Selena Dhillon

Selena Dhillon


Great passion in each song performed. Emotionally expressive lyrics and rich vocal intensity are combined to create each song and deliver the message of the song. No matter what particular genre the music may fall into the soulful edgy R&B sound can be heard.


The passion that exudes from her original sound will make you feel what she feels each time she performs, whether it has an up tempo vibe that will get you on your feet or a heart rendering ballad that will give you goose bumps. A force on its own…it is the voice of Selena Dhillon.

Singing since she was a small child it became evident there was something extraordinary she possessed. Listening, dancing and singing to music became her outlet. Selena dedicated hours a night familiarizing with the greatest voices in the industry, from Mariah Carey to Lauryn Hill, meanwhile discovering her own enriched sound and the talent she owned. Nobody could take her out of her own little realm…her parents would attempt to shout over the music and call out, “Selene! Selene!” but at that point ‘Selene’ was in a place of her very own and escaped real life through her dreams of being a star.

Raised in a multi-cultural community, with an east-Indian background, Selena developed an appreciation for all genres of music. She performed a variety of genres through school talent shows always displaying her ability to diversify. Aside from excelling academically she was highly involved in performing arts activities throughout grade school. In her teenage years, she began training and learning technique with a classical instructor in and further understood how to use her instrument in its truest form. Selena competed in an “Idol” competition in her final year of secondary school and won first place. She furthered her studies and began pursuing a degree at McMaster University. With music still entrenched in her soul, Selena worked on various music projects during her time in university providing her with the experience she would need in the next phase of her life, including the development of her songwriting skills. In 2006, Selena competed in the McMaster Idol competition and won first place where she performed in the finals with the Rockstar Live band. Later that year she competed in the Ontario University Idol competition and was a finalist. Upon the completion of her four year honours program at McMaster in spring 2008, Selena made the decision to focus on her music career. The sky is truly the limit. Her voice adapts to any genre of music and with her very own soulful yet edgy R&B sound she shows an audience what ‘Selena Dhillon’ is all about.

She has begun to write all of her own music and incorporate many different styles of music into her songs. She no longer needs to escape reality by imagining her dreams…for her dreams are becoming her reality. With a list already filled with some great accomplishments, now is the time for Selena Dhillon to share her gift with the world…as the best is really yet to come.


Destined - Written by Selena Dhillon
(Included on a Mixed Tape)

Set List

Cover songs that include ballads, R&B, funk, soul, hip-hop, dance, country, and pop/rock.