Now in the 21st Century hard music with new meaning is needed. Music that can get a message across more clearly, and portray what is to be realized of the present and of the future.


Seizure is a One-Man-Band. Inject is the title of my first CD. It's an industrial music style but inspired by everyone from James Brown of the 50's to Jimi Hendrix of the 60's. From Black Sabbath and Led Zepplin, all the way to Cabaret Voltaire and the Sex Pistols of the 70's. The music has then been influenced by Ministry to Skinny Puppy to Front 242 from the 80's to then being motivated by Front Line Assembly and Wumpscut of the 90's.


Nuclear Threat

Written By: Brian Laff - alias: Seizure

You’ve created the beginning
Of what could be catastrophic times
There’ll be wars that you’re winning
But winning war is nothing more than a crime

You've burned my eyes, you've severed my head
Now I suppose that you think that I’m dead
We’ll all burn in a fire of despair
In a nuclear life we’re forced to share

Nuclear threat
is what can lead to
Nuclear death
is what man bleeds through

Get me out of this damn trap
I can’t take anymore of this crap
Get me out of this barren cage
I’m ready to die at an early age

You seem positive while I feel negative
Presently you’re fine but I need a sedative

It’s you that’s destroyed the beginning
And it’s war that’s created the end
Don’t bother trying to be forgiven
You’re in hell just as well you’re now condemned

You burned our eyes you severed our heads
Now I suppose that you think that we’re dead
You’ll all burn in a fire of despair
In a nuclear life you’re forced to share


Written By: Brian Laff - alias: Seizure

There's painful fluids
Running through the veins
Losing all consciousness
Of what remains

Reject - to injections
Reflect - on infections

Inject yourself
To unworthy ways
See all types and forms
Of unseen days

Open your eyes
That have been forced to close
From painful injections
Which were worthy you supposed
Fluids that need
To be injected
Had better have been
So wisely selected

Inject your body
To unworthy pain
Which lessens the chances
Of maintaining the brain
A chemical surge
Pouring through one's existence
Overpowers the urge
Of determined resistance


My CD is titled: Inject. I've had 2 songs from the CD uploaded on and One track is the same title as the CD, "Inject," and the other is titled, "Nuclear Threat."

Nuclear Threat was the song that ranked #4 of 45 in the Industrial genre (Jan. 31, 2006), on's current song list based on user reviews. During it's weeks of review there had been a day when it had also ranked as the Industrial Track Of the Day (Nov. 21, 1995).

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