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Tampa, Florida, United States | SELF

Tampa, Florida, United States | SELF
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"Select Start - One of 10 Jango Airplay CD Cover Contest Winners"

We're happy to present the Jango album cover contest winners, the response to our contest was huge with thousands of bands joining. The 10 winners managed to blend great visual appeal with creativity and design into their cover art. As a thanks for all for your support and to promote your music even further we will put the best 40 covers in a slideshow on the Jango Airplay blog, so stay tuned for our slideshow update and find out if your picture is one of the top 40 album covers on Jango Airplay. We congratulate the winners of the Jango Airplay promotional package and 1000 Play Credits each, you can view their awesome covers here in alphabetical order:

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Select Start
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Thank you all for joining the contest and for being part of Jango Airplay.
- Jango Airplay

"Select Start: The New Atlantic (Earthsounds)"

Any resemblance between this work and early Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young is purely delightful. Actually, although CSNY and other influences are present in this release, Select Start definitely has a distinctive sound.

From the first track, "A Man Amongst Gentlemen", reminiscent of 1920's honky tonk sound of some 1960's bands, to the light and breezy "Hands To The Ceiling", the group members are continuing to blend their influences, as well as what is their trademark harmony, into a style that is uniquely their own. It seems to be commercially viable without losing artistic integrity. - Guyton B. Thompson Augusta Chronicle Herald (1981-85)

"Select Start - The New Atlantic"

Florida pop-rockers Select Start have been busy. They recently released their second EP, The New Atlantic while wrapping up a short tour supporting Go Radio. Fans looking for the electropop of a previous Select Start are going to be disappointed by The New Atlantic, while those who enjoy bands like You, Me And Everyone We Know are going to find something to like in Select Start’s latest release.

My first exposure to Select Start was back in 2008, they were one of Purevolume’s Top 21 Unsigned Band picks for the year, and with that, a free download of “Kiss Your Genre Goodbye.” And since then, the band has grown to a six-piece, added Daniel Lancaster to share vocal duties with Joe Guerra, and their sound has become more polished and refined with fewer electronic elements, and the lyrics have become stronger. Lancaster and Guerra’s vocals complement each other throughout the album, and the songs are replete with real instruments, from the ukulele and horns on “A Man Amongst Gentlemen” to the strings on “Only You,” and the guitars, bass, and drums that permeate the entire album. (It wouldn’t be a pop rock album without those, would it?)

The opening track, “A Man Amongst Gentlemen,” reminds me a bit of a showtune, or maybe that’s just because the music makes me think of “Mister Cellophane.” The frequently repeated lines “Maybe I’m a little bit selfish” and “maybe I’m a little bit scared of love” managed to worm their way into my head after my first listen of the song. Apologies, self-doubt, and moving on seem to be common among the songs. “Red, Black, and White” seems to contain something of a spoken rant. Things slow down on the sweetest song on the album, “Only You,” though the higher-pitched group vocals don’t seem to suit them as well.

Lately it seems like a song about how life isn’t so bad is almost required among the music I tend to be drawn to, and Select Start provides on well on what, if it weren’t for the stripped-down ending and most personal-sounding lyrics on the album, would seem to be an almost stereotypical song. Despite having some of the silliest sounding, but catchiest lyrics, it’s one that many teens and young adults can relate with (“here’s to late nights/ here’s to long drives/ there we are chasing dreams of a good life/it makes me wonder how I’m still around.”)

The last track is a capella and reflects the emphasis on the vocal harmonies that the band has taken with their newer material. While I prefer the tracks with more instrumentation, it makes for a good closer. If you’re looking for some solid, harmony-filled pop-rock, give The New Atlantic a listen. And if you’re disappointed, I’ll take the blame for leading you astray.

Pick up a physical copy of the CD or download on iTunes.

1. A Man Amongst Gentlemen
2. Hands to the Ceiling
3. Read Black and White
4. Only You
5. The (Pretty) Good Life
6. Hold Your Ground
7. So Far - My Car and My Guitar - June 9th

"Select Start Shows What Harmony Means With The New Atlantic"

Are you ready to be introduced to alternative music’s take on reggae? Well, Tampa, Florida’s Select Start is the band to get you adjusted to this unfamiliar musical pair. The forcefulness of alternative tunes and the laidback vibe of reggae music may not appear to be a good fit for each other, but much like the world of nature, music needs to be balanced as well. Select Start’s EP “The New Atlantic”, which is now available on iTunes, provides harmonic tunes that can pacify any tension in the musical world.

Before we take it to that deeper level, let’s introduce to Select Start. The six-piece band was not always comfortable with it’s number of the members or overall sound. Since the group’s 2008 debut, The Rotary, Select Start went from a three-piece garage punk band to a four piece pop band to a five piece synth-infused pop group until settling at lucky number six. We’ve got to say we are glad they are sticking with six. Select Start consists of vocalist and guitarist, Daniel Lancaster, vocalist and guitarist, Joe Guerra, guitarist, Jason Polo, keyboardist and vocalist, Matt Reisinger, bassist, Adam Loper and drummer, Patrick Guyer.

The happily even number band released “The New Atlantic” on May 20th via Unrivaled Music Group. Produced by Lee Dyess, the seven track EP justifies why the six combination band works due to the vocal and instrumental accord of the tracks. The commonalities among the tunes include intricately pitched and pleasant vocals infused with rhythmically subtle tempos. The similarities are persistent throughout the EP, but each track has distinct traits to offer, which evoke an array of emotions from tracks one to seven. Let’s get specific with our favorite song, “Only You.” The ethereal tune has harmony between the vocals and instruments as heard on the other tunes, but the vocals of the verses in “Only You” elegantly linger into one another making the song immensely peaceful. “Only You” can end the troubles of a taxing day. So, check the tune out now on iTunes and put the irritation to rest.
- Shockya - Lonnie Lemeroff

"Interview Select Start"

Straight Up Random had the chance to interview Select Start – Florida’s next breakout band. They’ve been working hard in the scene for a while, and now they’re ready to amass new fans and astound the old with their new CD The New Atlantic being released on May 20th. You can currently catch them on tour with Go Radio, and keep up with all things Select Start on their FACEBOOK.

SUR: How did the band come together?
The band started a few years back as just an excuse to write and play music. It started as a three piece band with Joe Guerra, Adam Loper, and Patrick Guyer. As the band became more serious we added on a few people. Matt Reisinger, Jason Polo, and Daniel Lancaster. The band has never lost a band member.

SUR: How’d you come up with your name?
A youth of playing nintendo lead to the band name.

SUR: What bands/artists are you influenced by?
With six people in this band, the influences are very diverse. Every single band member would give you a different genre they enjoy, let alone different bands. Saves The Day, This Is Me Smiling, Fleet Foxes, Slowreader, just to mention a few.

SUR: It seems as though your band has been writing new music/recording for forever! When will fans actually be able to hear this new music?
May 20th 2011 is the release date one our latest record. We couldn’t be happier about it.

SUR: How has the writing and recording process been?
The process has been very long, we wanted make sure that it was exactly the way we wanted it. Lee Dyess (the producer) is a saint. He was so patient with all of our ideas, no matter how out there. We really wanted something different to come out of The New Atlantic, and I think we achieved that.

SUR: In a blog post way back in September, Matt mentioned that “we’ve finally found the new sound that we were looking for.” What direction is this new sound in compared to your older material?
They are still select start songs. We do not work with co-writers. So what you hear will still have that SS vibe. The direction was just changed a little bit. The songs are real, all of the instruments you hear on The New Atlantic were recorded live. If you hear a trombone, or a violin, or orchestral songs that means they were all recorded live and not sampled by a computer. We really wanted to use every bit of our talents.

