Selena Evangeline

Selena Evangeline

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

With her soulful old-school vocals, award winning singer/songwriter Selena Evangeline will pull you in to her fusion of R&B/Soul, Pop, Jazz & Funk - a sound that she likes to call “Alternative R&B” - Alicia Keys meets John Mayer.


Selena Evangeline is, without question, a world class singer. The sounds of Ella Fitzgerald, Chaka Khan, Prince and Stevie Wonder helped shape the musician she is today. As a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, her songs are musical snapshots of real life and emotions, from a real woman. Those "snapshots" helped to win her an Ontario Independent Music Award for Best Urban, Barrie New Music Award as well as honorable mention in the John Lennon Song Writing Competition. Her debut album "This Girl's Life" was featured on CTV's "Da Kink In My Hair" and her single "Lifesong" received heavy rotation on Canadian airwaves as well as MuchVibe and MTV1

By way of her travels though various countries, Selena has shared the stage with Sheila E., Patrice Rushen, Jocelyn Brown, The Nylons, Delta Goodrem, Ivete Sangalo, Latin Grammy winner Maia and the list goes on. Currently, you can find her on stage backing Canadian icon Amanda Marshall.

Selena’s second release, “Bad Weather”, is a blend of R&B/Soul, Jazz, Pop, Funk and even a little classic sounding rock — a sound that she likes to call "Alternative R&B". Like the woman, the album is sophisticated yet fun, beautifully intricate and at the same time uncomplicated. "This album is an extension of myself and my influences. So much went into the creation of this project and I want listeners to hear that — the joy, the pain and everything in between. It's not just about a pretty voice. I want to take them on a tour of my world as I see it....for better or worse".



Written By: Selena Gittens & Patrick Stephenson

Lost what we’re trying to find
Spinning ‘round in circles
So caught up in our lives
We never stop to see heaven’s here on Earth
So take a chance and make it all come true
If you want to
But don’t forget love’s around you.

Take the time to see it come on. . .

Keep your head up high
Love each day of your life
Dream with open eyes
Take each moment in stride

So hard to find our way
It can leave you seeing clouds on a sunny day
But we’ve got to move on
See there’s beauty in imperfectness
Mistakes are made
But then that’s yesterday
Tomorrow may seem brand new
But don’t forget here and now is today.

Don’t let it pass you by. . .(Chorus)

So take a chance let life grab hold of you
And the rhythm in your soul
So you can dance
If your heart tells you to.

Don’t be afraid. Just let it go. . .(Chorus)

Take the chance do what you wanna do
One shows you love you gotta love them too
Don’t be afraid to let your feelings show
Just live every day with every breath in your soul
Through ups and downs you keep your head up high
Dream every dream you have with open eyes
Do what you need to make it all come true
It’s all up to you. It’s all up to you.

Lovely Day

Written By: Selena Gittens & Patrick Stephenson

Looking in the mirror can’t do a thing with my hair
See a new line on my face but should I really care?
The phone’s ringing off the hook. Another bill to pay
Ain’t no groceries in my fridge but I know that I can still say:

No fears No worries
It’s gonna be all right
No matter what may come
It’s gonna turn out fine

I know it’s gonna be a lovely day
With every breath I take, every move I make
I know it’s gonna be. . .
I know it’s gonna be a lovely day
When the skies are grey good still comes my way
So I know it’s gonna be. . .

Where’s my car? Thought I parked it here.
A CRV how’d it disappear? Did I pay that bill on time
My memory isn’t clear.
To work I’ve got to make my way.
There’s my bike parked beside the gate.
The time now is 8:05 and you know I can’t be late
So I say:

No fears No worries
It’s gonna be all right
No matter what may come
It’s gonna turn out fine. (Chorus)

Got up wrong side of the bed
But that don’t mean things won’t change
Keep all the bad out my head
And let all the goodness take reign
Take the time to say hello
Watch all the beauty flow
‘Cause no matter how bad things may seem
They can only get better

A Girl's Gotta Do

Written By: Selena Gittens, Patrick Stephenson, Max Mackenzie

Fresh out of bed
Cup of coffee and I’m fed
Time to start a new day
I figure things won’t change
So I’m doing it my way
And though I know to you it makes no difference
What I do is for myself
I’m carrying on for no one else

And I need some time to take to meditate
Appreciate all that’s going on
From my head down to my feet. The smile you see
It’s not easy but I’m who I wanna be.

