Sega Bodega

Sega Bodega


Sega Bodega's productions intertwine elements of wonky, hip-hop, glitch, R’n’B, and even classical in amongst an array of offbeat sought after samples. Stepping aside from these constraints, Sega’s music is more than just about mere genre classification.


Hailing from Glasgow and currently residing in Barcelona, Salvador Navarette has earned praise over the past year for his skilful and entirely original remixing ability. With his debut EP dropping at the end of the year, expect cinematic sequences driven by futuristic two-step and hiphop sounds.

His music conjures up heartfelt emotions with a cinematic tenderness as if what you are listening to is destined to accompany a film on the big screen from an epic sci-fi film to a compelling drama. Sega’s approach to creating music successfully combines many elements of differing styles, allowing him to create one complete sound that truly is his own.

With acclaim from the likes of Mad Decent, Radio 1 and Inverted Audio as well as official remixes for Jakwob and Lana Del Ray under his belt, Sega looks to be taking everything in it's stride heading into 2013.


Konerak EP forthcoming Feb 2013 on Week Of Wonders
Lana Del Ray - National Anthem (Sega Bodega Remix)
Jakwob - Electrify (Sega Bodega Remix)