SUR: How would you describe your music for people who have never heard it before?
We would describe the sound as indie rock with lots of vocal harmonies. We have an a cappella song on our new record “The New Atlantic” that has all six of us singing at the same time. It’s a great representation of the band.

SUR: Seemingly out of nowhere, you announced tours with Mayday Parade and Go Radio. Is this foreshadowing that Select Start will be next to sign to Fearless Records? If not, has the band been in talks with any record labels about signing?
We have to give the same lame answer every band in our positions says. When it comes to labels we can’t really talk about negotiations or even about what labels we are talking to. What I CAN say is we have some amazing people behind us and the future is looking bright.

SUR: How were the shows with Mayday Parade? Did it feel good to finally play live again after so long?
The shows were outstanding. They are the most humble and welcoming people. We had a blast. Their next record is going to blow people’s minds.

SUR: [Directed toward Daniel Lancaster] It’s known that your brother is Jason Lancaster of Go Radio. How do you feel about touring alongside your brother for his first headlining tour?
Select Start and Go Radio has always had a really good relationship for years. Touring alongside my brother has been what was expected, nothing short of amazing.

SUR: What makes your band different from all the other ones out there?
We have six band members in a rock band that are all amazing singers. I cant think of any bands around today that can say that, unless it’s a country or r&b act. We are happy that we do things a little different.

SUR: Can you give me one straight up random fact about each member of the band?
Jason Polo – His name isn’t really Critter.
Matt Reisinger – He has a narrow esophagus.
Adam Loper – his favorite time is locker time.
Patrick Guyer – always wants cake.
Joe Guerra – Is the best member of the band and does all of the interview questions.
Daniel Lancaster – is a cat man.

SUR: Thanks for doing this interview! Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Thank YOU for the interview questions. Our record hits on may 20th. we put so much into it and we really hope everyone enjoys it. It can be pre-ordered here: - Straight Up Random

"Select Start - The New Atlantic"

With the release of You Love It. You Hate It. You Want It. last January, we got to hear how the addition of Daniel Lancaster to Select Start sounded. The two songs on that release sounded not unlike a continuation of Stages & Stereos with a second vocalist and some synth thrown into the mix; I was instantly more excited to hear more from the band, and The New Atlantic is the first chance to do so. While anticipating more songs in the vein of the two already released with the current lineup, I was taken aback by what I heard when I hit play. Rather than the upbeat pop-punk that I expected, the band had taken a turn a la Panic! At The Disco or Hellogoodbye and completely changed their style, favoring acoustic and clean guitars, newfound six-part harmonies, and different instruments over the synth and traditional rock instruments that dominated their previous work. However, despite my initial surprise and distaste over the first listens, the new sound (reminiscent of later You, Me, And Everyone We Know) on this EP does not disappoint, as the heart still remains despite the stylistic change.
The EP opens with “A Man Amongst Gentlemen,” a song that begins with some simple ukulele strumming and a harmonized catchy melody before Joe Guerra sings the song’s hook and a multitude of instruments join in, creating a bigger sound with a nostalgic feel. Guerra takes vocal duties for most of the song, with the exception of Lancaster’s contributions on the second and third choruses. While it’s definitely not what was expected, it’s a summery song that sets the tone for the rest of the EP. “Hands To The Ceiling” shows off the boasted six-part harmonies and finds a more comfortable balance between Guerra and Lancaster. A little more in the vein of You Love It. You Hate It. You Want It. while still retaining the summery aspects of the first track, this is an upbeat jam that is quite dance-able.
“Hold Your Ground” is a somewhat slower song with strummed chords throughout the verses as Guerra and Lancaster trade lines. The main highlights of this track are the harmonized acapella portion in the middle and the outro, which just has a great feel about it. “Only You” features some interesting acoustic guitar parts and well-placed string and piano portions. The band’s vocals shine on this track with the lead vocalists capturing attention on the verses and the harmonized choruses showing off the abilities of the entire band. The song has a very warm and intimate sound, especially in comparison to others on the EP. Though “Read Black & White” opens with what sounds like a whimsical childhood melody, the track is the closest thing to a traditional rock song to be found here, while still maintaining elements from the rest of the EP, most notably the harmonies right before the second chorus. Overall, the song sounds not unlike something that might have been written by The Composure, perhaps with the exception of the chaotic bridge and aforementioned portion before the second chorus.
The opening of “So Far” starts with nearly forty-five seconds of harmonized “ooh”‘s before Guerra begins singing the verse on his own, soon to be joined by more “oohs” in the background. The chorus finds even more harmonies before Lancaster sings his own verse. The track ends with another chorus that flows into harmonized “ah”‘s. With the exception of a single strum of an acoustic guitar at the beginning of the song, “So Far So Good” is entirely acapella, something that’s rarely seen today, and stands as a testament to exactly how talented this group of guys is.
“The (Pretty) Good Life” is a feel-good track with great lyrics that begins with some nice guitar noodling and a catchy melody sung by Guerra before going into a chorus that is somehow even catchier than the verse. The second verse shows off even more harmonies. The track ends with simple guitar strums and group vocals that give the feeling that the band is sitting in a room with you, inviting you to sing along. For an EP with so many great vocal harmonies, it gives the EP a sense of completion.
If I had to use one word to describe this EP besides “surprising,” “different,” or “unexpected,” it would have to be “deliberate.” Though not polished by any means, it gives the feeling that it is exactly what the band wanted it to be. The diversity of instruments and use of six-part vocal harmonies should be proof enough of that. Though it’s unlike their previous work, it’s easy to get over the unexpected change with the level of sincerity and musicianship throughout. Despite the fact that their previous record leads me to doubt that they’ll stick with this sound past this EP, a full-length in a similar style would be more than welcomed and The New Atlantic is a strong contender for my favorite EP so far this year. - - Jacob Testa

"Album Review Select Start "The New Atlantic""

Some of you may not remember this band, but some of you might. Select Start has been a little bit under the radar these last few years since the release of their EP, <3. The band showed huge promise with the release of that EP, fusing dancey-pop with a edgy sound not often heard in their genre. Select Start is back with their new EP, The New Atlantic, with a new addition to the vocal duties, Daniel Lancaster.

From the get-go, The New Atlantic sounds nothing like the previous EP. Which at first was a little disappointing, but it shows that the band has gotten past the cutesy techno synths that covered their prior release. The opening track, “A Man Amongst Gentlemen,” brings an instrument that hasn’t been used by the band ever before, a ukelele. It may be a cliché instrument to use these days, and this track is no exception to that fact. Fortunately, the track picks up after the brief uke intro.

Three tracks into The New Atlantic the band reverts back to a similar sound from <3. Although there are no synths on the track, “Read Black and White” could have easily been put on the last release. The song revisits the hard-hitting sound the band used to use, but still has it’s poppier aspects that the rest of this EP has.

The one thing that makes this band stand out from a lot of others is the vocal abilities of its members. Nothing can glorify them as much as the closing track, “So Far.” The song was recorded in one-take and uses a six-part harmony. The dual vocals from Joe Guerra and Daniel Lancaster have been spot on through the entire EP and continue to be for this song. “So Far” is one of my favorite album closers based off of sheer originality alone.

The New Atlantic may not be as good as <3, but the band has definitely grown musician wise. Hopefully, Select Start will go back to their roots on their next release because they are one of the bands that used synth-electro music and really made it their own.

Verdict: ??? /????? - Pupfresh - Jason Ohgren

"Select Start - The New Atlantic"

Coming from Tampa, Florida, Select Start are a pop-rock band headed by Daniel Lancaster (the brother of Go Radio’s vocalist Jason Lancaster). They recorded their sophomore EP, The New Atlantic, with Lee Dyess (Mayday Parade, From First To Last, Go Radio), proving Daniel may very well be following Jason to success, although fronting an entirely different group than that of Go Radio.

