SEISMIC brings funky grooves and tasty melodies featuring complex interplay, tight segues, build-ups and explosions that leave you breathless - all built around eclectic musical influences like jazz, blues, funk, bluegrass, classical, and rock-n-roll.


Hailing from a region that experiences about 30 earthquakes a day, Los Angeles-based Seismic couldn't have nabbed a more appropriate moniker. But the seismicity of the band's hometown is only the half of it. Part of an emerging jam-based music scene in L.A., Seismic is living up to its powerful name, quickly converting fans with its funky grooves, seamless changes and driving rhythms, and regularly packing dance floors and shaking rafters and booties with its own potent version of "Seismic activity."

Comprised of band members James "Laker" Lake, Jason Rappaport and Perry Ostrin, Seismic formed in early 2004, finding each other the way most Angelinos find things—on Craigslist. However, the music that resulted was far less conventional. The band quickly found its groove and knew right away that they had found something special. "From day one, everything seemed to fit," says Lake. "The way we all feel the jams is very similar. Even from the first jam session, we could just tell."

The members of Seismic weren't the only ones to notice that something about the band clicked. Since its inception, the band's explosive live shows have grown exponentially. Starting with a scant, 20-song repertoire comprised largely of cover tunes, Seismic has since been busy crafting original songs, snowballing its catalog into the near three-digit region, keeping its audiences on its toes, providing widely rotating setlists and ensuring a unique experience at every show.

Combining rock, jazz, blues, country, funk, bluegrass and even classical influences, Seismic has a sound all its own—and one that is more than worthy of its earthshaking namesake, which has become a metaphor for its music. "In a lot of ways, I feel like it has taken on new meaning as we've grown as a band," states Rappaport. "It's almost become a central theme of the way in which we feel the jams. We have a very big sound, and then we get some crescendos and then it kind of comes down…and then sometimes there's an aftershock."

Following the release of its first album, seismogenic," in December 2004, Seismic toured the West Coast from Seattle to Phoenix throughout the summer and fall of 2005, promoting the album and building on its grassroots following. The exposure paid off. The band was named one of Music Connection Magazine's "Hot 100 Unsigned Artists" for 2005. Seismic has also managed to turn the heads of some well-respected musicians who have joined the band onstage—Stanton Moore of Galactic, Jerry Joseph, Brian Jordan of Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band and Particle, to name a few. Seismic has also shared the stage with such bands as Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, New Monsoon, Jerry Joseph, Porter-Batiste-Stoltz of the Funky Meters, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Particle, Eric McFadden Trio, Melvin Seals & JGB, The Big Wu, Spoonfed Tribe and Meltone from Japan.

Clearly gaining momentum at a rapid pace, seismic's strong reviews, impressive sit-ins, larger venues and growing fan base are just the initial indicators of something special on the horizon. Brace yourself for when Seismic visits a town near you. The band will knock your socks off…even if
you're standing in a doorway.


Full-length debut CD 'seismogenic', released January 2005, Get Richter Records

Set List

A typical Seismic set list is comprised mostly of originals plus a few carefully chosen cover tunes. Covers range from Elvin Bishop to Widespread Panic and points in between. An ever-expanding catalog of originals allows for a different earth-shaking experience every time. Seismic has not duplicated any set list thus far in its career.

A typical Seismic set averages about 75 minutes and contains 10-12 songs.

The following is a list of Seismic original tunes:
Back at the Office
Burlington Alex
Dusty Road
EZ Attitude
Fat Guy
Mountain Man
Old Shoe
Open Road
Red Cave
Rosy Okenfold
Slappin' It Down
The Race
Toxic Overdose
Whatcha Gonna Do?
Write It Down
Riding The Cusp
Space Pie

The Ocean (Led Zeppelin)
Hey Hey What Can I Do (Led Zeppelin)
Better Off Dead (Bill Withers)
Another Brick in the Wall Remix (Pink Floyd)
Gotta Get Better in a Little While (Derik and the Dominoe's)
Breathe (Pink Floyd)

and more...