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 Tampa, Florida, USA

"A band that has the best harmonies since Brian Wilson lost his mind in a sandbox." - Randy Wynne, Music Director WMNF
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"The (Pretty) Good Life" - (9/1/11) 2011 John Lennon Songwriting Contest Grand Prize Winner Session I - Rock


Evolving from three piece garage to four piece pop punk to five piece synth-infused power pop, its six "original" members now bring an amalgam of organic Alternative Rock and Indie Pop, with songs appealing even to the upper end of "all ages".

After seven years DIY, several hundred shows, and over fifty songs written, Select Start starts the second half of their musical career releasing "The New Atlantic", which showcases three gifted singers with vocal harmonies, clever lyrics and catchy melodies, which beg for you to sing along.

"A band that has the best harmonies since Brian Wilson lost his mind in a sandbox." - Randy Wynne, Music Director WMNF, WMNF Live Music Showcase (Jun 03, 2011) - last track in Audio

"Any resemblance between this work and early Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young is purely delightful." - Guyton B Thompson
Entertainment Reviewer, Augusta Chronicle Herald (1981-85)

"The New Atlantic has an old school vibe but yet it sounds so modern. The music sounds like it belongs to late 50s rock with a nice blend of pop and rock, just enough to make it good. The vocals are the ones that make it modern, the blend of both voices mixing harmonies together; Daniel Lancaster and Joe Guerra sound like a punk kid singing with Marcus Mumford from Mumford and Sons." - Tip Sound

"The acoustic “Only You” provides an entirely different view of Select Start on this old-fashioned sounding pop gem, utilizing violins and sky-high vocals to add to the depth of this supreme number. The record clearly balances straightforward pop tunes (the upbeat “The (Pretty) Good Life”) with stripped down, raw acoustic tracks (the closing “So Far”). Each are memorable in their own way, but particularly it is the final performance on “So Far” that truly conveys the uniqueness of Select Start, with each of the six members chiming in throughout this bare performance, proving there aren’t too many other pop bands like this." - Ryan Gardner Absolute Punk

"Are you ready to be introduced to alternative music’s take on reggae? Well, Tampa, Florida’s Select Start is the band to get you adjusted to this unfamiliar musical pair. The forcefulness of alternative tunes and the laidback vibe of reggae music may not appear to be a good fit for each other, but much like the world of nature, music needs to be balanced as well. Select Start’s EP “The New Atlantic”, which is now available on iTunes, provides harmonic tunes that can pacify any tension in the musical world." - Shockya

"If you’re searching for a band that stretches every boundary of their genre, then Select Start is that and more. There’s something for everyone on The New Atlantic EP" - Scene[essence]

"The one thing that makes this band stand out from a lot of others is the vocal abilities of its members." - Pupfresh

"Those who enjoy bands like You, Me And Everyone We Know are going to find something to like in Select Start’s latest release" My Car and My Guitar

"The new sound does not disappoint, as the heart still remains despite the stylistic change. The New Atlantic is a strong contender for my favorite EP so far this year." - Mind Equals Blown

"“So Far” is an a Capella recorded by all members in one take. It shows the talent that each member possesses and proves that Select Start definitely has real, raw skill, unlike most artists." - Silky

"With pure talent, great senses of humor, the ability to make even the newest of fans feel like old friends and a down-right kick a$$ live show, it’s only a matter of time before these Tampa boys make it big and then I can say, “I knew them back when…” - tampa bay music

"Credit countless hours spent tirelessly working MySpace, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. That’s the true key to the band’s enviable position as one of Tampa Bay’s most popular acts." Tampa Bay Times

"Select Start has played here numerous times and they are one of my favorite bands. Not only is their music catchy, stage performance tight, energetic and on point, they are fun to have because they make every show feel like a house party." - Kevin Burns, The Talent Farm Owner

"Their vivacious, pop sound and their determination to stay connected with each individual fan is what keeps us enthralled." - Music Fashion Magazine