Evident from the opening “A Man Amongst Gentlemen,” it’s clear that Select Start are not exactly the norm for a pop-rock band, as Lancaster’s heartfelt vocals are backed by horns and old-fashioned country-style guitar play. After the first taste of his unique vocals, Lancaster shines throughout “Hands to the Ceiling” on what may be the vocal pinnacle of The New Atlantic. Throughout the track, Lancaster shows off his pipes in an almost Max Bemis fashion, which is not a bad style for him by any means. Similarly, “Hold Your Ground” channels a little more of the signature pop sound of The Format (or fun.) vocally, with Lancaster and Joe Guerra complimenting one another on vocals.

Conversely, the acoustic “Only You” provides an entirely different view of Select Start on this old-fashioned sounding pop gem, utilizing violins and sky-high vocals to add to the depth of this supreme number. The record clearly balances straightforward pop tunes (the upbeat “The (Pretty) Good Life”) with stripped down, raw acoustic tracks (the closing “So Far”). Each are memorable in their own way, but particularly it is the final performance on “So Far” that truly conveys the uniqueness of Select Start, with each of the six members chiming in throughout this bare performance, proving there aren’t too many other pop bands like this. As the EP closes, it’s apparent that those expecting another Go Radio will be disappointed; however, fans with an open mind looking for some fun, unique pop tunes will be right at home with Select Start.

Reviewer Rating:78%
Absolute Punk Member Rating: 94% - Absolute Punk - Ryan Gardner

"SELECT START - Fresh Pick May 20th, 2011"

Select Start is an amazing band who writes catchy “Pop” songs that are jam packed with in your face lyrics and over-the-top sarcasm. If you are a fan songs with big choruses and hooky will love this band! - Daily Unsigned


I'll admit, I only checked out this EP because of Daniel Lancaster, better known as Jason Lancaster's brother. Select Start's pre Lancaster material was very familiar, as that was back in the day when I did nothing but scour PureVolume for new pop-rock bands. Looking back at the old material now, it's amazing that Select Start has released one of my favorite EPs so far this year. The band has ditched all the synths that devoured their powerpop sound, and now embraces a harmony heavy, indie influenced pop-rock style.

Lancaster and other vocalist Joe Guerra share vocal duties fairly evenly throughout the EP, though Guerra usually stays in the lead. However, even when Lancaster isn't in the lead, he's usually involved with harmonies. Lancaster's lead parts are easily the vocal highs of the record, but it's the instrumentation and song writing that really shine.
The guitar parts no longer sound like generic pop-rock, adding more of an indie or alternative feel, and acoustics are often utilized as in "A Man Amongst Gentlemen", "The (Pretty) Good Life", and "Only You". "A Man Amongst Gentlemen" is one of the biggest signs of musical growth, as horns, keys, and harmonies dominate the first minute of the standout track. Multiple times during the EP the entire band harmonizes with each other, including the completely a capella closing track "So Far", that was recorded in one take. What Select Start has done so far reminds me of what Hellogoodbye did last year. Ditch the electronics, add a lot more organic instrumentation, and continue making excellent pop tracks. They are easily the most improved band I've heard this year, and if we continue watching, we may witness a beautiful flower blossom before our eyes. - The Muzik Discovery - Casey Whitman

"Select Start "The New Atlantic" EP"

"The New Atlantic has an old school vibe but yet it sounds so modern. The music sounds like it belongs to late 50s rock with a nice blend of pop and rock, just enough to make it good. The vocals are the ones that make it modern, the blend of both voices mixing harmonies together; Daniel Lancaster and Joe Guerra sound like a punk kid singing with Marcus Mumford from Mumford and Sons. Select Start took it a step further this time, adding extra instruments in “Only You” and “A Man Amongst Gentelmen” and making it sound good. The surprise is “So Far”, an acapella song that sounds incredible and complements the whole EP. On The New Atlantic the band have adopted a European sound, and it has been done to their advantage."
- Tip Sound, Tip Sound (May 23, 2011) - Tip Sound

"Select Start "The New Atlantic" Review"

“Here’s to late nights // Here’s to long drives // There we are chasing dreams of a good life, now // It makes me wonder how I’m still around”

Sunshine state natives Select Start have just done their part in welcoming summer this year with The New Atlantic EP. This new release will undoubtedly end up on many 2011 summer soundtracks. Since their last full-length, <3, Select Start has welcomed Daniel Lancaster (Stages & Stereos) to their roster. He shares vocal parts with original singer Joe Guerra. Daniel is the brother of well-established musician Jason Lancaster (Ex-Mayday Parade, Go Radio). The six-piece is well equipped and ready to spread their sound to you!

Select Start does a good job avoiding the generic habits that come in the power-pop genre with this release. The New Atlantic EP opens with ukulele driven “A Man Amongst Gentlemen.” It almost instantly catches the listener off guard when symphonic horns blast to the tune of the chorus. The band shows off how their voices interact together in perfect harmony in “Hands to the Ceiling.” Before the listener gets too comfortable, Select Start throws in the song “Read Black and White” which has the most edge of all the songs.

“Only You” is one of the slower tracks on the EP and possibly one of the best written. It’s a beautiful acoustic guitar and violin arrangement that complements their soft voices to perfection. The song is full of captivating lyrics like “I can’t believe my voice pushed through a line of thieves to steal my view of only you.” Select Start adds great variety and contrast by putting the upbeat “The (Pretty) Good Life” next. The following track, “Hold Your Ground,” makes its stand with strong vocals. Throughout the song, Lancaster and Guerra stretch their voices almost to a scream. Select Start couldn’t have picked a better song than “So Far so Good” to close out the EP with. “So Far so Good” is more than 3 minutes of straight a cappella singing. Each member sings their part to perfection, creating beautiful harmonies that will be stuck in the listener’s head for hours.

This band shows no sign of slowing down. The more comfortable they get with the new line up, the better their music will get. Look for them to have a breakthrough release in the near future. Until then, if you’re searching for a band that stretches every boundary of their genre, then Select Start is that and more. There’s something for everyone on The New Atlantic EP.

For those who like: The Format, Stages & Stereos, Vega Under Fire

Nathan Richardson - Scene[essence] - Nathan Richardson

"Select Start "The New Atlantic""

Select Start, a six piece popish/rock group from Tampa Florida, released their independent EP “The New Atlantic” May 20, 2011. This album is absolutely beautiful. Opening track “A Man Amongst Gentlemen” speaks of getting over someone by convincing them (and yourself) that you’ve moved on. Front man, Daniel Lancaster, sings with a high pitch yet perfectly calm voice makes it a great song for a break-up, or just to dance to. “Only You” is a slow track about love blocking out all other things. The high notes are unlike any male vocalist I’ve heard before, but still infectious. Slower of the songs is “So Far” an a Capella recorded by all members in one take. It shows the talent that each member possesses and proves that Select Start definitely has real, raw skill unlike most artists. - Silky - Silky & Spooky

"The Four You Need To Know - Lauren Weigle"

After reviewing over 500 bands’ submitted press kits on Sonicbids and after listening to each one, we have picked the top 4 you need to add to your playlist.

One band that is rising daily in its popularity is the energetic Select Start. Their vivacious, electronic pop sound and their determination to stay connected with each individual fan is what keeps us enthralled.

One day, Tampa natives Joseph Guerra, Patrick Guyer, Adam Loper, Jason Polo, and Matt Reisinger were playing video games. They looked down at the Nintendo controller and that was it. Select Start was born.

Characterizing their tunes as “powerpop indie synth rock”, it’s no wonder their stylistic influences stem from listening to bands like Motion City Soundtrack, Weezer, and Ozma.

