seis peatones

seis peatones

 Bogotá, Bogota D.C., COL

"To masterfully combine blues, classic rock , metal and funk you have to be a true expert and that precisely that skill that have made Seis Peatones a band who´s success goes beyond a select audience, reaching out as a force to be reckoned with…”
-MSN Latinamerica


Seis Peatones have developed a distinctive and tight sound; an organic and natural feel that can only be compared to artists that have started playing music together and creating their own unique language. It’s a perfect blend where heavy and soulful meet, it’s rock strongly rooted in the blues, spiced up with funk and fueled with mindblowing riffs. At their best, SEIS PEATONES live could be your closest encounter with a true rock and roll party. These performances have shocked major venues in Bogotá like Rock al Parque (07’, 10’) and have been strongly acclaimed by the crowd and specialized critics, earning their first performance abroad in Pepsi Music Argentina in 2010.

Special performances:

Release: Vol. 1 radionica compilation. 91.9 fm live, national coverage, centro cultural Gabriel García Márquez, Bogotá, Colombia

Rock al Parque 2007 Lago stage

Festival Blues D.C 2008 openning act for Barrelhouse Chuck, Andrés Cardona invited to jam with grammy nominee Michael Powers and the frequency. Teatro Metropol. Bogotá, Colombia
BLUES D.C FEST. 2009 Main Stage, Teatro Metro. Bogotá, Colombia
Rock Al Parque 2010 Plaza Stage
Pepsi Music 2010 stage 3 , Buenos Aires, Argentina

Awards & Nominations:
best blues artista, 2007,2008, 2009 (winners), 2010 (winners)
best new artist 2007
best Drummer: 2010
Best Guitarist: 2010
Artist of the Year : 2010

Artist of the month Esfera Rock (nov. 2008)
Artist of the week Radionica (2009)
Artist of the month:
Song of the year nominee: Esfera Rock 2008
top 15, song of the year Radionica 2009


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