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do
Bust her ass just to make her way through
A girl’s gotta say what a girl’s gotta say
Keeping it real doing it her own way
A girl’s gotta be who a girl’s gotta be
Showing her strength while still keeping it sweet
A girl’s gotta play how a girl’s gotta play
Loving herself at the end of the day.

What do I see
When I’m alone looking at me?
Is there perfection? Change of direction?
Or maybe a work in progress?
Well maybe to you, you won’t see nothing
But I’m all of thee above
Along with a little thing called love

And I need some time for some reflection
Appreciate all that I’ve got going on
‘Cause time helps me see it’s not possession
But profession that just keeps me moving on. (Chorus)

You know I’m real ‘cause that’s the way I feel
It runs in the family
You know I gotta keep it real ‘cause baby that’s the deal
It runs in the family.

And I need some time to take to meditate
Appreciate all that’s going on
From my head down to my feet. The smile you see
It’s not easy but I’m who I wanna be (Chorus)

Bad Weather

Written By: Selena Gittens

Bad Weather

Forecast calls for rainy days
Since my baby went away
Ain’t nothing gonna ease the pain Of the stormy clouds about to come.
I’m staring at a cloudy sky
Since he left with no good-bye.
Little chance I’m gonna dry these
From here on out it’s bad weather.

(Verse I)
Seems like every time I think I’ve
found the one
Who could pull my heart from off the shelf
Days seem brighter. Clouds seem whiter
Just to be with him and no one else.
So I give love more than a passing glance.
Let it in for once. Maybe take a chance.
I lose perception. Wrong direction
And I’m left here standing in the rain

Just when I find that I’m trusting the climate
My love-life gets burned. I’m constantly reminded…(chorus)

(Verse II)
So I buy into these silly little games
And make believe there’s something to this all.
Thrills, confusing. Grip, I’m losing
As I watch myself about to fall.

The same mistake made more than twice.
In love then out…shall we go for thrice?
All I’m learning leaves me yearning
To come inside from out the rain.

Just when I find that I’m trusting the climate
My love-life gets burned I’m constantly reminded…(chorus)

I might get used to the rain on my face
And the sky in shades of grey.
But I may never get through
the loneliness that makes the weather feel this way. (chorus)

One More Day

Written By: Selena Gittens

Left me standing
Here with nothing but
Questions. Asking
Myself why...

I can’t eat? Can’t sleep?
I feel so weak?
Here without you, alone.
Afraid and cold.

I would give the air I breathe
Just to have you here with me
There’s so much I want to say.
I’d give the rest of all my life
For one more day.

Pictures flashing
Through my head.
I hear your voice. Feel your touch.
This emptiness hurts

Oh why’d you go
And leave me so?
I’m here without you, alone.
I need you home… (chorus)

Is it too late to turn back time
Back to when you were mine.
Just one more chance to let you know
How precious you were.
How much of my heart was your… (chorus)

All I Really Want

Written By: Selena Evangeline, Tim Gittens

All I really want is to wake from a sleep so sweet
To the sound of you whisperin’ in my ear.
Soaking in the sunshine with the grass beneath our feet
No worries of tomorrow. Now, is here.
It’s here. It’s here my dear…

(chorus I)
And all I want is to go back when you and I were so care-free
Those were the days when nothing fazed us. We would never dare foresee.
So content to live our lives with nothing more than just to be.
To be. To be…

All I really want is time to travel far away
Where no one else can find us. Not at all.
Maybe stroll through Hyde Park in the middle of the day
While we kick the piles of leaves that come from fall.
From fall. From fall…

(chorus II)
And all I want is to enjoy the time we share from day to day.
Forget the daily grind, the deadlines and the bills we have to pay.
‘Cause I refuse to let the best years of our life just slip away.
Away, away…

All I really want
All I really want
All I really want

To look into your eyes each day and reminisce our cares away.
Then laugh so hard that we can barely speak.
We’d catch our breath enough and then we’d share a glance and laugh again.
I want it all with you here next to me. Next to me… (chorus II)


Written By: Selena Evangeline

So elemental when
You touch me with your hand
And shivers wrack me all around.
With lips like glowing fire.
One kiss just sends me higher.
And then I float Earthward-bound
Without a sound.