And so, their melodic blends come from the bands they grew up with and idolized.
With wonderfully eccentric, tongue-in-cheek song titles like Middle School Called, It Wants Its Mentality Back; Way to Ruin The Holidayd; Stranded On A Desert Island W/3 Things. U, A Knife A Reason To Use It; and A Playlist Killed The Mixtape, their focus is just to have fun and “jam out” to music they take pleasure in playing.

“We play what we love and love doing what we do.”

Above all, Select Start holds their fans dear and in high esteem. They spend hours upon hours online in order to answer every message, comment, friend request, etc. in order to connect with their fans. No fan is ever forgotten, especially those die-hard aficionados.

In fact, Select Start would like to make a shout-out to Duda. “Duda is probably our craziest fan. He’s a 6’6” guy who loves dressing up in costumes such as penguins,
elephants, and many others. He lives in Florida so we see him all the time. We love ya Duda!”

So, for those Select Start followers who would like to communicate with the band they love, remember that they are just a mouse-click away. - Music Fashion Magazine Issue 10 Summer 2009

"Giving Up On Thinking Clearly Review -Masterful production and mixing, along with a number of catchy hooks and powerful vocals are the highlights of this album"

This debut full-length from local power-pop-punk rockers Select Start doesn’t disappoint. Masterful production and mixing, along with a number of catchy hooks and powerful vocals are the highlights of this album. Select Start has generated a large buzz amongst the local punk scene, and despite a difficult to shake label of being too poppy (a stigma that used to signal death in the punk world), they have stayed true to their fans and more importantly themselves. Pop-punk isn’t for everyone, but Giving Up offers an extremely well-put together face on the genre and is definitely worth a listen. Care a Little for Caroline, is as good, or better than any of the crap that passes for punk on the radio these days. The fact that it’s a local album makes it even more exciting, and I highly recommend catching them at a dive bar near USF in the near future. They have an explosion of energy on stage that is rarely matched and this translates well onto their first album.

REAX Music Mag 10/31/2006

Spearheading a renaissance of the local independent punk scene in Tampa is hard work; it’s nice to see that it’s finally beginning to pay off. Select Start has been bringing something very exciting to the table here in the bay area for years now, and are generating steam at alarming rate. They have recently begun to branch, out trying to play more shows statewide and hopefully build on what has become a solid and loyal fan base here at home. Recent (by recent, I mean the past ten years) trends in the pop-punk scene nationally and statewide have given me a reason to try and see how many nails I could hammer into my skull before I bled to death, but for some reason, Select Start has broken out of the formulaic patterns that the scene has taken over the past decade and remind me a great deal of the punk bands I listened to when I was younger.

I asked the guys how Select Start was formed and they replied, “Select Start, (stealing our name from the two middle buttons of a Nintendo controller), started around the end of 2002. We were a three piece with the original line up of Patrick Guyer (drums), Adam Loper (bass), and Joe Guerra (guitar and vocals). At this point, we played pretty straight-forward pop punk in the vein of New Found Glory and early Impossibles (ex-Fueled by Ramen). Around 2004, we added Matt Reisinger (synth, sequencing, and guitar) to the lineup when we were looking to record our first EP un-cleverly entitled Extended Play. Matt ended up producing it and joining the band after playing a show with us at USF where he was only supposed to play one song on a synthesizer. After the show we asked him to join the band full time. Since then he has been the constant butt-of-jokes being the new guy, even though he’s been in the band for over 2 years now. The only point of us playing in the band, during the early stages, was to have fun and that is pretty much still our focus. We don’t make huge unreachable goals with the band. We take it in steps.”

Fun is quite the understatement, their lives shows are truly something to behold. I’ve been lucky enough to catch them a couple of times, and they have really opened my eyes to the potential that this town’s scene is filled with. I asked them how they feel about the scene they are helping to create here and how it differs from places they’ve played across the state. “The fan reaction in Tampa is wonderful. It took us, literally, three years to get the response we’re getting now. Tampa was hard for bands that weren’t metal when we started. But, now it is a lot easier for bands to make a name here. Thanks to myspace, as well as big and indie labels moving down here, Tampa is getting noticed. As for outside of Tampa; we have only recently begun playing outside of our city. In 2005, we played two dates on the Vans Warped tour in Jacksonville and Tampa and we loved it. But because we’re hell bent on getting noticed in Tampa, the outside crowds haven’t been there yet. If we play in Dade City we get a huge draw, but other than that Florida is pretty slim in the fan department outside of our home. We are currently changing that.”
With the punch that their live show brings, it shouldn’t be too difficult of a challenge, but they will always remember what the scene at home has been like as they state, “It’s been hard. There’s no other way to describe it. Would we rather be anywhere else? No, the one thing about Tampa is that it harbors big music: Underoath, Anberlin, From First to Last, etc. But most of the bigger bands just up and leave. Suddenly, Anberlin is from Orlando and FFTL is from Los Angeles. Not too many of them stick around. We love or hometown. If we ever became one of those “bigger” bands you would still find us hanging out at Busch Gardens or Tampa Lanes.”

Select Start released their first full-length album, Giving Up On Thinking Clearly, this past June to much fanfare. When questioned about reactions to their debut both personally and from a fan stand point they explained, “We are super proud of the record. We sat on the fully produced CD for almost a year before releasing it though. So the songs are old in our minds, but new to the ears of everyone else. On stage, we already play two songs that aren’t on the CD, which is technically a band ‘no-no’. But hell, no one seems to mind. We want to release new material because we feel like the new jams are going to knock some socks off. But for now we are thinking realistically. We have a new record out and we are promoting it like crazy. It has some small concept around it. I (Joe) write a lot of the songs and around the time we were writing GUOTC, I was going through the ‘I’m only gonna be twenty something for so long’ phase in my life. I wanted to just have fun before I have to be responsible and all that lame shit. So, Care A Little For Caroline, She’s Not A Hottie Hotty, Never Stop Moving, Call It A Truce, What ever Happened to the High Five?, are all about the good and bad of focusing on just having fun and dealing with meeting members of the opposite sex and the lighter side of it. The newer songs we have in the works are more about the darker side of that lifestyle. Scandalous! From fans, we have gotten a good response. Obviously, no one tends to tell us to our face that we suck ass (and I’m sure some will sometime), but as of yet we have only heard good things. More touring will tell. If kids buy the CD, I guess they heard something they liked. It’s still a young record. We write the songs we love. So the fact that people dig the tunes is amazing. Without the kids listening we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now. Why would Reax want to interview a band that’s shitty, Like Tears in the Sahara? Band trash talk moves magazines right? &#8232;Well here’s a little dirt: Drew Demelas of T.I.T.S. has candles and dream-catchers all over his room and a bright pink flamingo as a light by his computer (laughs). We seriously love those boys.”

Select Start has just recently signed with the Boston based label All About Records, the ex-home of such artists as Tokyo Rose, A Wilhelm Scream, and Ruiner. Please check them out at HYPERLINK

Show Review 6/22/06 The Brass Mug Tampa FL

"Overwhelmingly positive, is the best way I can describe the response they got, and honestly, I don't remember the last time I saw a local band generate so much buzz while playing the Brass Mug on a Thursday night."

"Select Start isn't groundbreaking in the sense of originality, but for what they lack in being unique, they make up for in talent and effort."

"They play a brand of pop-punk reminiscent of mid 90's Fat Wreck Chords bands, which brought me back to my early high school days, and the crowd ate it up."

"It's twice as satisfying for a local guy like me to know these guys are doing it so well, shredding shows in our hometown."

