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Tokyo, Japan | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | SELF

Tokyo, Japan | SELF
Established on Jan, 2007
Band Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2015 SEKAI NO OWARI Anti-Hero" -

"Sekai No Owari Ready For Global Stardom After the Tokyo International Music Market"

On Tuesday, October 20, SEKAI NO OWARI performed to a massive crowd at the 12th Annual Tokyo International Music Market, a three-day event during the Japan Content Showcase that promotes the export of Japanese music.
A country much celebrated for its innovation, Japan has frequently been at the forefront of modern entertainment, a humming cultural hotbed where art and technology seem to collide in truly compelling ways. And, in this regard, the members of SEKAI NO OWARI might just be Japan’s finest representatives.

As one of the hottest and most inventive musical acts in Japan, SEKAI NO OWARI is poised for worldwide superstardom, as they prepare to bring their imaginative live shows to music fans across the globe. On Tuesday, October 20, they performed to a massive crowd at the 12th Annual Tokyo International Music Market, a three-day event during the Japan Content Showcase that promotes the export of Japanese music. In addition, Sekai No Owari’s latest album, is currently in production and set for global release in 2016.

Comprised of four impeccably skilled childhood friends, Nakajin (leader of the group, lead guitar, sound production); Fukase (lead vocal, group conceptualist), Saori (stage production, piano), and the masked clown DJ LOVE (sonic palette, comedic stage banter), SEKAI NO OWARI, which translates to “End of the World,” is far more than a group of musicians. They’re visionaries and conceptualists, who have managed to seamlessly meld music and art, and transcend the barriers of a typical live show.

SEKAI NO OWARI’s original creation, known as “Tokyo Fantasy,” incorporates a massive stage setup, with a high-concept, mind-bending magic tree house – a testament to the band’s unparalleled fearlessness in creative design and entertainment. Giving fans a live experience nothing short of sublime, SEKAI NO OWARI has performed all across Japan, selling out concerts at a variety of venues, including the legendary Budokan. Their much-lauded show, “Twilight City,” featured Austin Mahone as a supporting guest and filled Japan’s largest venue, Nissan Stadium. The band’s music has been featured in numerous commercials, television shows and movies, proving their remarkable ability to reach a vast array of listeners.

In 2015, SEKAI NO OWARI released their second studio album, Tree, which debuted at #1 on Japan’s music charts. Now, after years of preparation, the band is ready to take their originality to music fans all around the world.

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"SEKAI NO OWARI Teams Up With Owl City on New Track “Tokyo”"

When you’re a fan of an artist and want to collaborate with them, what do you do? Just ask, apparently. Pop-rock super-band SEKAI NO OWARI (translates to “end of the world”) have acted accordingly and Owl City have said agreed.

And considering the track’s title, “TOKYO feat. SEKAI NO OWARI,” seems like a perfect fit too. The track was already a work in progress for Owl City – without any collabs in mind – but he willingly made space for SEKAI NO OWARI upon request, being lured into their pop world and impressive work so far. SEKAI NO OWARI got a taishogoto, a Japanese stringed instrument, for Owl City as a gift, which was consequently used for the track.

“TOKYO feat. SEKAI NO OWARI” will have a global release, but hold on, there’s more. Owl City agreed to produce SEKAI NO OWWARI’s new song “Mr. Heartache.” SEKAI NO OWARI seem like they’re far from reaching the “end of the world” – more like they’re ready to take it over. - MTV

"Owl City “Tokyo” (featuring SEKAI NO OWARI) [Video Premiere]"

videos // 18 Nov 2014
Owl City “Tokyo” (featuring SEKAI NO OWARI) [Video Premiere]

Owl City has ready some new music to delight his fans. The record producer, singer and songwriter debuted new song “You’re Not Alone” features guest vocals of American singer Britt Nicole, and now is ready to release another track called “Tokyo“.

The second promotional single has the collaboration of Japanese singer-songwriter SEKAI NO OWARI. Both tracks will be released on iTunes on October 7th via Republic Records.

The promotional video was premiered on Vevo on Tuesday November 18th. - Josep Vinaixa


Still working on that hot first release.



SEKAI NO OWARI – End of the World
Writer: Devin Power-Bearden

Fukase is all too familiar with the immense stress that comes with chasing success. Living in the pressure cooker of Japan’s most populous city, Tokyo, is a daunting task for anyone hoping to stand out from the crowd.  At 17, he was an average teenager trying to figure out what life had in store for him. However, during a fateful trip to the United States, Fukase came to discover he had an undiagnosed mental illness. Upon returning home, he received medical care and a prescription to help combat the effects of the disease. Ironically, the experience inspired Fukase to spend the next three years studying to become a doctor.

While school took up the majority of his time, in between studying and attending classes, Fukase made music with Nakajin, a friend from elementary school. The two primarily performed as a cover band, but still had dreams of making it big with original music. Tragically, the pressure of school coupled with Fukase’s intense study habits proved to be a dangerous combination with his illness. Hospitalized after a server mental breakdown, Fukase spent the next year of his life in psychiatric care, a period of time he describes as some of the darkest moments in his life. However, this difficult time ultimately proved pivotal to Fukase success, as he found the courage to resume making music. 

After reconnecting with Nakajin and Saori—Fukase and Nakajin’s mutual friend from elementary school and a classically trained pianist—the three friends decided to rent out a basement so they could perform together. The space ultimately became club EARTH, an intimate live venue where they were able to practice and hone their sound. While in the process of creating club EARTH, Fukase ran into a high school friend who worked in the area and asked him to join the band. Ultimately, his friend agreed and adopted the moniker DJ LOVE.

Taking inspiration from Fukase’s traumatic episode, the four friends decided to name their band SEKAI NO OWARI, which translates to “The End of the World” in English. Despite the ominous name, it was a new beginning for Fukase, Nakajin, Saori, and DJ LOVE. The story could easily end here, four childhood friends reconnecting and sharing their passion for making music. But one does not simply settle in Japanese culture.

Since releasing their debut album, Earth, on April 2011, SEAKI NO OWARI has enjoyed a meteoric rise to the top. After performing for only 30 at club EARTH, the band now packs massive venues—like the storied Nippon Budokan and Nissan Stadium—thanks to their reputation for delivering an unparalleled live experience. (Think massive theme-park-meets anime-inspired fantasy.)

Today, the four members share a place in Tokyo and see themselves as a family. They admittedly fight, but still have as much love for each other and their music as they did when they first formed. SEKAI NO OWARI’s long road to global superstardom started this summer, with the four friends being selected to create the theme song for the highly anticipated “Attack On Titan” film. While this opportunity should help SEKAI NO OWARI expand their fan-base overseas, they still face a variety of challenges, especially in the United States, where music consumers have notoriously fleeting tastes. However, Fukase, Nakajin, Saori, and DJ LOVE are confident that if they remain true to their sound, while also being open to experimenting in their songwriting, they’ll be achieve the same success around the world that they’ve enjoyed at home.


We put everything we have into our music, and while we have been fortunate to be able to share it with the people of Japan, we would like to continue on our endeavor by engaging with more people outside the country. We express ourselves not only through our music, but also our live show, as it’s an important counterpart. Accordingly, we will continue to create an unparalleled live experience, and by performing internationally, we hope to bring our fantasy to the rest of the world. – SEKAI NO OWARI

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