Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
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Formed in 2005 in Philadelphia by a group of friends from The University of the Arts, the SËLA hip-hop collective is a team of trained artists who use their technical knowledge and diverse sonic influences to produce an explosive sound, captivating live performances and genre-defying tracks.


The SËLA roster is comprised of emcee Mike King, emcee/producer DAVD little, pianist/vocalist/producer theSophant, and host /creative connector S.Frosty. SËLA has performed and/or recorded with such artists as Phonte & 9th Wonder, Dice Raw, Lil B, Mike Taylor, Writtenhouse, Leonard "Hub" Hubbard (formerly of The Roots), Khari Mateen, Mazon, Curly Castro, Chris Vance, Asaad, Chill Moody, DJ Phsh, Nikki Jean, and Hezekiah.

SËLA has evolved into a multi-trade entertainment production house, producing avant-garde music videos and commercials for select clients, such as the Kings Rule Together apparel brand and renowned rapper Truck North.

SËLA stands not just prepared for, but, at the wheel of the future of music.


Sela EP - 2009

Grown up Story - Summer 2010

Fancy Remix - Fall 2010

Can I live Remix - Fall 2010

Get the Wontons - Spring 2011

Digital Graffiti - Fall 2011

Set List

Get the Wontons
The Future
Grown up story
Dazed and Confused