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Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF

Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF
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Brooklyn’s Sabrina Seidman sent me a brand new pop-sugar track, and I think you can taste the sweetness of every bite. - yvynyl

"SEIDS: Ticket to Heaven"

Ticket To Heaven recalls the halcyon days of trance pop. With neat little flourishes, SEIDS celebrates this nearly forgotten sound. Light on its feet the song has an optimism that is undeniable. Build-ups are quite satisfying as SEIDS includes small elements of funk and rock into the mix. Rather full these elements revolve around her cheerful positive voice. Lyrically the song focuses on love and romance. Indeed by taking this tact the song gains an almost twee sensibility as the feelings are those of pure giddiness.

“Ticket To Heaven” Single:

Spritely chords open the song up. Quite quickly the vocals move to the front and center of the track. By the time the rhythm starts up in full the sound is positively infectious. Perfectly balanced between funk, dance, and trance, the piece glides by effortless. Lower register bass lines help smooth the sound out. Hand claps keep the song party-centric. Various synthesizers bloom in and out of the mix. With even additional reiteration the piece gains greater energy. Giving the song a large dollop of sugary sweetness the piece is completely delectable. For the final stretch of the song the piece pivots towards a fevered pitch of sound and vision. Those last few moments are particularly enjoyable as the electronic effects fall out leaving behind the strength and power of those magnificent polished vocals.

SEIDS recalls happier sun-drenched moments in life, the sort of small moments that make life so lovable. This is what pop should always be.

Posted by Beach Sloth - Skope Entertainment Ince

"SEIDS 'Solow'"

You have to appreciate when an artist offers music lovers something different, something they aren’t used to hearing and that’s what singer/songwriter SEIDS is doing on her single, ‘Solow’ ‘Solow’ is a wicked tune that gives the listener a catchy hook, a beat you can’t help but move to and lyrics that women can definitely relate to. About the track : “Solow is a reflection of the independent 20 something female making a mark in today’s generation. This track uses a deliberate driving tempo to express sudden impulses, denials and questions geared towards self-worth, future standing and what it means to be successful. SEIDS announces a declaration to balance emotions over relationship status, confessing a war over the fast paced city frustrations of the unfulfilling hook up culture”

About the artist:
“A compelling pop artist, SEIDS pulls you in with a climatic flair and unforgettable melodies. Writing from her experiences living in Brooklyn, and working around the world, SEIDS promises a genuine experience. Teaming up with producer Mike Irish for her debut EP Portraits of an Echo, the duo delivers deliberate contagious rhythms with a defined message.” - MUSIC IS MY LIFE

"A Look into the new single "Solow" by SEIDS"

This past week, I had the opportunity to sit down with upcoming Brooklyn pop artist SEIDS. I've always been a giant pop music fan myself, and I love the chance to meet up with the artists of tomorrow. I got to talk with SEIDS about her new single "Solow" and even got a sneak peak of the upcoming video!

Solow by SEIDS
Written and performed by SEIDS Produced by Mike Irish Here's to the lovers i didn't deserved Memories I oughta burn Blessings…

As I listened to the track "Solow" for the first time, I realized I was listening to something catchy and danceable as much as it was solidly produced, with thick musical textures. This is something you could play at a party, listen to your headphones on a run, or just sit and listen to and embrace it as the art that it is. SEIDS, who is a Berklee trained musician, starts her creative processes as a composer at the piano and has teamed up with producer Mike Irish to bring her musical vision to reality.

Beyond the excellent sonic experience provided by "Solow", there's a deep message to be found within the song, as well. As SEIDS explained, the title of the track "Solow" is a play on words of "solo", as in exactly how a lot of young people in places like New York City feel. Coming of age in this modern time, it's easy to feel so distant from the world around you despite being right there in the middle of it. There's pressure to do this, society telling you to do that, and the modern hook up culture just adds to the alienation, especially in notoriously hard-to-find-love places like New York City. Sometimes you just feel the need to break free from the frustration -- and suddenly, you may find it's when you're both so low and solo that you may find the greatest strength within yourself.

There's a whole world out there trying to tell you what to do, but you know what? You're a motherfucking maestro! You don't need to be told how to live, you don't always need to be in a relationship, and you don't need to constantly be living up to some set of meaningless expectations. You have everything within yourself to conduct your life the way you want and the way you find most fulfilling.

From my chat with SEIDS as well as my own reflection, it's clear to me that a track like "Solow" seeks to help people realize that they already have the power within themselves to take control and live life for everything it has to offer. For today's young adults, especially in urban jungles like NYC, this message hits profoundly.

Keep your eyes for SEIDS as she breaks out onto the pop scene right here in Brooklyn and beyond. You can check out her Sound Cloud here and stay tuned for the soon-to-be released video for "Solow!" - Tremr


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