James Ferreira - Reax Magazine

"The Rotary Review -a study in the many stages of relationships - the good, the bad, the old, the new and the temporary, with the ability to make you shake it all night"

Nowadays every band has some kind of synth influence to them. The problem with this is that too many of said bands overuse this
element of manipulation. Select Start however has found a way to structure their sound around that tool, not the other way around.

First we're hit with the hopeful "sweet Digital and True", encapsulating the beginnings of a new relationship. "There's one in every city" is a quick retelling of a he-said she-said between guys who live out of suitcases and the girls left behind in small towns with
even smaller ambitions. Self-doubt, strain of long distances, and uncertainty of a new relationship are found in the guitar heavy
"Unlimited Nights and Weekends" with lines like "Was it a good time to screw it up / My heart gets bruised just from the sound of your voice on my receiver". "Baby, You Amaze Me", the slow jam of the disc is honest and appreciative and not in a sappy way at all saying "You can't the same movies / And horrible bands / Why would I ever hold hands with another". "Keep it Close" is another lament of long distance, told differently, which is good sighing "I wish my phone could make you warm / Express my best so softly in a text / One word at a time". Something to keep you company while away from the one you love.

All in all The Rotary is a study in the many stages of relationships - the good, the bad, the old, the new and the temporary, with the
ability to make you shake it all night and maybe even throughout the next day too.

Naimah Holmes
High Voltage Magazine
- High Voltage Magazine

"<3 Less Than 3/Heart Reviews"

Named as one of Purevolume's best 21 unsigned bands of 2008, Florida-situated powerpop quintet Select Start recently released a six-track record <3. Throughout the record this up-and-coming group prove with crisp vocals, strong melodies and arrangements that stay true to the powerpop genre that the people at PureVolume were definitely on to something, and they are worth keeping an eye on.

The record opens with the ironically titled Kiss Your Genre Goodbye, ironic because rarely do you get to listen to a band so defined, loyal to and constricted by a single genre as Select Start appear to be on this album. This works both to the advantage and disadvantage of the band, the former because they have a very polished sound that portrays them as much more experienced than they actually are, and the latter because unless you are giving the music your full and absolute attention the songs quickly become indistinguishable.

The stories of the songs are skillfully executed tales of typical teenage experiences, as for instance illustrated by the lyrics of the second track, Oh So Epic: “ Let’s stay out late and do things we might regret / Let’s laugh at the stupid girls, so drunk and full of it ” and ” I’ve got issues with people I hate / Sad ex girlfriends, so lonely and begging to date “. I might be out of the loop these days, but if I recall correctly it were lines like these that characterized our teenage anthems a few years back when I was part of the oppositional posse myself.

With the next two songs, Dress Impressive and Hearts Will Explode, the album continues in the same direction as carved out by the opening, and they do it equally well. On the second last track however, the group brings something new to table to tells of potential beyond what’s been displayed so far. A great, techno-inspired opening intro, catchy hooks and lyrical imagery of the relationship between the good old mixtape and the new and improved playlist, which works great as a metaphor for personal relationships, makes A Playlist Killed The Mixtape the strongest song on the record.

In closing the band gives their own version of the now almost clichéd “powerpop ballad” with If You Fall (Fall In Love), which is of course a mandatory appearance on each and every album by a group with any self-respect within the genre, and they do it well. All in all this album goes to show that the editors at PureVolume knows what they are talking about, and even though the lyrics manage to make me feel like the oldest 23 year old in the whole world, I think that with a little luck and hard work this is a band that could easily “pop” sometime soon. This is of course assuming they get picked up by a label, which should be happening soon enough after what they’ve displayed with this record. Easily one of your new favourites if you love the classic powerpop exponents such as Jimmy Eat World and The All-American Rejects.

PS: You can listen to <3 in its entirety at Select Start’s PureVolume profile. If you like it be sure to give the band some love and support by purchasing it digitally from iTunes or the hardcopy from the band’s own webstore.

<3 is rewarded with a score of 4 out of 6 waves.
Silent Sound Waves - Lars-Christian
At first inspection I said to myself ‘great, anoth...
At first inspection I said to myself ‘great, another unsigned emo electronic indie band’ – but after I started streaming the CD my presumptions changed a bit. Yes, it’s true we are flooded with the electronic power-pop bands, but I feel Select Start is producing a very tight sound. It’s inevitable they will be offered a deal shortly after this release (if they haven’t been already).

The lead vocals sound a lot like Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy, and the melodies have a Motion City Soundtrack and Hellogoodbye mash-up style. Most notable about the CD, is that they don’t drown out traditional instruments with the electronic synth too much – this alone stands them apart from the bulk of bands in this genre. In the song ‘Hearts Will Explode’ the intro has a firm guitar riff that made me crave some double bass and growls.

Overall it’s a good CD for an unsigned band that is entering an over populated genre. My hopes are high that when developing their sound they will continue to moderate the synth as the band did a great job with this first release. When the CD is released we may add one song to the HiFi Punk play list for everyone to check out. And if they happen to progressively grow harder in the future, expect to hear more from them on the radio station.

Track Listing:
* Kiss your genre goodbye
* Oh so epic
* Dress impressive
* Hearts will explode
* A playlist killed the mixtape
* If you fall (fall in love)
============================================================================ Shawn Flanagan
I had the benefit of receiving this CD a few days ...
I had the benefit of receiving this CD a few days prior to retail and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. After not being too impressed with “The Rotary”, released earlier in 2008(there was simply too much synth/programming for my taste), I was dreading it to be more of the same.

Needless to say, <3 is definitely a step in the right direction.

This time around they have honed their sound as to avoid drowning out any recognizable instrument.

Select Start can be described simply as the love child of Hellogoodbye and Motion City Soundtrack.

Stand out tracks include “A Playlist Killed The Mixtape”, which contains the perfect amount of synth with out completely overdoing it, and “If You Fall (Fall In Love)” which shows the bands ability to change things up every once in awhile.

Overall, I was really impressed with this effort, and really hope these guys get picked up by a label soon, they deserve it.

Similar To: Hellogoodbye, Motion City Soundtrack

Rating: 9/10
When I first heard of Select Start, I assumed thes...
When I first heard of Select Start, I assumed these guys would just be another Electronica/Pop band in the hugely overpopulated genre.
This band is tremendously far from it.

Hailing from Tampa Florida,and averaging 8 to 10,000 plays a day on their purevolume, Select Start is bursting into the scene becoming one of the top unsigned bands on the site. The upcoming EP <3? is a must have for fans of the Electronica scene.

The opening track Kiss Your Genre Goodbye infuses the catchiest synth parts with powerful guitar riffs and solos. In the beginning of the song, a small guitar part is followed by commanding drums and a poppy synth transition, which is continued throughout the whole song. The lead vocals are spectacular with the tight harmonization in the choruses. This one song alone will make you want to replay the EP repeatedly.

The next track Oh So Epic starts with a strong vocal line using a chilling effect over top of it. It then falls into the pre-chorus that slows the song down, taking a beautiful piano part and drums that reminds me of a mix between the remarkable piano/rock of A Rocket to the Moon and The Rocket Summer. Exploding into the chorus, the high notes of lead singer Joe bring another catchy Powerpop element that will have you singing for hours.

Dress Impressive, the third track on the album, starts out again with Joe's vocals and leads to a feeling of the old Panic at the Disco! in the pre-chorus. The chorus drives home a strong emotional feeling to the listener, and proves that the band has influences from many different styles of music. In the middle of the song, there is even a little Electronica breakdown that ends with prominent lyrics. Finally, the song ends with a Mexican-esque guitar part along with a walking bass line.

Coming fourth on the album, Hearts Will Explode takes guitar and synth to a next level. This upbeat pop song will make the listener want to dance the night away. Telling the story of a girl drinking and eventually cheating on her boyfriend, the drums set the tone in the chorus with adrenaline pumping snare and bass drum. Ending with a small poppy breakdown and organ, the song wraps up, proving to the listener that these guys are making a name for themselves.

