solo capacity. He has been sited for his “strong presence” in the Seattle Weekly, and is known as a rock-steady bassist unafraid to venture into improvised music, jazz, drum’n’bass, acid-jazz, and metal-stomp rock.

Mike Weiser has been playing the keys for two and a half decades. He is a professional musician, piano teacher, and film composer. He plays regularly with singer-songwriters Kim Virant and Amy Stolzenbach. He recently performed with Mike McCready of Pearl Jam for the CCFA benefit. Mike Weiser combines the acoustic and electronic sounds of the keyboards to create entirely unique sounds and songs.

Tom Zgonc plays the tubs. He can be spotted with many people, including Mike Weiser, Ryan Berg, and himself. He is usually playing the tubs when this happens.


Currently at work on pressing an EP. Stay tuned...

Set List

Sonarchy set list:

The Emperor’s Acid Wash
Futon Zero
Soft Hands
Shallow Grave
Spock’s Lament