Seizure Crypt

Seizure Crypt


Man, you like CRAZY and DYNAMIC music? Fast and aggressive? Well check out this band...Seizure Crypt. Blasting guitar songs each under three minutes. Lead drums. You know they released a POP-UP CD? Yea-the next one I heard is gonna be a SCRATCH-N-SNIFF CD!(?) 9 tunes, 19 minutes. Dynamic...


Poora, poora pussycat...That f**ckin' cat lady!!! Smells like an ammonia bottling plant!!! This is what Bro Town Kiminski had to deal with at work. (He's a carpenter. Private contractor.) Outta this particular experience he penned the song "CAT LADY". You can dig this groove on SEIZURE CRYPT's latest..."UNDER THE GUN". (Approxamate release date- summer 2008.)
Also concocted by our Bro Town bass player a song with a perfect understanding of our society as a whole..."F**K WORK".
We will be launching 2008 with Tommy's Birth Day show on February 22nd at BAR 131, located in College Point, N.Y., this year's tour goal is 50 gigs.
Having already performed 39(maybe more) shows in the last two years, Seizure Crypt's relentless pace of song writing, rehearsing, and recording are slowly carving a niche in the NYC underground. Just ask will get info like"the singer wears turkeys on his head" and "the other vocalist puts people in headlocks"..."these guys are down right wierd."



Written By: Seizure Crypt

Lyrics: Tom Reardon
Music: Tom Reardon & Seizure Crypt

I sit on a corner in my rig
Waiting for the calls of the day
To be called, then ridiculed
Told by my job-“This MADNESS won’t go away!”

No care of abuse
Society’s crippling infection-mass murder
(trapped like rats)
This city’s a noose!

There is no legacy or hallowed ground
By the ones who stood before
Too many problems, zero solutions
Answers found by a revolving door!

Apathy reigns, desire is killed
Before you learn to fly
The big red truck rules this city
Where they ignore our outraged cries!


"CITY OF NEW YORK" 2005, "HELLO, MY NAME IS...MADNESS" 2007, due out summer 2008-"UNDER THE GUN".

Set List

No cover tunes really...all origianal writing...our set is typically 25 minutes with a small theatrical type thing within, or to start the set, always different at each performance. Actual setlist...GREAT DEFECTOR/STALK/CAT LADY/ musical interlude/THE PHONE NUMBER TO MADNESS/EULOGY/THANKLESS/encore if asked-NO ROOM LEFT TO BLEED.