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"Meet SELBY (feature on national blog,"

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Since a lot of up and coming bands and artists are following this blog, I thought it would be fun to chronicle a marketing, social networking and public relations campaign with a band getting a lot of industry buzz right now, Selby.

Brand, album and music marketing should not be a mystery to artists. They should be deeply involved in the process of marketing their music and brand to their fan base, so in an effort to be completely transparent, Selby, an up and coming band from Orlando, has agreed to let me share the secrets of how we market their brand. Our efforts include everything from online marketing, social networking, viral marketing, principle photography, set selection and fan engagement. Learn some of the industry secrets to strategically marketing music and a band brand for success.

Selby is not only currently working on a new album in the studio but also in the midst of a mad dash countdown to Oct 23 when they will be opening for Ryan Cabrerra at Club Firestone. And, if you’ve ever had a chance to meet Selby front man, Bahnz Selby, you immediately know Selby is ANYTHING but STALE! The band exudes a “cool, comfortable energy” and their music just makes you want to sway and most importantly, Selby is willing to engage with fans online. Bahnz always makes sure to comment and connect with fans through his Facebook and MySpace profiles so this collaboration is a natural fit! Sacrilicious is working with Selby and their team, including Annie Robinson to create the right personal branding and messaging to push their online identity and fan engagement to the next level authentically both on and offline.

Over the next few weeks, I will post our efforts to and the results they garner. -

"SELBY opens for Ryan Cabrera"

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'Selby has the ability to transform a humble venue into the Madison Square Garden. Since they’ve gotten recognition from industry insiders and various promoters, they are now playing the type of different and bigger shows that I’ve said in the past are only suitable for them to play. Make sure to look out for their new songs, “Claws,” and “Wake up.” “Claws” in particular is one my favorites, with Peter Gabriel-esque realism that most people love' - (The Orlando Music Examiner)


"Last Light Of A Dying Star" LP on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon MP3, & Napster (Under the band name 'LADYFAIR' | The boys changed their band to 'SELBY' in July). SELBY is currently working up their new EP, which is set to drop early 2010!



Selby's resolve to accomplish something less routine and generic has yielded them an ardent fan base and a sobering niche where vintage sound meets modern rock. Frontman Bahnz states, "We're after art that's smart, reminiscent of the modern rock/pop favorites, but with an emotion packed atmosphere that takes you somewhere unexpected". Selby's arrangements and hooks will take hearers back to The Beatles and early U2, but it's a bit darker, and is more aggressive. The guitar driven melodies accompanied by acute lyrics place their music somewhere between the arena style of U2, and the modern rock of the Foo Fighters. Over the last five years frontman, singer/songwriter Bahnz has toured most of fifty states and much of Europe backing other bands, and has resided in Nashville as a session player. It's no surprise that Selby was recently awarded sponsorship by Gibson Guitars.

Since Selby's inception in mid 2009, they have opened for national acts including Ryan Cabrera and Filter. At the Miami Music Festival they were chosen out  300+ bands to represent the festival with a live performance on NBC Miami, and headlined at Miami's premiere venue, Tobacco Road, to close the festival.  Currently The Golf Channel uses Selby song "Under My Skin" as the title track for their new series "Destination Golf" and placed six other Selby tracks in the show. Commercial demand has sought them out, validating their artistic direction, marketability, and a place in the emerging music scene. Selby's single, 'Claws', is cutting a niche in the mainstream with current rotation on UK's largest independent radio station, Manchester Radio. Selby's press has been stirred lately by a featured article on, which dubbed them '...the band to watch'.