Seizure Salad
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Seizure Salad

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | INDIE

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | INDIE
Band Alternative New Age


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Weird Canada Review"

Seizure Salad / Indiensoci
The New The Good The Bad and The Ugly Sound Track
(Ice Cream Ala Mode Tape and Sound)
Calgary, AB / Montreal, QC

This cassette woke me up on the first day of my vacation. My buzzer rang at 8am this morning and I was pissed-off. I ripped open the parcel and the Seizure Salad / Indiensoci split-cassette fell out; I was excited and ashamed. Seizure Salad’s side skidded into my mind with a lo-fi barrage of experimental psychedelia; a droning, rhythmic travelogue to the far-reaches of Disneyâ„¢-hell filled with distorted film illusions and guitar shreddery. It’s a real narrative with emotionally percussive climaxes and mellow, ambient descents. On the flip-side, Indiensoci sends her parsed, ambient bellowing in an attempt to balance the intricate mind-barrage of Seizure Salad. Indiensoci is the not-so-secret side project from BRAIDS‘ singer and it all makes sense; mellifluous echoes of her voice traveling from every direction in cassette-quad beauty and sentient brilliance – it’s all the things we love about BRAIDS in one stream of magnetic tape. Where Seizure Salad takes you on a Trip Thru Hell, Indiensoci brings you back to the world of the half-alive, allowing a return to your dreams, naps, narratives, and lives with the subtle feeling that everything is not-OK, but it’s all lovely because her vocal wysps linger on in half-audible existence. An easy contender for best experimental cassette of 2009. - Weird Canada


Have released 2 home recorded tapes of experimental and punk music. Are finishing up 2 studio albums of rock n' roll and psychedelic punk.



Their sound soaks up influences from just about every kind of music (ambient, folk, psychedelic, punk, black metal, soul, blues, funk, etc.) and they spew it all back out with their own odd twist. Their rock n' roll tunes are pummeling and their experimental noise is soulful and otherworldly.
Check out some of their tape recordings @
Currently in the process of finishing 2 studio albums that will be out summer 2011.