See You in the Morning

See You in the Morning


See You in the Morning is an Experimental Post-Rock act out of Texas that is pushing the envelope of fusion genres with great force. While maintaining a mostly instrumental arrangement, See You in the Morning throws the listener into an aural pool of pure feeling and tugs at their emotions.


Formed in a small city outside of Austin, See You in the Morning is entirely focused on giving the best live show possible while maintaining a close relationship with their audience.

Began by members Alex Alston, Alex Strom, and Joe Strom, See You in the Morning was founded upon influences of Acoustic/Folk, Metal, Progressive, and most importantly, Post-Rock. This amalgam of influences led the band to create a wide arrangement of soundscapes that has set them apart from other bands in the genre. While maintaining a Post-Rock base, See You in the Morning will dive into heavy, chugging rhythms to soaring technical leads, to progressive math sections, and be sure to invite emotional responses from listeners at every turn.

In mid-2013, the band welcomed drummer Jeff Bononcini to replace former drummer, Austin P. Since then, the band has focused on maintaining a very active schedule and plan to return to the studio in October 2013.


ICHI EP - (2012)
BETA EP - (Oct. 2013)
Unreleased - (Late 2013 - Early 2014)

Set List

Varies depending on accompanying acts. Elements of both albums are consistent as well as new, unreleased materials keep things interesting.