BandHip Hop

Who is Seize? My stage presents speaks for itself. I am not scared to get hyphy, crunk, krump, or anything else for the Lord. 110% everytime I hit the stage. This is not a hobby this is my life. I am like a ticking time bomb ready to explode to this world, the Gospel, its not about me, but about God


This is your boy Seize born and raised in Tacoma, WA 253 Hilltop. Came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at the young age of 8 yrs old. First Rap Group was called T.R.U.E. (Teaching Righteousness and Unity Everywhere) with my best friend Samuel O'Banner A.K.A. Ciryl. Strayed away at the age of 15yrs. Got into Gangs, sex, and drugs. Had a death experience in 2001 from smoking wet, and God gave me a wake up call. My Spirit was in Hell, my flesh was melting off my body, worms crawling through me, and all I could do was cry for God! He Changed Me. Gave me a second chance at Life and at Music, this is not just a hobby, this is real life, my life, the life God gave me. I am happily married for 3yrs now wife Tiffany Lester, and two little girls Trinity and Spiritual Lester. Let the music minister to you, don't just listen to the beats, but to the message, JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!!!!!


Debut Album "He Changed Me"

Set List

My set is typically 15-35 minutes depending on the venue which consists of the following:
Take Back
Shake em off
West Coast Gospel
Act Right
Christ Bounce

Depending on the venue again for a cover, but my usual set fee is $500 plus flight, hotel, car, food (if needed)