Seheno's repertoire unveils a rainbow of new colours to the musical landscape of Madagascar. The unique grooves of her eclectic band build bridges between Europe and Indian Ocean.


Born in Antananarivo (Madagascar), singer/songwriter Seheno comes from a family of renowned musicians, “Ny Railovy”: famous pop Malagasy group, founded by Seheno’s father and uncle.

She developed her natural talent for singing through her family.
As a teenager, she went solo, singing Hery’s (her brother) songs and participated on the Railovy tour of the Island.

In mid nineties, thirst of new horizons brought her to France. She then became back-vocalist singing in Pop, African music and Jazz.

Passionate in rhythm, she studied Brazilian percussion and taught batucada to schoolchildren.

Her various interests led her to take up contemporary dance class with J.F.Lefort, vocal techniques training with the Roy Hart theatre and Dhrupad (north Indian classical music) singing lessons from Ashoka Dhar in Calcutta.

As a versatile artist, she sang in Rido Bayonne’s Afro Jazz orchestra and
collaborated in a project led by saxophonist Chico Freeman and drummer Ravy Magnifique .

In 2006, with the complicity of the indo-French tabla player Prabhu Edouard, she creates her own repertoire, a unique blend of musical influences from Madagascar, India and Europe.
The result is her first album “ Ka” (LokAnga/Fairplaylist) featuring Indian Ocean virtuosos like Régis Gizavo (accordion), Mikidache (guitar), Sandip Chatterjee (santoor)…
Seheno’s lyrics are modern tales on Man’s hopes, fears, and contradictions as well as tributes to Mother Earth.

With her nomadic tunes taking sounds & flavours of Madagascar out of beaten paths, Seheno reveals the contemporary sound of Malagasy music.


Tsy Irery

Written By: Seheno

(The story of a young Malagasy woman and her lost dreams, when material and emotional misery meet)
Ny tantarany raha zazavavy
Tsy angano angano arira arira
Ny tantarany raha zazavavy
Ny tantarany raha zazavavy
Tsy voahirana amorondrano
Ny tantarany raha zazavavy
Ny arena ny razazavavy
Tsy ny vola na ny fahefahana
Fa ny nofy sy fanantenana
Ny arena ny razazavavy natakalo nofy n’olonkafa
Ka voadona teo razazavavy
Very very ny arena
Very sa nofy ratsy
Iza iza no antsoina
Lavitra ny tanana
Eah e eah e
Tsy irery ianao


Ka (LokAnga/Fairplaylist) release April 25th 2008
-Album made with eco-friendly materials (round CD box with 26 pages booklet made with handmade paper)

Radio airplay France:
- "coup de coeur" RFI (Radio France International)
-"Tsy irery" RFI playlist (May 2008)
-France Musique
-France Inter
-Africa n°1
-Radio libertaire
-Aligre FM
-Radio Enghein (Village Global)

Radio airplay Madagascar:
-Radio Don Bosco

Radio airplay La Réunion:
-Love Fm

TV appearance France:
-Studio M, France Ô (April 26th 2008)

TV appearance Madagascar:

Set List

One set of 1 & half hour