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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Gem at NXNE"

I like to believe that everyone stumbles upon a musical gem during NXNE, and Sekiden was mine. Starting off with a wall of noise and keeping it going right up until the end, this Australian trio didn’t stop short of delighting the audience. With a punchy guitar, a trashy synth, and great drumming, Sekiden’s brand of hyper garage rock was quickly turning curious onlookers into fans. As the singer/guitarist bounded all over the stage with spit flying and arms flailing, he gave me the impression that he was just as excited as I was. - Spill Magazine

"Catchy choruses"

“Catchy choruses, sweet child-like vocals, super dodgy 80s computer beeps and blips are all here, along with the references to all things kitsch. With song titles such as Pinball Summer and Answering Machine, you can get a fair idea of what you're in for, so haters of hyper ballads beware. For fans though, or just people who like to crazy dance to upbeat melodies, the album makes for a likeable listen that is not too difficult to get into and might even have you smiling at the end.”
- Beat Magazine

"Perfect Pop"

Perfect pop can be made. From Brisbane Australia came Sekiden, a power pop trio that was so much fun I almost peed myself. Seja_s electronic synthesizer made a sound not heard since the late 70_s early 80_s as the pigtailed blonde bopped up and down. Sharing vox and front stage was Simon, full of one liners, a great voice, and punk rock energy, and drummer Mirko who rocks the world. I was in a zone and had no control over my head banging, it was quite liberating really, and did I mention fun? Who else can do a song about some guy who invented the phone, and leave you screaming at the top of your lungs "Alex-Ander-Graham-Bell" - City Gigs


Better Music Through Mathematics EP (Modular) - 2001
Love Songs for Robots (Redline) - 2002
Junior Fiction (BOOMPA!/Redline) - 2003


Feeling a bit camera shy


Australia’s Sekiden have done more than just ease their way into North America – their energy exploding pop-songs have made a permanent mark. Laden with electronic synths, sweet lyrics and danceable beats, Sekiden leave a smile in place after every chord.

Since the release of their two critically acclaimed EP’s in Australia, Better Music Through Mathematics and Love Songs for Robots, the Brisbane trio have been working diligently to secure a spot with pop lovers around the globe. It’s with this master plan that Sekiden came to release their first full-length, Junior Fiction, in Canada with BOOMPA! Records (The Salteens), in spring 2004.

Wasting no time at all, they headed overseas to embark a 4-month mega tour of North America. Shinning at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, Sekiden scored rave reviews on Chart Magazines online report card with a grade of 92 per cent, placing them in the top 5 bands to perform at the festival.

Their CMW showcase was backed by several consecutive tour dates that took the band from Vancouver to Halifax, garnering the attention of music publications, college radio and TV in every city with as much positive energy as the album was delivering. They also crossed the United States with as much fervor, making loyal fans in music hot spots like Chicago and San Francisco.

Junior Fiction is undeniably one pop-morsel after another that aims to feed hungry fans. Produced by Brisbane legend Magoo, each track is simple, guitar driven pop, layered with keyboards of the late 70’s and early 80’s. The result is electrifying gems like ‘1+1= Heartache’ to the fist raising melodic styling of ‘S.T.A.Y’. You unavoidably take pleasure in the unabated love each song delivers, while reveling in energy of your own heartbeat track after track.