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Seis Fifth

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Seis Fifth has taken the energy and popularity of Rap & Hip Hop and created his own style. His performances carry the same energy and fun which can be compared to the likes of Method Man, & Bone Thugs N Harmony.


First off, the name "Seis Fifth" comes from a birth defect. He has a full left hand and only a pinky and stub on his right. So you get 6 1/2 fingers....seis is 6 in spanish and he uses fifth as point 5... His music is adapted from his starting point "birth", and inspired by his life on the come up, struggles of being accepted as a kid, and then the change to flaunting his problems, and realizing he has overcome them. He also uses the wisdom he has gained by the chapters in his life that cover becoming a father, and making ends meet day to day. Overall he is still on an everyday struggle to get his voice heard, and trying to become an influential individual within the HipHop community. The opportunity is now, he is hungry and one day all will know this kids story.

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(717) 421-9125


We Hungry We Eat (2006) -Co2 album
Back for 2nds pt 2 (2006) -Seis Fifth solo
Back for 2nds EP (2005) -Seis Fifth solo
Complicated Birth (2004) -Seis Fifth solo

Set List

With over 40 songs in my catalog all original and from the heart!

Complicated Birth remix
Games on Lock
Get em
Damn Girl
2 Jobs Later
Family Affair
It's Another Classic
Putcha Hands Up
Hustle "Do ya thang"
We Rollin We Ridin
Riden Out
U Might Find Us
Yall Don't Want It Wit us!
Who Want What
Not Gon Give Up
Heev Ho
Dear Lord
It's A QUADrian Thang
Git Down
Summer Dreamz
Plus many more