Sejayno. They will do any public speaking event, because they are trying to bring public speaking into time travel, usually to ancient times. In the time travel we use ancient electronic time travel techniques: flipped delay, maraca skip, and ultrasound speech rotation.


Sejayno is enacting a multi-year-long journey from electronic time travel techniques to those based on the lute. Fellini's Satyricon describes a particularly essential mode of Sejayno. We strongly believe that as long as we truly imagine ourselves to be ancient people we will always be ancient people.


1. Slowmoe
2. Sereeno
3. Seanceo
4. Safario. Available through Shinkoyo. Features the track "Papal Procedures" which also appears on the Shinkoyo Compilation.
5. Volcano. We are awaiting its release.

Set List

Music is improvised. Though we play in modes, moving from various styles (The Presidential, The Uzazu for example) and shifting through various vibe patterns.