Berlin, Berlin, DEU

Seins sound deliberately dry and straightforward and the songs are a balanced mix of alternative sovereignty with pinches of spicy, intuitive pop.


The band Seins was founded by singer, guitarist and songwriter Michel Bo Michel. Some of Michel’s favourite artists include Micachu, Barkmarket and Soul Coughing. Most likely some traces of Queens of the Stoneage, Black Keys, Sparklehorse, The White Stripes and At The Drive In can be found as well inscribed somewhere within the DNA of the album’s songs. For the recording of the first album Michel is also playing drums on half of the tracks – his style adding to the many facets of the compositions.

Classically-trained guitarist Werner Kuschmierz joined the band about a year ago. Rather than playing his old 6-stringed instrument he built a one-string rubber band bass, which you can hear on the recordings and get to experience during live performances. It makes for the distinctive rich foundation of the band's sound.

Drums are played by accomplished drummer Catrien Stremme. Catrien studied drums and percussion in L.A., has written two books on drumming, played in a variety of bands and for various projects and recordings for different artists.

Uberseins is the first record of the band Seins. The 8-track album is released on February 13, 2012.


Uberseins LP - February 13 2012
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