Then I let the power of you consume me.
Build me up and run right through me.

So elemental here with you.
It sets me free.
The very thought of all you do
Embraces me.
So elemental when I know
You’re the one
Whose very touch can lead me to
Come undone. Come undone.

One whisper. Breath so sweet.
It knocks me off my feet.
As tingles run down my spine.
You’re my serenity. A real-life fantasy.
In your embrace, there is no time.
Emotions climb.

And it’s you and I as one, together
Enfold me in your arms forever. (chorus)

Diamond In The Sun

Written By: Selena Evangeline

Don't know how
So much goodness
Could be inside of one.
But who am I to question
A miracle like love

You're love's so precious
A gift sent fron above
I've got to tell you
That you will always be my one.
'Cause you shine on me like a…

Diamond in the sun
Blinding love that just
Cannot be outdone
You fill me with the
Hope to go on
Can't compare your love
Your love to anyone
That's ok 'cause you'll
Always be mine, hon.
Oh baby, you're a
Diamond in the sun

That's what you are…

It's the sweetness
That you give me
Like a flower in the breeze
I don't remember when
I ever felt so proud
To have someone stand
Next to me

There's nothing more that
That I could ever want
'Cause I've found it all
Inside of your love
I've got to tell you
That you will always be my one
'Cause you shine on me like a (chorus)

Love so fine (and so divine)
I'll do all that I have to do
Whatever it takes to be with you
In my life (you're in my life)
You will always be the one for me
'Cause no one else shines like a (chorus)

Before It's Too Late

Written By: Selena Evangeline, Tim Gittens

Tell me about it.
Don’t leave nothin’ unsaid.
Your eyes are showing off those
Demons in your head.

No doubt about it.
Don’t keep it on the shelf.
That smile ain’t foolin’ no one,
No one but yourself.

Before it’s too late
Before it’s too late
Pick up the pieces baby
And get yourself straight.

Before it’s too late
Before it’s too late
Get it together
Baby, don’t wait.

So tell me a lie
Say anything you want
As long as you are talking
The truth will come all out.

You’re not outta’ time
But the clock is running down
The train to your salvation
Is rollin’ out of town. (chorus)

You’ve made lots of choices
Not many of them good
You’re not a waste of time
You’re just misunderstood

But don’t think that you can
Carry on this way
Or everything around you
Is bound to slip away… (solo & chorus)

Maybe Tonight

Written By: Selena Evangeline, Tim Gittens

I know that you don’t see it babe,
Anytime you walk by.
But something about the way you smile
Makes me crazy and I don’t know why, baby.

Your voice so soft and clear
Whispering in my ear
Is all I need to hear
To make my dreams come true

Maybe tonight – Maybe the time is right
Maybe tonight – Maybe you’ll hold me tight
Maybe tonight – Hold me ‘till morning’s light
Maybe tonight you’ll see what I feel for you.

I’ll never understand it babe
But anytime you say “hi”
I kinda go to pieces.
It’s that look in your deep brown eyes, baby.

Your lips upon my face
Your gently, warm embrace
I need to hear you say
You’ll make my dreams come true. (chorus)

Maybe tonight
If the time is right
You’ll hold me tight
And make my dreams come true… (chorus)


"This Girl's Life" (released 2005 under Selena 7tySix)

"Bad Weather" (released June 2010)

Radio and Digital Airplay Across Canada:

"Girl's Gotta Do"

Video Play for : "Lifesong" on MuchVibe & MTV1

Set List

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1. Maxwell (Intro) (cover)
2. Bad Weather
3. All About You
4. Pretty Coloured Paper Dreams
5. Lovely Day
6. Sweet
7. Virtual Insanity (cover)
8. Girl's Gotta Do
9. Redemption Song (cover)
10. Elemental

1. Ascension (cover)
2. Boogie Nights Medley (cover)
3. Girls' Nite Out
4. Open Your Eyes (cover)
5. Lovesong
6. One-Way Ticket
7. All I Really Want
8. Pretty Coloured Paper Dreams
9. Maybe Tonight
10. Lifesong