A Playlist Killed The Mixtape wins my heart out of all the songs on the whole album. The song begins with a synth line using the Doppler effect that will have you begging for more. This track proves that Select Start is a band to definitely watch out for in 2009. The chorus takes the EP to a new level. The harmonization throughout the song is key as it also provides
a techno beat that will bring you out of your seat. Near the end of the song Daniel Lancaster of Stages and Stereos, belts out a high line that sets up a perfect ending to the final chorus.

Lastly, If You Fall (Fall In Love) slows down the whole EP starting with a beautiful acoustic playing along with Joe's clean and pure tone. Select Start proves that as they may be labeled as an Electronica/Pop band, they can bring home the elements of strong bands such as Bayside. This song is lyrically and musically an emotional piece that puts the perfect ending to an EP that will give this band the credit they deserve.

Select Start is definitely a band I cannot wait to watch grow in 2009.

You can catch these guys on tour with School Boy Humor, The Dangerous Summer, from January 16th to February 14th.

Written By: Seth V. - silent soundwaves/reviewrinserepeat/hifipunk/theinterlude

"Select Start get the party started at Club Fuze"

My hometown had a teen center. Dreadful place. Dark paint, cheap used furniture, desperate vibe. No fun. I only went once once, and even then, only for a few minutes. I had better things to do with my time, like sitting in my basement, eating entire boxes of Kix and memorizing dialogue from Clerks.

If our teen center had brought in bands like Select Start and Vega Under Fire, however, I might have been willing to give the place a second chance. These are two of Florida's best young pop-punk bands, which is saying something, because Florida has a ton of good young pop-punk bands.

I love pop-punk. Which is how I found myself at Club Fuze, a teen center off Harney Road in Tampa, for a concert by Select Start, above.

Yes. I, a 29-year-old man, spent my Friday night at a teen center, partying with a bunch of high school sophomores. I'm 98 percent positive this means I'm now on some sort of government watchlist.

Oh, but it gets worse...

The worst part is, this concert happened to coincide with something called "Savvy's Oh So Epic Sweet 16 Party." Which meant that not only was I crashing a teen center on a Friday night, I was crashing some girl named Savvy's 16th birthday party*.

Savvy, who wore a tiara and a black T-shirt that said "Oh So Savvy" in pink block letters, didn't look like one of those girls from MTV's My Super Sweet 16. She seemed like a decent, down-to-earth girl. For example: Pop-punk and party music blared through the soundsystem all night**, but at one point, she broke away from her friends and danced with her father to Garth Brooks' It's Midnight Cinderella.

And then, before Select Start got onstage, she took the mic and said: "I've been waiting all night for this ... This is my birthday wish." Then she dedicated a song to her dad, Select Start's If You Fall (Fall In Love), performed by singer Joe Guerra and guitarist Jason Polo. All cute stuff.

So anyway: Club Fuze. Located in a somewhat industrial part of Tampa northwest of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Club Fuze looks a bit like a special events hall, built in a renovated office building. There's big dance floor, elaborate lighting; games like air hockey, pool and Dance Dance Revolution Extreme; and a bar for energy drinks, fro-yo and Vitamin Water.

By far the weirdest element, though, was a booth for a casting company called Shed Media, who apparently find participants for shows like Supernanny and It's Me Or the Dog. At Club Fuze, they were on the hunt for kids to take part in an MTV show called The World's Strictest Parents. The title probably gives away the subject matter, but just before Vega Under Fire's set, a casting producer got up onstage to sell the kids on the concept:

"Who wants to be on TV?" she yelled.


"Who out there fights with their parents constantly?"


"Who wants to get a free paid vacation for one week?"


Combine this with the energy drinks and logos I saw sprinkled around Club Fuze, and for a brief moment, I felt a little sad about how Corporate America is marketing itself to today's kids. And then I recalled all the hours I've spent in bars this spring and summer, and how no matter where I was, I couldn't look in any direction without spotting a logo for Corona or Budweiser or Miller Lite. Frankly, as a consumer, I have it much worse than these kids. So they might as well get used to it.

I missed the first band, Tallahassee's Stages and Stereos, but I saw all of Naples' Vega Under Fire, a ridiculously catchy quintet that tempered their disco-tinged, Fall Out Boyish pop-punk*** with elements of pop and rock that oscillated somewhere between Fountains of Wayne and Foo Fighters. When asked to play an encore, they busted out George Michael's Careless Whisper, and if there's such a thing as a bad pop-punk**** cover, I have yet to hear it.

And then came Select Start, one of tbt*'s Ultimate Local Bands for 2009, and without question one of the best unsigned bands in Florida. They've spent most of the first half of the year on tour around the country, and on July 26 they'll be playing at the Warped Tour in St. Petersburg.

I knew that they were popular with the teenage crowd in Tampa Bay, but I didn't expect half the crowd to know every lyric to almost every song, which is what happened.

"We've been on tour for three months," Guerra said, "and there's no better place ever, ever, to end a tour than Tampa." Wild cheers.

The band turned into a set of whirling dervishes onstage, ripping through eight or so of their most popular songs and even throwing in a new song, She's Everything, which they'd only played once in Tampa. The synths that are such a big part of their studio sound were less dominant in a live setting.

Of course, they played their catchy faves A Playlist Killed the Mixtape and Oh So Epic, which -- and I'm just theorizing here -- must have been the inspiration for Savvy's party theme.

Guerra hopped onstage with Vega Under Fire for a song, and Vega Under Fire singer Brian Blount hopped onstage with Select Start for a song. And during the final song, Savvy got her Sweet 16 movie moment when the band started tossing balloons into the moshpit, and a bunch of the kids hopped up onstage to dance with the band.

It was all good, clean fun. Which is exactly what a teen center should offer. Even my sullen 16-year-old self would agree.

-- Jay Cridlin, tbt* - TBT - Jay Cridlin

"Skopemag Artist 2 Watch May 2009"

Next up is an incredible band out of Tampa, FL.

All we were left wondering after listening to three tracks from Select Start was why are they not signed yet? The music is a blend of pop rock that has commercial appeal all over it. If you do not believe us then just listen to their smash, “Oh So Epic.”

Everything that an A&R would look for in a band, Select Start has. They have the sound, the fans, the tour schedule, and the drive to constantly do more.

The accolades that the guys have already achieved are incredible such as Purevolume Top 21 Unsigned Band of 2008, Fender GetRoadWorn Top 100 Band, 923,000+ MySpace plays, and so much more.

Also check out their track, “A Playlist Killed The Mixtape.”

We are expecting much more from Select Start and can only hope that this A2W feature will turn more fans onto them. -

"2005 Select Start displays an a$$load of potential"

Select Start is better than your average emo-pop trend jumper and displays an a$$load of potential. The five-song EP i s heavier, looser and more adventurous than most; interesting riffs, hooks, arrangements and lyrics abound. It's unfortunate, then, that the vocals and harmonies immediately recall about a million similar outfits (particularily The Get Up Kids - "chapter Two" could almost be a cover), because some jaded listeners are gonna hear 'em and dig no deeper. Which sucks, because the final two songs here -- one (All Else Just Failed) a lengthy, crushing mid-tempo angst-fest and the other (Chapter 3) a sparse anguished voice and guitar snippet -- are worth the price of admission alone." - Scott Harrell, Weekly Planet - Spring 2005 - Weekly Planet

"The tunes are catchy and blended in a unique way that captures your style."

