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It's time for the world to experience the infectious anointed sound of Ya Boy Seize,Taking back what the devil stole from me! It's not a game, or a gimick, this is real life. So grab a hold of your seats and strap in for this wild ride of praise and worship. A Jesus Christ Warrior, Not My Will!


Born and raised on the streets of Tacoma, WA, Stanley Lester, now known as Seize should have been dead in 2001. BUT GOD!!!

"I was smoking weed that was laced and I went into a form of cardiac arrest. While in that state of death, my spirit was cast into Hell. There I was tormented by the firey flames of the pit. My flesh would melt off like hot wax and then grow back, melt off, and grow back. It felt like days but it was only a few hours. All I could do was cry out for God. Then it all stopped! I felt Gods Spirit speak to me and say, I called you for my purpose to do my will, and if you don't, this is where you will end up. He Changed Me! Gave me a second chance at life, and an opportunity to preach the Gospel to the lost. This is not a hobby, this is my life."

Seize is one of the most creative, innovative, talented individuals this world has ever seen. Having his debut album "He Changed Me" distributed in stores Nationally through Sony BMG, he is currently working on a new project entitled "This Life," which is said to be one of the hottest Holy Hip Hop albums of this time.

Married now to his beautiful wife Tiffany for four years, and having two lovely children Trinity (age 5) and Spiritual (age 2) he vows to stay in Gods will and keep his focus on the prize. Seize founder of Not My Will Prodcutions, with a delievery of the Gospel to all walks, is here and here to Stay!


Debut Album: "He Changed Me"

Mixtape Vol. 1: "The Take Back"

Sophmore Release: "This Life" coming in March 2008

Set List

Set is usually 15-30 mins depending on event. Usually consists of music from all three albums, songs such as:

Christ Bounce (He Changed Me)
Take Back (He Changed Me)
Lord In Me (The Take Back)
He's Hot (The Take Back)
Ya Can't Stop Me (This Life)
Ya Know What It Is (This Life)
Act Right (He Changed Me/This Life)
This Love (This Life)