An Icelandic Shaman, A female Vocalist and choir of sailors and farmers from a far of place in Iceland. The sing and perform songs about the Icelandic Goddesses in a very traditional Icelandic way


Reynir Katrinarson is an Icelandic Shaman and poet.
Unnur Larusdottir is a composer, singer, and sorceress.
They form the group “Seidlaeti”.
It began when Reynir wrote poems about Icelandic Goddesses that he calls “Tranquillity proverbs” and he asked Unnur to write music to them.
For the last 5 years they have worked together and have written 23 songs. They set up concerts, where they call upon the goddesses and the energy of Iceland, singing their chants and music. It all involves hand-drums, stones and bones from Iceland.
They have traveled with this project in Iceland, England and America.
For the last months they have been working with the mens choir “Fjallabraedur” (Brothers of the Mountains- translated from Icelandic). They form the ring of protection around Seidlaetis ceremony. And give this an extra Icelandic feeling.
Together they form this unique music that sounds like the gods and goddesses calling from the oldest mythology there is. They think of this as a healing ceremony, where the audience and the land is a part of it all.



Written By: Unnur Larusdottir and Reynir Katrinarson

Hlustadu a hljod vaengjanna
og thu skilur tilfinningar
Eg er bara einu sinni eg og eg aetla mer alls ekki ad missa af thvi aevintyri.


Fjallabræður: Bræðralag. Released in 2007