+John Lennon Songwriting Contest Finalist Rock (2011-Session 2) "A Man Amongst Gentlemen"
+John Lennon Songwriting Contest Grand Prize Winner - Rock (2011-Session 1) "The (Pretty" Good Life"
+Florida Grammy Showcase Finalist (2010)
+Earn It Yourself Warped Tour Kevin Says Stage (2009)
+John Lennon Educational Tour Bus - Record a Song/Make A Video at Warped Tour (2009)
+TBT* Top 10 Ultimate Local Band (2009)
+Purevolume Top 21 Unsigned Band (2008)
+Fender GetRoadWorn Top 100 Band (2008)
+Warped Tour Ernie Ball Battle of Bands (2005)
+Warped Tour Kevin Says Stage (2005)
+Music in National TV commercial (2005) Artist to Watch
+DJ Ross Star Buzznet Ar


A Man Amongst Gentlemen

Written By: Select Start

I guess I'm over you, I'm over you
I'm going to lay with every girl that I meet
I guess I'm over you, over you
I'm warning that the words I say are bittersweet
stop writing me and losing sleep
do you think I'll crawl right back to your bed
you should get over me, it's plain to see
I'm bad for your soul

maybe I'm a little bit selfish
oh my lord, oh my lord, oh my lord I'm letting you down
something's gotta give before I give you up
maybe I'm a little bit scared of love

you were an easy catch with baited breath
you trusted that you would be mine
Promised til the end of time
at least until I went and changed my mind
stop writing me and losing sleep
lose the picture cased and hung 'round your neck
you should get over me it's plain to see
I'm up to no good

A Man Amongst Gentlemen - This song was the most time consuming for the band. I also feel like it is the best representation of what we tried to achieve with The New Atlantic. Lee Dyess (producer) bought a trombone just for this song and Matt Reisinger (keys & vocals) learned how to play it in the studio along with learning how to play the mandolin. A lot of our songs play out like stories. This one in particular is about a man who recently left a relationship and just start sleeping around with anyone he meets and tries really hard to be a huge jerk in the process only to realize he doesn’t have a clue about love or true happiness. We wrote the song as a time piece of sorts, we don’t reference anything from present day in the song. We keep it very, very very old school.

Hands To The Ceiling

Written By: Select Start

ooh, let me begin
my mind wants to sin
my innocence stolen
ooh, shake me awake
love burned at the stake
you caught me wide open now

maybe i'm cursed with doubt
a feeling I can't shake off
show me you're hip to it

I'll find my way around
I've made mistakes by telling you the truth
so good at everything I do

If your lungs are breathing
hands to the ceiling

no, leave me alive
I'll apologize, I'll try not to offend you
nobody can see
my hands on your knees
you've doubled me over now

If your lungs are breathing
hands to the ceiling
if your soul is leaving
an your body's beating on

Hands To The Ceiling - This song was an experience with raw doo-wop melodies and harmonies. It’s the funkiest song on the record and it’s our favorite to play. The beginning of each verse has a very Jackson 5 feel. The song theme is about the definition of innocence and whether not accepting natural feelings about sex and relationships a good thing. " - Select Start

Read Black & White

Written By: Select Start

who's going to tell me I'm wrong
when i'm careless
who's going to pick out my flaws
when you do it so well

everyone says to get over it
oh i know i should
but i'm losing my cool
yes, i'm losing it all to you
hoping the best will get better

maybe i'm not right
but i'll be just fine
back home without you
we'll make brand new friends
I've been proud of you since you got out of this town alive

write down my name
on a post card next summer
read black and white
like a paperback cover

I'm on your mind
til the years pass us by
hold me, touch me,
never let me go until I'm gone
I'm sorry, I know it's my fault

Read Black and White This was a milestone song for the band. It was the first song written in The New Atlantic sessions that made us realize the direction we were going. It helped us formulate the rest of the record. We don’t work with co-writers so a lot of songs were written and thrown out. This one was the first that stuck. We love it. It’s about someone you really care about leaving. For college, the military, touring, anything really. Everyone hates when some they love about leaves for a long time, even when you know it’s for the best. - Select Start

Only You

Written By: Select Start

listen, love
my valentine
cold hands to warm soft lips on mine
i can't believe my voice pushed through
a line of thieves to steal my view of ...

only you

make believe there's no one here
say what you mean
this seems too real
I can't believe my voice pushed through
a wall of lights
to blind my view of ...

only you

"Only You A simple love song that focuses on three-part folk melodies. The violin in the song was done by Seth Mann in a clutch. He killed it. We also did all the orchestral instruments live at a middle school. It was amazing. It was huge project that came out beautiful." - Select Start

