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Sehr Thadhani

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Sehr's sultry sounds flow over a mixture of pop, rock and a touch of jazz engaging any listener no matter what their preference


Whatever your mood, pop, jazz, fusion and even opera, Sehr can rise to the occasion and floor the audience with her emotive tones and soulful sounds. Often this singer songwriter can be found sitting at the piano singing her heart out. While born in the US, this singer has explored her Indian culture and roots and takes advantage of the rich sounds, concepts and styles and uniquely combines them with her rich sultry tone which captures listeners.

She first realized she could sing in high school and soon after was asked to perform the National Anthem at The White House, The MCI Center and The Kennedy Center and caught the performing bug. She was nominated for Governors School and attended the Tanglewood Institute while in high school. Although she excelled musically, it wasn't until after graduating from Indiana University in Telecommunications did she actually even consider turning her passion into a career. As a result of this decision, she has just finished recording her demo filled with passionate nuances, heartful lyrics and sultry sounds.

Her influences are vast, due to her cosmopolitan upbringing. This Indo-American loves the sound of Indian instruments, the tabla, sitar and harmonium. She grew up with so many versatile sounds of the likes of Zakir Hussain, Ravi Shankar, Roberta Flack, Lionel Richie, and Etta James records being played, which add to her deep understanding and passion for all kinds of music. Sehr is driven by the knowledge of knowing she can combine all the great and versatile sounds she has grown up listening to and singing and bring them to mainstream music, touching the hearts of not only her own ethnic people but everyone.


Wrap Your Arms

Written By: Sehr Thadhani, Marlon Saunders

You're the air I breathe
You're the only one I need
but your still the one i'll one day leave

I know I shouldn't give you up
It's not supposed to be this rough
but sometimes love just ain't enough


you better wrap your arms
around me darlin
before i loose my head
you better wrap your arms
around me darlin
and say, you'll stay, or i'll just walk away

you can hold me up
or chase me down
just don't leave me back, back here again


you better wrap your arms
around me darlin
before I loose my head
you better wrap your arms
around me darlin
and say you'll stay, or i'll just walk away

Set List

Wasting Away
Wrap Your Arms
Be Careful With My Love
By The Way
Rest of My Life

Covers Include:
Take Me Or Leave Me
Dancing Where the Stars Go Blue
Everything Must Change