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Sekshun 8

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Zombie Baby
Man of Sorrow

airplay throughout regional indie stations especially virginia



.--------------------------------------------------------------- Inside a small Garage in Portsmouth, Virginia a monster has been created. Drums, axes, and vocals all being sewn together to create Sekshun .8. A band who's musical mayhem can only be described as a work of sonic genius. And as if it wasn't enough to write songs that at times make you want to stomp your own grandmother, this five man psyche ward commands undivided attention when they perform. From padded walls to a mysterious figure wielding baseball bats through a thick cloud of smoke, Sekshun .8. kicks Ass and takes names (for their mailing list). Just the raw energy produced from this band alone is enough to power four city blocks with plenty to spare. Clad in suicide-proof whites and insane enough to wear them, these guys have a tendency to wear out the crowd before other bands even have a chance to take the stage. As for the music itself, the band definitely has an original edge. Refusing to bow their heads to "everything else" being played out there. Sekshun .8. has developed a definite groove over top of hard hitting riffs. This variety of music seems to stem from the plethora of influences each member possesses, which they use to set the "norm" of Hard Rock music on fire. With all the shit being pounded into your head from ears to eyes. You would be crazy not to listen.