The (Pretty) Good Life

Written By: Select Start

I've got a million records you've never heard
with movie posters I stole from work
I've got my dad's old car that I'll drive til it dies
I got shut down hard by a virgin last night

but it's alright those were the best times i've ever had
yea, it's all good there's nothing that I would take back

so hold on, right now
I'm a loser but I know how to get down
see it's funny how you met me
standing out in the rain on a thursday
here's to late nights, here's to long drives
there we are chasing dreams of a good life now
it makes me wonder how I'm still around

I've called in sick a thousand times
to hang with girls I thought I liked
with no plans worked out
and a pull out couch
I believe I've arrived
I fell to my knees when I heard the key
of my favorite artist sing
it was alright
because they were the best times

The (Pretty) Good Life A song about reminiscing. The song was planned to be all acoustic, but halfway through recording it we decided to make it full band. Very Weezer influenced pop melodies. - Select Start


Hold Your Ground

Written By: Select Start

I've had a history of metaphors
cleaned up my tongue to seem more intellectual
don't say you wish that we'd be
together because it's not that easy
they're on to us

if you want honesty
don't look towards me

nobody can feel like i feel
I believe that they know what's real
help me see we're one in a million now
and I'll aways know we held our ground

slip into something hot but never comfortable
you spilled your dignity on motel bathroom floors
don't say you wish that I was
everything you've always dreamed of
we're picking up where we left off

before you tear my heart apart
let me know before I go

Hold Your Ground This song was means a lot to us. It’s loosely about the band’s rebirth with Daniel and a new record. Everyone is nervous about putting out their art, we are no exception. We have a lot of really loyal and awesome fans, this is an anthem to them. We know they have our backs. -Select Start

So Far

Written By: Select Start

when you're feeling alone
you'll call me up on the phone
close up your eyes and pretend
that i'm home
so lucky to call you my own

where will you be tonight
we'll be sharing a dance in my mind
that beautiful smile must be seen
what a sight
stay warm
stay safe
say goodnight

don't don't don't ever leave ...
don't don't don't ever leave me

hold me close to your heart
firelight lit by a spark
so much to say, I don't know where
to start
so perfect yet so far apart

So Far This song makes us so proud. All six of us sing this song, it was recorded in ONE take, and there is ZERO vocal corrections. We had no idea we could pull this off, but it came out amazing. Jason Polo had a little melody floating around and we just decided to make it all a cappella. Words were written, mics were set up, the record button was hit. That’s the story so far. -Select Start


*2011 May - "The New Atlantic" EP

*2010 January - "You Love It. You Hate It. You Want It."/"Have Mercy" - Mini EP

*2009 Summer - "<3" released in Japan

*2009 Summer - "She's Everything" single

*2009 January - "<3", EP, self-released

*2008 Summer - Substream Magazine CD Compilation - Issue 10 - "Baby You Amaze Me"

*2008 January - "The Rotary" EP - All About Records

*2006 Summer - Full Length - "Giving Up On Thinking Clearly" - All About Records

*Available on iTunes, Amazon Rhapsody and Napster

2005 - Summer "Chapter 2" -Single - Bands Doing Battle Compilation

Select Start joined 18 other Florida Warped Tour bands and Bleed the Dream, who lost their drummer Scott Gottlieb to leukemia in April 2005, to benefit pediatric cancer research and to encourage blood donation.

2004 December EP - "Extended Play"

2003 Winter LP - "Get in the Kitchen"

Set List

All Originals

Will play a 20* to 30 minute set, as part of 3 to 5 band bill.

Baby You Amaze Me (The Rotary)
Hold Your Ground (The New Atlantic)*
Keep This Close (The Rotary)*
Hands To The Ceiling (The New Atlantic)*
Oh So Epic (<3)
A Man Amongst Gentlemen (The New Atlantic)*
Hands To The Ceiling (The New Atlantic)*
Kiss Your Genre Goodbye (<3)

Acoustic Set
A Man Amongst Gentlemen
Hold Your Ground
The (Pretty) Good Life
Only You
So Far (all six members singing a cappelle)
Baby You Amaze Me

To hear the acoustic set, listen to the last track in Audio Tab ,
WMNF's Live Music Showcase