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Seize1, grace and peace to all,

My name is Daryl Dixon Jr. I was born and raised in Elizabeth, NJ in 1984 and now reside in Philadelphia, Pa. I’ve been doing music for about 4 years (back then it was just for leisure, a hobby of mines.) I wasn’t serious about it as far as perusing a career, it was just am outlet for me to vent and put my thoughts down. My dad was actually the one who challenged me to rap for the Lord. I didn’t think much of it at the time but being the competitive person that I am (only with my pops) I said ok. But I had a slight dilemma, who is “God” and how do I rap about someone I know nothing about or had ever met. Shortly there after, I was curious to know about this “God” my dad always use to “preach” to me about. I mean I knew of God but I didn’t have a right relationship with him; yet! As I look back God order my steps to a T because I can honestly testify that I would not be before an audience right now sharing my story if God hadn’t of kept me. But like I always exclaim “somebody was praying for me”! As I grew, so did my “relationship" with God along with life lesson that prompted me to trust and draw nearer to God each day. And because of this, God has birth in me a gift to articulate his word and goodness through speech. I enjoy being able to teach or just encourage somebody, anybody with a timely word. Everyone goes through there “go through” and many times word will strengthen, deliver, and/or encourage a person to not give up on themselves or others. Spreading the gospel is a privilege and assignment, which I take seriously and work diligently at each day. Just as a Shepard is responsible to his flock, so am I to those who look to me as an example. My service is to spread the good news to all who are willing to here and I pray that my ministry is a blessing to all who come in contact with it.

God Bless