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"CD Review"

Author: Brett VanPut
October 27th, 2007
New York crossover band Seizure Crypt sounds and looks like a band which should have come out with the Crumbsuckers and the Cro Mags in the late eighties. It's surprising to find out that vocalist Tom Reardon and drummer Doug Williamson formed the band in 2004. They've had countless line-up changes since then and one previous release, 2005's City of New York.

Hello My Name is Madness is sure to gain some attention simply because it was produced by Don Fury. Fury is best known for his work with Glassjaw, Agnostic Front, Snapcase, Orange 9mm, and Quicksand- among countless others. With Seizure Crypt he captures a band with the energy of that time period in the late eighties and early nineties when bands had their own distinct sound. While bands like Municipal Waste and Three Inches Of Blood are blatantly ripping off eighties thrash/ crossover, Seizure Crypt take that spirit but make it with their own sound. Most of Hello My Name is Madness is fast paced, but one exception is the killer slow pace of "Herein the Problem Lies."

Album Score: 7 out of 10

- Transcending the Mundane

"CD Review"

Author: The Beast
September 25th, 2007
Seizure Crypt was formed in 2004 by co-vocalist/bassist/guitarist Tom Reardon and drummer Doug Williamson. Together with bassist Ivan Serge and guitarist Bishop Nazz Seizure Crypt released ‘Hello, my name is Madness’ in 2007.
Were do I fucking begin with reviewing this album. It sounds so terribly good, this is hardcore at his best. Production is a little bit raw, but hey that kind of production suits the music. The vocals sound great, the guitar shreds my ears to pieces, and the drum and bass kept me head banging like a maniac through the whole album. Guys keep up the good work, and I hope to hear much more of you soon. For people who like bands such as: Hatebreed and Biohazard, buy this fucking album right now. Overall opinion: Hardcore like it was supposed to be!

Score: 10!



"CITY OF NEW YORK" 2005, "HELLO, MY NAME IS...MADNESS" 2007, due out summer 2008-"UNDER THE GUN".



Poora, poora pussycat...That f**ckin' cat lady!!! Smells like an ammonia bottling plant!!! This is what Bro Town Kiminski had to deal with at work. (He's a carpenter. Private contractor.) Outta this particular experience he penned the song "CAT LADY". You can dig this groove on SEIZURE CRYPT's latest..."UNDER THE GUN". (Approxamate release date- summer 2008.)
Also concocted by our Bro Town bass player a song with a perfect understanding of our society as a whole..."F**K WORK".
We will be launching 2008 with Tommy's Birth Day show on February 22nd at BAR 131, located in College Point, N.Y., this year's tour goal is 50 gigs.
Having already performed 39(maybe more) shows in the last two years, Seizure Crypt's relentless pace of song writing, rehearsing, and recording are slowly carving a niche in the NYC underground. Just ask will get info like"the singer wears turkeys on his head" and "the other vocalist puts people in headlocks"..."these guys are down right wierd."