Select Start is certainly a fun and lively group. Many times in the Electronica/Pop genre, groups tend to go over board in the effects and lose the sense of "song". However, Select Start does very well in maintaining their essence of music, mixed with a groove that makes you move. Overall, you all have done very well. The tunes are catchy and blended in a unique way that captures your style. "Care a little for Caroline" is your best song however "She's Not a Hottie Hotty" is a close runner up with it's music creativity. I would be interested to see how this all translates live. Select Start has a great beginning, however I would caution you against over-using the effects and bridging too far into the Electronica sound. (Baby, You Amaze Me is borderline in heavy Elec. Effects.) Keep it moderate because over involving synth in the sound will make your music lose its pop and commercial appeal. - Atlantis Listening Committee

"Select Start: Paving a path to pop-punk stardom"

Who they are: Matt Reisinger (vocals, keyboards), Joseph Guerra (vocals, guitar), Adam Loper (bass), Jason Polo (guitar), Patrick Guyer (drums).

Their story: Tampa five-piece Select Start plays power pop with a dash of electronica, with easy-to-understand lyrics that reflect what’s discussed in high school hallways. The band has completed numerous East Coast van tours, but their widespread teenage fanbase can be chalked up to countless hours spent tirelessly working MySpace, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. That’s the true key to the band’s enviable position as one of Tampa Bay’s most popular acts.

The goods: Click here to listen to Select Start's A Playlist Killed the Mixtape, then click here to vote for them as Tampa Bay's 2009 Ultimate Local Band. And keep reading for more on how this team of Tampa twentysomethings plans to get signed to a major label...


Wanna be a Facebook generation rock star? Check out Select Start.

The Tampa five-piece plays power pop with a dash of electronica. The easy-to-understand lyrics reflect what’s discussed in high school hallways.

Formed in 2003, the unsigned band has completed numerous East Coast van tours and embarks on a Florida leg of Hot Topic stores March 25 in Sarasota. Earlier this year, the group self-released an EP, titled <3, available with a bonus track on iTunes.

But those traditional steps aren’t exactly what have led to Select Start’s widespread teenage fanbase. Credit countless hours spent tirelessly working MySpace, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. That’s the true key to the band’s enviable position as one of Tampa Bay’s most popular acts.

“Honestly, that is the most important thing, besides music,” says 25-year-old keyboardist/vocalist Matt Reisinger. “These days, you have to connect with fans one on one. You can’t sit back and hope someone who hears your songs becomes a fan. You have to be actively looking for and talking to people — and we love doing it.”

Joseph Guerra (vocals and guitar), Adam Loper (bass), Jason Polo (guitar) and Patrick Guyer (drums) round out Select Start. None of the band members work a day job. A gig might only pay a couple hundred dollars, but that money is typically doubled by sales of T-shirts, hoodie sweatshirts and such emblazoned with Guerra’s artwork. Physical CD sales at concerts and digital downloads also pad the bottom dollar.

As has been in the case with acts dating back to the Dave Matthews Band and others, Select Start’s ability to turn a profit without record label help has now put them in a position to ink a deal on their own terms — something that could happen sooner than later.

“I can’t mention any names, but all the labels we’re talking to, we grew up admiring,” Reisinger says. “Labels I thought might never be interested are knocking on our door.”

This summer Select Start has plans to tour California and do several label showcases, semi-private concerts that are typically held for the sole purpose of getting signed. When green-light power executives agree to attend, you know you’re band is on the cusp of bigger things.

“It’s very possible that it will happen this summer and we are very hopeful,” Reisinger says. “Contracts are going back and forth right now. We have a lot to offer the labels because we have done so much on our own. We want to come to an agreement that benefits both sides.”

So just how much work — besides the writing, recording and performing of music — has gone into Select Start garnering interest from national record labels?

“We’re on our computers six hours a day, at least,” Reisinger says. “There’s not a single hour in day I don’t check or update something.”

-- Story by Wade Tatangelo, photo by Luis Santana

March 19, 2009 - TBT* Wade Tatangelo

"Meet ... Select Start"

Pushing buttons: Joseph Guerra, vocals and guitar; Matt Reisinger, sequencing, synthesizer and vocals; Adam Loper, bass; Jason Polo, guitar; and Patrick Guyer, drums.

Their sound: Spirited power pop with unique electronic and pre-recorded arrangements. Select Start has been playing shows in its current lineup since October 2007, but the band formed in its earliest stages five years ago, with Guerra, Loper and Guyer as original members.

EP: The Rotary, released early 2008.

Favorite venue: Transitions Art Gallery at the Skatepark of Tampa.

Never too serious: They work hard but keep their sense of humor intact and get along with one another. They take turns filming funny tour videos that can be found on YouTube. One stars an infamous cardboard cutout of the Burger King, who still rides in the van with them. "Everything we do, from our Web videos to our bulletins on MySpace, it's all us being ourselves, joking around," Reisinger says.

Peace lovin': "We never fight. There's never been a full-on argument in the band," Guerra boasts. "We're really amicable and like hanging out. Pretty much every band we play with ends up being friends of ours."

Personal touch: They answer all of their fan e-mails individually.

Baby steps: "We hold our goals at an arm's length," adds Guerra. "We're not, like, 'In a year, we should be playing stadiums.' It's whatever's within reach at the time."

Showman of the band: Polo. "He's the ones doing all the spins and high kicks," Reisinger says.

Unofficial band manager: Loper. "He's like the dad of the band," Reisinger says.

Words and music: Guerra. "I try to write stories where there's a protagonist and antagonist."

Designated sex symbol: Guyer. "The ladies love Patrick," Guerra says. "He's kind of shy at the same time."

Generation Gap? "A majority of our fan base is 15 or 16," Reisinger says. "They never owned a Nintendo, which was what inspired our band name."

Live power: "People hear our stuff on MySpace, which is really poppy, and are surprised when they hear how different we sound live," Guerra says. "They say, 'You guys are a rock band. We didn't know you were this heavy.' "

Reisinger: "To save money, we recorded the CD at my house, and it wound up being primarily an electronic EP. … Originally Joe and I recorded a lot of stuff electronically, demos, unreleased stuff. We shared it with some of our friends and they loved it. When it came down to an electronic CD, we decided to make it an homage to our old band, the Rotary, which was primarily electronic."

New album: "It will have the electronics of the Rotary," Reisinger says, "and all the guitars, real drums and emotion of our live show."

Hair care for rockers: Reisinger obliges tips how to achieve the extreme side part so chic with today's youth. "Don't wash your hair," he says, "and buy an economy-size baby powder to absorb excess oil. It's the ultimate low-cost technique!"

By Julie Garisto, tbt* columnist
Published Wednesday, November 12, 2008 4:15 PM - Julie Garisto - Tampa Bay Times

"Local Band Spotlight Part 1 : Select Start"

Tampa has such a large music scene and bands around here develop such a devoted following that I decided to spotlight some of the bands in the area worth knowing if you don’t already.

Part 1 – Select Start.

Select Start to Win

Back in 2003 Joe Guerra (vocals and guitar), Patrick Guyer (drums), and Adam Loper (bass) formed Select Start. Later adding Matt Reisinger (synthesizer, sequencing, and backing vocals) and more recently, Jason Polo (guitar) to round out their line up, this band has been making waves – not only in their home state of Florida, but around the country.

Since 2006 they have taken their high-energy, power pop fueled show on the road playing across the United States. Two years later they took a brief break to write and record, releasing 2008’s “The Rotary” and in January of this year “<3”. Heading right back on the road the first couple months of 2009 to play the Too Legit to Quit tour, the SS train is only picking up speed to help these boys take over the world one town at a time.

