The Seidoan sound is a homegrown concoction of indie rock, reggae, country and funk. Genre bending is our forte.


(seh - doe - in) Seidoan is an experimental indie-rock band from Boone, NC that has developed a strong following in and around the mountains of North Carolina. “Seidoan,” a Buddhist term meaning violent meditation, found it’s place with the members by accident in the Fall of 2005 when the infamous “SEIDOAN” sign appeared at their practice house and quickly caught on to become, not only a name, but a state of mind. With numerous influences, Seidoan transcends genres with sounds ranging from punk and reggae to alt-country and rock ‘n roll. In addition to having a wide variety of original songs, Seidoan has also covered songs by the Meters, Merle Haggard, Rage Against the Machine, Bob Marley and Ween among others. As college students on the campus of Appalachian State University, Seidoan started playing parties and benefit gigs supporting the community and quickly worked their way into the bar scene. Seidoan began refining their sound during the summer of 2006 and performed at such festivals as the Off The Grid Music Festival and as an opener for nationally touring acts at the Trade Music Farm in late August. Their debut self-titled EP was released in early December 2006 and has received great response. In January of 2007, Seidoan was asked to appear on the first Boone music compilation album entitled “Boone Music Scene Vol. 1” released in early April of 2007 and distributed nationally. With a strong love of music, the members of Seidoan look to the future with endless drive and desire to take their “state of mind” to the world. Seidoan is entering the studio once again in early 2008 to record there first full length release.

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Written By: Mike Gubbins/Seidoan

There was a cat named neko
Who lived inside a box
The question is he live or dead
Both of these are false

I went to Mr. Einstein's Grave
Wondering what this means
His ghost appeared and told me, son
Things aren't the way the seem

Dance of Seduction

Written By: Mike Gubbins/Seidoan

The dance of Seduction
These girls are wild
Giggling with their sisters
Just like a child
Eyes glazed, staggering slightly, they ask you so politely
Won't you please pay attention to me

No one really payed attention to the child
The parents reaction it was rather mild
All she ever wanted was some attention
no one looked in her direction
Won't you please pay attention to me


Written By: Mike Gubbins/Seidoan

I don't like this time of day
Wake up and the mornings grey
Hard to keep my mind from running
I don't like this time of day

You grabbed my hand and took me outside
That look it shook me to the core
I guess I kind of saw it coming
With no idea what lay in store

She's got a gun

I find myself begining to wander
That taste it's hard to wash out
The days keep seeming to get longer
And the nights are full of doubt

There's no time, the day is wasting
Continuing to feel this way
It's an act in futility

It's about time you went away


The Basement EP

Set List

Seidoan usually plays two sets a show, each set running about an hour and a half. We have a full repertoire of originals as well as covers including but not limited to songs by Merle Haggard, Rage Against the Machine, Ween, The Meters, Bob Marley and Phish.