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New Age Experimental Consciously Poetic Hip Hop designed to influence change in our everday lives. Currently LOTUS TRiBE is working on the follow up LP to "The Art & War of Misanthropic Philanthropy"


S.E.L.F. is a sub-set of a larger art and media collaborative entitled LOTUS TRiBE Productions out of San Antonio, TX. The Acronym S.E.L.F. stands for Self Expression is Living Free which stems from our concepts and musical ideas as well as our distinct originality of each member in the crew. S.E.L.F. consists of 3 MCs (Aura, Reason, and Trinit-i) and one producer (aerther216). The debut album entitled, “The A.R.T. of Misanthropic-Philanthropy,” was released Summer 2007. The concept takes on questions of religion, war, politics, and strives to evoke any kind of emotion in the listener. It is something truly unique and has its own distinct sound that takes one on an auditory cinematic journey. LOTUS TRiBE, which all members of S.E.L.F. are apart of, have been based out of our home town of San Antonio for the past eight years and have radiated in the local Texas scene for the past five. In 2004 LOTUS TRiBE recieved The readers choice for Best Hip Hop Group in San Antonio in the local alternative newspaper the San Antonio Current. Their influences range from Wu-tang to Public Enemy, Tupac, Krs-one, NAS, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Johnny Cash, Jimmie Hendrix, Rage Against the Machine, Ghandi, Malcolm X, MLK jr., Cesar Chavez, and too many more to name...S.E.L.F. has respect for all forms of art and expression to influence thought on a greater plane hence the name S.E.L.F. Upon creation of their music they do not conform to the traditional ideas of the mainstream, rather going harshly against the grain and express what is felt about the poor current state of our present human condition.


LOTUS TRiBE - ConcieveGrowthDeathSolRebirth (LP)


LOTUS TRiBE - S.E.L.F. - The Art of Misanthropic-Philanthropy (LP) June 2007 - streaming tracks

Set List

1.Set you Free
2.Primitive Feedback
5.Blood at the Root
7.War Child
8.El Fin
Typical set time 30-35 min.