2006’s “Giving Up On Thinking Clearly” really introduced the world to the often biting lyrics (“There's no I in team but there's a U in slut. There's a bottled blonde that I don't trust”), syth-infused dance party that is Select Start. Their music having been described as “an eargasm”, “your first kiss with tongue” and “the soundtrack to your ‘no boys allowed’ sleepover”, these boys have become everything from a guilty pleasure for the more hardcore kids to a flat-out obsession to those of us that are not embarrassed to admit that we love their brand of powerpop/emotronic tunes!

Currently voted one of Myspace’s Top Unsigned Artists and one of Purevolume’s Top 21 Unsigned Artists of 2008, the sky is the limit for the boys of Select Start. I’ve known them and been a fan for going on 6 years now and they took a few minutes out of their busy schedule to answer a few questions for me:

YB: How did you guys come up with your name?
SS: Video games, we love them.

YB: Who are your biggest inspirations musically?
SS: Weezer, Motion City Soundtrack, Bayside, and Ozma.

YB: What was the very first show you played?
SS: It was at the Brass Mug, right after our old band played.

YB: What was it like the first time you played a show out of state?
SS: It was amazing and humbling at the same time.

YB: Jason, what has it been like being the ‘new guy” in the band?
JP: Since November of 2007, my life has been going for the better. I finally see the light in life.

YB: Out of all the shows you’ve played, which have been your favorite?
SS: The last show we saw you at :)

YB: If you could play a show with any 4 bands who would they be?
SS: Bayside, Motion City Soundtrack, The Get Up Kids, and Weezer.

YB: Who are your favorite local bands?
SS: Vega Under Fire, Stages and Stereos, And There Was You, Go Radio, and Suggestion.

YB: Do you have advice for young musicians?
SS: Keep practicing.

YB: What can we expect from you boys in the near future?
SS: You can expect much of the same. No better, no worse.

YB: Do you guys have any pre-show rituals?
SS: None that we can say in a message!

With pure talent, great senses of humor, the ability to make even the newest of fans feel like old friends and a down-right kick ass live show, it’s only a matter of time before these Tampa boys make it big and then I can say, “I knew them back when…”

Make sure to catch them the next time they are in Tampa:

03-29-2009 7pm at Czar
1420 E 7th St, Tampa, Florida 33605
Cost: $8 Adv/$10 Door
Bands: Matt and Kim, Select Start, Tyger Beat, DJ Scott Imrich, Tao Jonze

Yvonne Bell Tampa & St Petersburg Music Examiner - March 5, 2009


*2011 May - "The New Atlantic" EP

*2010 January - "You Love It. You Hate It. You Want It."/"Have Mercy" - Mini EP

*2009 Summer - "<3" released in Japan

*2009 Summer - "She's Everything" single

*2009 January - "<3", EP, self-released

*2008 Summer - Substream Magazine CD Compilation - Issue 10 - "Baby You Amaze Me"

*2008 January - "The Rotary" EP - All About Records

*2006 Summer - Full Length - "Giving Up On Thinking Clearly" - All About Records

*Available on iTunes, Amazon Rhapsody and Napster

2005 - Summer "Chapter 2" -Single - Bands Doing Battle Compilation

Select Start joined 18 other Florida Warped Tour bands and Bleed the Dream, who lost their drummer Scott Gottlieb to leukemia in April 2005, to benefit pediatric cancer research and to encourage blood donation.

2004 December EP - "Extended Play"

2003 Winter LP - "Get in the Kitchen"



Evolving from three piece garage to four piece pop punk to five piece synth-infused power pop, its six "original" members now bring an amalgam of organic Alternative Rock and Indie Pop, with songs appealing even to the upper end of "all ages".

After seven years DIY, several hundred shows, and over fifty songs written, Select Start starts the second half of their musical career releasing "The New Atlantic", which showcases three gifted singers with vocal harmonies, clever lyrics and catchy melodies, which beg for you to sing along.

"A band that has the best harmonies since Brian Wilson lost his mind in a sandbox." - Randy Wynne, Music Director WMNF, WMNF Live Music Showcase (Jun 03, 2011) - last track in Audio

"Any resemblance between this work and early Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young is purely delightful." - Guyton B Thompson
Entertainment Reviewer, Augusta Chronicle Herald (1981-85)

"The New Atlantic has an old school vibe but yet it sounds so modern. The music sounds like it belongs to late 50s rock with a nice blend of pop and rock, just enough to make it good. The vocals are the ones that make it modern, the blend of both voices mixing harmonies together; Daniel Lancaster and Joe Guerra sound like a punk kid singing with Marcus Mumford from Mumford and Sons." - Tip Sound

"The acoustic “Only You” provides an entirely different view of Select Start on this old-fashioned sounding pop gem, utilizing violins and sky-high vocals to add to the depth of this supreme number. The record clearly balances straightforward pop tunes (the upbeat “The (Pretty) Good Life”) with stripped down, raw acoustic tracks (the closing “So Far”). Each are memorable in their own way, but particularly it is the final performance on “So Far” that truly conveys the uniqueness of Select Start, with each of the six members chiming in throughout this bare performance, proving there aren’t too many other pop bands like this." - Ryan Gardner Absolute Punk

"Are you ready to be introduced to alternative music’s take on reggae? Well, Tampa, Florida’s Select Start is the band to get you adjusted to this unfamiliar musical pair. The forcefulness of alternative tunes and the laidback vibe of reggae music may not appear to be a good fit for each other, but much like the world of nature, music needs to be balanced as well. Select Start’s EP “The New Atlantic”, which is now available on iTunes, provides harmonic tunes that can pacify any tension in the musical world." - Shockya

"If you’re searching for a band that stretches every boundary of their genre, then Select Start is that and more. There’s something for everyone on The New Atlantic EP" - Scene[essence]

"The one thing that makes this band stand out from a lot of others is the vocal abilities of its members." - Pupfresh

"Those who enjoy bands like You, Me And Everyone We Know are going to find something to like in Select Start’s latest release" My Car and My Guitar

"The new sound does not disappoint, as the heart still remains despite the stylistic change. The New Atlantic is a strong contender for my favorite EP so far this year." - Mind Equals Blown

"“So Far” is an a Capella recorded by all members in one take. It shows the talent that each member possesses and proves that Select Start definitely has real, raw skill, unlike most artists." - Silky

"With pure talent, great senses of humor, the ability to make even the newest of fans feel like old friends and a down-right kick a$$ live show, it’s only a matter of time before these Tampa boys make it big and then I can say, “I knew them back when…” - tampa bay music

"Credit countless hours spent tirelessly working MySpace, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. That’s the true key to the band’s enviable position as one of Tampa Bay’s most popular acts." Tampa Bay Times

"Select Start has played here numerous times and they are one of my favorite bands. Not only is their music catchy, stage performance tight, energetic and on point, they are fun to have because they make every show feel like a house party." - Kevin Burns, The Talent Farm Owner

"Their vivacious, pop sound and their determination to stay connected with each individual fan is what keeps us enthralled." - Music Fashion Magazine

+John Lennon Songwriting Contest Finalist Rock (2011-Session 2) "A Man Amongst Gentlemen"
+John Lennon Songwriting Contest Grand Prize Winner - Rock (2011-Session 1) "The (Pretty" Good Life"
+Florida Grammy Showcase Finalist (2010)
+Earn It Yourself Warped Tour Kevin Says Stage (2009)
+John Lennon Educational Tour Bus - Record a Song/Make A Video at Warped Tour (2009)
+TBT* Top 10 Ultimate Local Band (2009)
+Purevolume Top 21 Unsigned Band (2008)
+Fender GetRoadWorn Top 100 Band (2008)
+Warped Tour Ernie Ball Battle of Bands (2005)
+Warped Tour Kevin Says Stage (2005)
+Music in National TV commercial (2005) Artist to Watch
+DJ Ross Star Buzznet Ar